Getting together…

On Monday night, I was invited by Yan to a gathering hosted by a local daily in conjunction with “Journalists’ Day”. The guest-of-honour was YB Datuk Wong…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 1

…who was my History teacher in Form 6 1970/1971 and when I was posted to a school in Sibu in 1983, he was the principal there…but only for a year as he left the education service at the end of that year. Gee! In his speech, he mentioned me specifically and said that we were “ex-colleagues”…instead of saying that he was actually my superior.  LOL!!! Politicians certainly have a way with words.

We were all given a special t-shirt to wear that evening and luckily, I could squeeze into my XXXL one. In case you’re wondering why I was invited, it was because Yan extended the invitation to some of her blogger-friends and those that we know around Sibu. Her newspaper had featured some of our posts in the column: “From the blogging world”.

So, there were some other fellow-bloggers around that night – some VERY young ones, including Victor

Victor of

…who very kindly gave me a lift as parking could be a pain at the venue owing to the limited parking spaces available there. Then I also met this handsome blogger…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 2

…who would prefer not to be named. He comments regularly on all of my posts and turns out to be my neighbour’s nephew! What a pleasant surprise! His younger aunties, four of them, were my friends from our “requesting” days. Small world, isn’t it?

Then, there was this ex-student of mine, Raphael

BP Journalists' Day gathering 3

…who seems to be more active on Facebook these days than in his blogs. As you can see, I have “borrowed” the photo from Victor…but hey! Why on earth is my hair that colour? I definitely did NOT dye it!!! LOL!!!

Then, besides me, there were other not-so-young bloggers including rubberseeds, Bengbeng and Abana.

The food wasn’t that great. I had ONE helping…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 4

…and after that, I went straight for the fruits and dessert…

BP Journalists' Day gathering 5

I may put up another post on the food and stuff at a later date…but it certainly was nice to be part of that special evening for Yan and her colleagues and I had a great time socialising with my blogger-friends, old and new.

I wonder when we will have another opportunity to get together like this again…