One size fits all…

Well, with this one recipe, you can cook all kinds of vegetables. You can cook kangkong, long beans, paku or midin (wild jungle ferns) and even baby kailan this same way. Here, I am cooking some sweet potato leaves that a friend of mine gave me the other day…

STP's sweet potato leaves 1

Actually I had a post on this sometime ago in which I mentioned the health benefits of eating the leaves which I understand are very popular at restaurants and eating stalls in West Malaysia but I’ve yet to come across any selling them over here.

First, you need to pluck the leaves from the stems. Next, you will have to pound these ingredients together – some shallots, garlic, chillies and belacan (dried prawn paste)…

STP's sweet potato leaves 2

…and you will also have to soak some udang kering/hay bee (dried prawns) in hot water to soften it and then, you pound it…

STP's sweet potato leaves 3

Now you are ready to roll! Heat some oil in a wok and brown the pounded ingredients in it. Then you add the pounded dried prawns, mixing it well with the other ingredients. Keep stirring until the sambal has turned golden brown before you add in the leaves. You may need to add a little bit of water for the leaves to cook and also a bit of msg and salt according to taste.

Now the sweet potato leaves are ready…

STP's sweet potato leaves 4

It is easy to cook…and nice to eat!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “One size fits all…”

  1. wau even a simple vege dish u can cook till so nice…. haiz, student like me can only throw some garlic in n fry the vege…

    That’s the Chinese version, what they call “ching chau” or something….also nice!

  2. hehe!! m cooking long beans for dinner tonite with yr recipe!

    You mean you never cooked it this way? Gee! And I thought this post is for those who don’t know how to cook… LOL!!!

  3. I love potato leaves even plain stirring! And I can eat rice with just belacan too… I’m very “cincai” when comes to eat πŸ™‚

    Me too. With belacan (or cincaluk or tempoyak) and rice, that’s enough for me. The complicated recipes…I leave to my missus to cook – either lots of ingredients or lots of preparation. Hehehehehehe!

  4. Minus the dried prawns, chillies and belacan – that fits me! Miss the sweet potato leaves!

    Yes, that’s the “ching chau”…but I only use finely-chopped garlic, fry with the veg and season with chicken stock granules… Also nice! I love to boil veg also…and ulam! Can savour the flavour of the veg…

  5. I love that also. But sometimes can’t get in market. Depends on availability. My mum use garlic and a few ikan billis to cook only. Still very yummy.
    The one you cooked is more like those served in restaurant already.

    I think it is often available at the market now – RM1 for one big bundle. Must be easy to plant – my friends gives me very often…and they say this type, there are no tubers – no sweet potatoes to eat, just leaves! Ya, sometimes I also cook the same way your mum does – this one for blog post, so must special sikit mah! Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. ah, one of my favorite veges!! and i love onions and garlic!! *droolsssss*

    but me too lazy to cook… hehe….

    The modern-day miss, I see!…I wonder what the future generations are going to eat. KFCs and Mds? Sigh…!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. my friend China maid said they dont eat sweet potato leaf-they feed to the pig–you can see sweet potato plants everywhere in the countyside.
    Over here its sold at RM1 a bundle. You still pound your ingredients..i just use a blender. Will cook and eat like a pig tonite. ha.

    So you’re cooking sweet potato leaves tonight? Hahahaha!!! Ya, it’s RM1 a bundle here too at the market but they do not serve the dish in restaurants, or at least, not that I know of. Ya…me old school – still pound! Dunno how to use a blender! But pounding, it tastes nicer though! Like when I cook tapioca leaves…

  8. If cooked my mom style, i.e. Foochow-style, I’ll substitute the hay bee and belacan with ginger and red wine. Only garlic, chili, ginger and red wine apart from salt and MSG secukup rasa lah. Simple but nice. No need to go through the trouble of pounding and sweating (no need salt liao, got extra ingredient liao πŸ˜› ) I think Yan would like this cooked Foochow-style πŸ˜€

    Ha! Foochow-style cooking – same recipe for kangkong and midin. Ok by me, not really a fan. I do cook it this way…when I’m too lazy to pound… Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Like how I like my midin cooked Foochow-style – ginger, garlic and red wine πŸ™‚

      Yes, good with kangkong too… I guess the ginger and wine will balance the “cold” of the kangkong or midin.

  9. so far, i have never came across this vege in any restaurant in sabah yet. at home different story la, mom always pluck them fresh from the backyard and cooked it.. most of the time with garlic only, sometime with dried prawn or ikan bilis. yummy…my daughter loves this vege too.

    Ya…tukar selera. I also do not cook it this way all the time…

  10. Hwang Chu Heok, is always very good to eat especially with pedas pedas punya sambal in it, but sad to say it is no cheap anymore, now the smallest serving in normal koptiam eat out costs RM 8/plate, i only can finish lio.

    Gosh!!! The restaurants must be making tons! RM8 a plate! RM5 already more than enough to cover cost and profit! Namind…Penang city people very rich – can slaughter! Hahahahahaha!

  11. u r more rajin than me.. when i tumis this vege, i just put the dried prawns without pounding and chilies only.. never put belacan also, if not mistaken, my fridge doesnt have anymore 😦 …. of course, it is not so nice but will do for me and kids.. lazy mama is like this..

    Aiyor…without pounding, where got the flavour of the dried prawns can come out? Got daughter, ask her to pound lor!!! Must help mother, baru can have bonding! I picked up all my cooking…or mostly, from my mum. You typical Cina, not a fan of belacan kah?

  12. Oh yes. My mom taught me this too but without the dried shrimps. It’s a simple basic recipe that is sure to please anyone. I love it but yours simply looks extra yummylicious… πŸ™‚

    Ya…goreng sambal belacan like in the restaurants. I find it nicer with sambal udang kering – but have to pound, so sometimes, I also just fry with belacan. Depending on mood! LOL!!!

  13. Wah STP, this vege dish looks very good! Now if you could send some to me…

    Have to courier to Melbourne then… You’ll be there tomorrow! LOL!!!

    1. Finally ! Exam finish… muahaha… oh my god… I SEE CHINESE FOOD ! I want some XD will be going back this saturday

      Holiday till January? We’ll get together sometime for some mam-mams, won’t we?

  14. Oh! I love huan chu heok….especially with sambal..if fried with garlic, the taste not so ummpphhh!!!

    emmm! Sedap!!! (looking at the photo and liau nua), so long never eat liao..

    maybe i should plant some in front of my house…

    p/s: 1st photo looks nice!

    LOL!!! That’s why I keep asking you to plan a trip to Sibu, stay at my house…and I can cook all these nice stuff for you to eat…and we can also go out and enjoy the best we have in town!!! Come – fix a date now! That cheap airline is offering free seats, I hear!

  15. u make me more miss hometown dishes as here cant find…

    *counting few more hours to go back* wheeeee

    gui lao new year wil be back and CNY i totally retired from where im currently liao so will be around quite smts… πŸ˜‰

    Aiyor…so many nice things to eat in Singapore, where got want to eat these simple stuff. For you, ok – work there…earn big money, can afford – not for me! Why you want to retire? Big salary – convert to RM, more than double!!!

  16. the second picture, you should use macro functions with it. :p since everyone have been commenting on the food. let me comment on the picture part .. ha ha ha ..

    yeah, this one goes well with kangkong, wat else .. use bintulu belacan lah .. ha ha ha

    All my photos with macro functions, never switched it off! LOL!!! Just take lah…asal ada! Yes, I get my belacan from Bintulu – very expensive now, over RM20-30 a kilo…but once you’re back there, I will have a regular supplier! Right or not! Hahahahahaha!

  17. oh im so gonna try this recipe with spinach this weekend. i have that all except the belacan and the dried pounded shrimp.

    Spinach? Just have chopped garlic…and season with chicken stock granules. Otherwise, garlic and anchovies (ikan bilis)…or frozen shrimps – in the UK, they have these in packets, shell removed.

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