Getting together…

On Monday night, I was invited by Yan to a gathering hosted by a local daily in conjunction with “Journalists’ Day”. The guest-of-honour was YB Datuk Wong…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 1

…who was my History teacher in Form 6 1970/1971 and when I was posted to a school in Sibu in 1983, he was the principal there…but only for a year as he left the education service at the end of that year. Gee! In his speech, he mentioned me specifically and said that we were “ex-colleagues”…instead of saying that he was actually my superior. Β LOL!!! Politicians certainly have a way with words.

We were all given a special t-shirt to wear that evening and luckily, I could squeeze into my XXXL one. In case you’re wondering why I was invited, it was because Yan extended the invitation to some of her blogger-friends and those that we know around Sibu. Her newspaper had featured some of our posts in the column: “From the blogging world”.

So, there were some other fellow-bloggers around that night – some VERY young ones, including Victor

Victor of

…who very kindly gave me a lift as parking could be a pain at the venue owing to the limited parking spaces available there. Then I also met this handsome blogger…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 2

…who would prefer not to be named. He comments regularly on all of my posts and turns out to be my neighbour’s nephew! What a pleasant surprise! His younger aunties, four of them, were my friends from our “requesting” days. Small world, isn’t it?

Then, there was this ex-student of mine, Raphael

BP Journalists' Day gathering 3

…who seems to be more active on Facebook these days than in his blogs. As you can see, I have “borrowed” the photo from Victor…but hey! Why on earth is my hair that colour? I definitely did NOT dye it!!! LOL!!!

Then, besides me, there were other not-so-young bloggers including rubberseeds, Bengbeng and Abana.

The food wasn’t that great. I had ONE helping…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 4

…and after that, I went straight for the fruits and dessert…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 5

I may put up another post on the food and stuff at a later date…but it certainly was nice to be part of that special evening for Yan and her colleagues and I had a great time socialising with my blogger-friends, old and new.

I wonder when we will have another opportunity to get together like this again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Getting together…”

  1. Where is this gathering held? The place looks new to me….

    Garden Hotel Coffee House. They’ve renovated the place – very nicely done now, more classy…and the prices also! LOL!!!

  2. Everyone were wearing a black T… what does it say? yes, all handsome young bloggers, including the one with the “dyed” hair, that one is a bit more “matured” than the rest…. LOL….

    Wah! You so old-fashioned, got pantang kah?…Usually I do not wear black as I find it too hot and I would fall sick from heat stroke. But it was an air-con place, cool evening…and not in the daytime, so it was ok. And I MUST say it once again – I did NOT dye my hair. I understand it’s very expensive – where can this old pensioner find that kind of money? Chesh!!!

    1. aiyoh STP, not pantang la.. what i meant was..the words on the tshirt, what does it represent…
      talking about old fashioned, eh, last time when my father was around, we were not allowed to wear black at all.. but now?? my kids purposely chose black tshirts… i too have many till i stop myself from buying.. but do u know, one look slimmer when wearing black…
      STP, that was meant as a joke, the “dyed” hair part, i know u didnt dye your hair, u said so… cool down, man….cool….

      Ya…everyone said I looked slimmer that night…so it must be because of the dark colour. Don’t think I’m slimmer at all! The words…supposed to be for the journalists lah – they’re supposed to report the truth…and I guess bloggers likewise!!! Mustn’t fabricate stories….

  3. ok, apart from chit chat and eating.. anything else? like some awards kah? he he he … only sibu bloggers kah?

    Not actually Sibu bloggers…Yan’s blogger-friends and friends. Nope, no award. What did you expect? Sibu’s top blogger?…No complaints though – it was a nice get-together and it was free! Other bloggers’ meet – had to go Dutch! LOL!!!

    1. ha ha ha .. true true true .. :p but namind la, next time can bring me :p i better make fren with yan .. :p LOL. I’m coming back on the 14th .. settle some things and then only go Miri. Start work on 16th. Looking forward

      That will depend on whether people wanna make fren with you or not! Chesh! Perasan! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. You had ONE helping…which was quite a big helping there πŸ˜› So sayang I missed it…hehe!

    PS: How come no see Yan in any of the pics?

    You have to go and see her photo in another blog – back view, she pulling her jeans, trying to keep them on. VERY thin now after moving to KK…half of her old self and looking much younger – thought she had another daughter!

  5. Hahaha πŸ˜€ Why you have to mention not so young huh? :p Anyway it’s great to have such gathering right?

    I wonder The Star will do the same or not…nah…even if they do I don’t think I can make it.

    Not so young, have to admit mah!!! How to pretend to be still young when already old? LOL!!! I thought the ministry organised one not too long ago, and then there are those hosted by people like Niffnangs…but I guess they’re all in KL – none in Malacca!

  6. I guess I missed it, LOL!

    Ya…I sent you a message via your Facebook inbox. I guess you didn’t RSVP Yan then… Too bad, otherwise we would have another young and handsome blogger at the gathering… πŸ˜€

  7. CNY! I’ll be back for CNY!! *big grin*

    You just confirmed your tickets?…I dunno whether I’ll be around as my daughter’s expected to leave for NZ Feb 16th, two days after CNY…so I may have to go to Kedah or KL around that time to send her off. Arrangements not fixed yet, so dunno at the moment.

  8. Wah…. STP buddy buddy with rich datuk nowadays. haha.
    The XXXL seems to fit you well… not too tight ler.

    Sibu so small, everybody knows everybody, big or small… Fit? Thank goodness for the dark colour – can’t see the curves…and the collar goes around other people’s necks. Me – only half the next or maybe a bit more! Hahahahaha!!!!

  9. Looks like a movie scene from men in black. So any aliens there? Btw u r looking very brunette n almost european looking,a bit like my italian neighbour across the road minus the glasses. Been eating too much ‘angmor’ cuisine?!LOL!

    I think there was a yellow light right above my head and hence, the effect!!! Italian? Must be my Godfather looks… Hehehehehe!!!

  10. how come no such gathering in bint-ulu ar?
    not that im femes la…but i know zilch blogger from bint-ulu…uni mates don’t count!

    Got bloggers in Bintulu? Well, you can always organise your own bloggers’ meet! Nice…to get to know one another! There’ll be one blogger coming soon – Cibol, an old hand at blogging but lately not very active, was working in KL! I think he’ll be going back there soon…

  11. Oh! Sound like a “rich and famous” gathering ya?

    i wan to said you look good in black tshirt!

    why that handsome blogger picture look blur? You took it in purpose? hahahahhahahhahaha, just kidding!

    He said he wishes to remain anonymous…so I decided to use the blur picture, didn’t bother to take a clear one of him. Some bloggers prefer it that way, so even though we’ve met and got to know each other personally, we’d not reveal anything about their true identities online. I look good in black? Eyew…luckily I did not fall sick. I usually come down with heat stroke when I wear black – cannot stand! Too hot!

    P.S. They rich, me famous? Definitely NOT rich! Hahahahaha!!!!

  12. It is always nice to meet up with old and new friends at gatherings. Wah now your hair looks like Hong Kong singer….he he he!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Laugh! Go ahead and laugh! It was the light!!! Grrrrrrr……

  13. u should keep that colour of your hair…it fits you well hehehehe

    No money to dye… You wanna donate? Hahahahaha!!!

  14. I missed this as it was on the weekdays and I don’t dare to drive all the way back so late at night. Plus, I was down with flu also.

    Btw, I liked the ‘colour’ of your hair…

    (p/s: Very nice compared to your BFF’s hair…LOL!)

    Ya…I sent you the sms about this function but I guessed you would not be able to make it especially considering that it was on a weekday. Next time perhaps… Whose hair? You mean she dyed her hair when she was in your school? She so kedekut…willing to fork out the money to dye her hair? Must be all turning grey! Hahahahahaha!!! Gosh! I’m so mean. πŸ˜€

    1. haha..ya lor…she dyed it black but then she didn’t re-dye it so there’ll be this stripe of white in the middle..reminds me of a stinky animal leh…LOL

      (i’m so mean too…but couldn’t help it… even today the support staff still lawak2 about her antics..LOL!)

      Hahahahahaha!!! What goes around, comes around! She’s so mean, I’m not surprised that people will say all kinds of things about her.

  15. we see politicians in newspapers need to put them in the blog again…prefer to see ordinary people…n of course

    LOL!!! Not from your camp, I guess. Well, it’s only because he was my former teacher – must show a bit of respect, no political agenda involved. And that will be the first and the last time, I’m sure…as I do not move around in those circles. Small fry mah!!! I’m a nobody… Well, you’ll get to see the food in tomorrow’s post!

  16. I think you should wear black. The colour suits you and you look much slimmer.

    Aiyor…but I can’t stand the heat! Black absorbs heat…and I’m not one of those “ai sui, bor ai mia!!!” Hahahahaha!!!

  17. Rubbing shoulders with politicians eh? πŸ˜‰

    I haven’t seen him in ages, remember him from my childhood, though for exactly what I’m not quite sure.

    No lah…I was invited by a fellow-blogger to the function and it so happened he was the distinguished guest. Well, he was your mum’s History teacher too – we were classmates, remember? Hahahahaha!!!! So maybe when she bumped into him (with you tagging along), they would stop to talk…

  18. u r datuk STP also wad… πŸ˜€

    d food needless to say as see already knew the taste…haha

    Not yet datuk lah! Still a long way to go… Dunno will ever be datuk and old lady becomes nenek or not? LOL!!!

  19. all had a happy time.. makan + get 2gether … Datuk Wong was my ex principal 2.. he always mentioned that he won the best essay writing in the Univ. far better than an Aust. woman.. wuahahaha…. so good one..

    Was he? Were you a student in that school? Not when I was there, I’m sure. Ya, he always had a flair for languages.

  20. holy crap sk was ur history teacher ? how old is he btw. oh yeah, i think u kinda lost weight lah, im not even kidding. or maybe its because of the black shirt. tat victor guy in the the picture fourth from the top, isnt he an ex-shs student ? wasnt he the president of the astronomy club way back in 2001-2002 ? i might be wrong but that certainly looks like him.

    He should be in his 60s… Was fresh grad from uni when he taught me. I’ve lost weight? Must be because I’m toothless now… Hahahahahaha!!!! Nope, not victor. Raphael was the astronomy guy, but victor was also an ex-shs student except that I did not teach his class.

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