Something different…

Lately I’ve noticed a change in my regular kuih-muih stall at Bandong. They seem to be selling more and more cakes of various varieties e.g. this one that they call “cheese batik cake”…

Bandong cheese batik cake

It is really very nice with the cheese cream and the grated cheese on top of the rich batik cake. I can’t remember exactly now but I think they were selling that for RM3.00…and I thought that was a bit too expensive. But then again, the sliced cakes at the bakeries are not much cheaper, possibly a lot more expensive even, and they do not even taste good.

I love this Horlicks cake selling at 50 sen per piece…

Bandong Horlicks cake

You can actually taste the Horlicks…like when there is some undissolved Horlicks stuck to the bottom of your mug and you scrape it with a spoon and put that in your mouth. Ooooo…nice! LOL!!!

But considering that you only get two pieces of a ringgit, I would rather stick to the local delights like this kuih deram, for instance.

Bandong kuih deram

For RM1, you can get four of those…and Sarawak laksa is selling for only RM2.50 a packet, 50 sen cheaper than the cheese batik cake and a lot more filling…

Bandong Sarawak laksa

Of course, there are no shrimps or prawns. Surely you do not expect that for RM2.50! Even at Thomson Corner, if you ask for the normal ones at around RM4.00 a bowl, you only get three miserably tiny shrimps.

This one tasted good…but I was not too sure about the sambal. Instead of the usual sambal belacan that we would get with our Sarawak laksa, they gave something like the sambal for nasi lemak

Bandong Sarawak laksa 2

Somehow or other, when I mixed it with the gravy, it tasted different. Nice, but different…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Something different…”

  1. Wow3… All your food made me “Saliva” OOOO.. your Journalists Dinner, that big plate of Sotong.. wuahaha.. so nice n made me hungrier ..
    hmmh.. u r really good in places to eat.. so good.. next time, b4 I go to eat, I shud call u up..lst.. πŸ™‚

    We r early birds of the day.. hahaha do have a nice weekend..

    LOL!!! Some people say when they wanna go out to eat, they must check out my blog first…and decide where and what to eat! LOL!!! I choose based on taste and price mostly…but there may be other considerations. Ya…you have a nice weekend too.

  2. you always mentioned Bandong stall-is it near the Jackfruit V. what time n what day they sell those nice yummy cakes?..maybe get you to buy n send over by bus…lol.

    You remember the Bandong makan shops that were very popular at night? This stall is at the back of the shops…except that it is actually facing the main road owing to the location of the shops. It opens VERY early to cater to those people going to the nearby surau for prayers at 4 something in the morning, so by the time I usually go around 8, sometimes, most of the things would have been sold out. You’re not coming to Sibu for All Souls’ kah?

  3. not just check your blog lah, call you up sometimes before go out and eat .. ha ha ha.

    Yalor…even when in Kuching! Like I was some kind of food directory! LOL!!!

  4. the laksa looks very very very YUMMMMMMYYYY!! you’ve gotta be my (food) tour guide when I go back to sibu.. πŸ˜›

    Why not? And then I get to eat free! Hehehehehehe!!!

  5. That laksa looks very good.
    And it’s just the way I like it… without the prawns that dont usually taste good but somehow manage to double the price!

    I like kuih-muihs…
    It’s hard to find really good ones.
    The ones that can be found are often deep fried or looking like it’s been there for a while.
    What a sad period for kuih lovers!

    You’re not into prawns! Some people love it, lots of it!!! Well, 3-4 p.m. outside the Green Road shops, there are nyonya chang and kuih stalls – two, I think…but you can tell from the number of customers which one is actually better. Actually lots of other places selling very nice kuihs – but mostly early morning. You just need to know where to go…

  6. I am cooking laksa tomoro!Thks to u,STP! πŸ™‚

    Hahahahaha!!! Poor me, get the blame for everything! Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. i da cuba kampua but never try sarawak laksa yet… maybe i should go back to the shop in Puchong and try it. hungry now…. looking at the sarawak laksa… mayb i should go and eat curry noodles.. LOL!

    Curry noodles not the same…and if you ask me, not nice!!! I think Sarawak laksa is a lot better…but then again, to each his own!!!

  8. cheese batik cake is making me drool!! i love cheese! =D

    Ya…looks like many people are into cheesecakes these days. I was once (Was one of the nicknames my students gave me!)…but I’ve grown out of it – had too many from my students when I retired, so much so that I wouldn’t mind if I never saw another cheesecake again in my life! Hahahahaahaha!!!!

  9. yo..the cheese!! RM3 a piece is a blessing in disguise..if it is much cheaper, u will end up eating more… LOL… now that it is expensive, we will think twice about buying that, hor.. since a bowl of laksa is only 2.50… πŸ™‚ well, but some times, we got to treat ourselves to a yummylicious meal regardless of price and our weight, right? LOL…

    Ya…I guess so. But actually I would prefer savoury stuff these days. Not so much into sweet things but I do take once in a while. Not because of health reasons, just my personal inclination. Growing older maybe…no more teeth, sweet tooth also gone. LOL!!! I’m not bothered about my weight…but price, I would think twice if it’s too expensive. Pensioner, not so much money to splash mah!!!

  10. wow…the cheese cake looks so yummy…earlier logged in using mobile..can’t see clearly…but now…nice shot!! looks yummy!!

    LOL!!! You have a problem looking at pics on your mobile? Now what does that tell you? Hahahahaha!!! Ya…it is yummy…just a bit expensive.

  11. My god! Bandung gonna be my first place to go after i back to sibu end of this November.. But so early in the morning~~~ i haven wake up la…

    They will sell up till around 8 or 9…but some days, they may have sold out everything. Depends on your luck…

  12. Cheese is imported mah… that’s why more expensive than your laksa. Btw, i haven’t tasted horlicks cake before. next time send some to KL ya?

    Ya…expensive, so can’t have it too often and when having it, must nibble slowly, savour and enjoy the taste! LOL!!! Well, I can always place an order for one whole cake, should I be going to KL again… Easy to bring…as it does not go bad or shrivel up like dabai! LOL!!!

  13. the cis cake looks very oily…u can eat that sure pang sai very easy…LOL

    Chesh! So that’s another thing that you don’t eat! Good…can save my money if you happen to drop by! Hahahahahaha!

  14. Awesome! Cheese Batik cake? What a creative name. I’m sure it is equally delicious right? :p

    War…Horlick cake? πŸ˜€ people over there seems to be more creative than us here.

    Probably you also have all these over there…just that you do not know about them!

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