Nice to be with you…

I went back to the Nice House Restaurant for dinner on Saturday night and we had the fish maw soup…

Nice House 1

…with lots of fish maw in it…

Nice House 2

It was very nice but in my opinion, not thick enough for what they called the thick version of the soup. It did not really matter though as long as it tasted good. After all, it’s just cornflour that makes such soups thick.

At this particular restaurant, their own homemade tofu is a must…

Nice House 3

The tofu is really light, fine and smooth unlike what you can get at the market in town. We tried it in a different style of cooking and it was pretty good but I prefer the way we had it on our previous visit – tofu on a sizzling plate topped with minced meat and salted fish…but then, we wanted their beef in a sizzling plate…

Nice House 4

This is my daughter’s favourite and as always, it tasted great! We also had their bitter gourd with fermented beans…

Nice House 5

…which was good too but I prefer Ruby’s where they fry it with salted eggs and the veg somehow seems to be less bitter. I ordered this pork dish so as to try something new/different for a change…

Nice House 6

This was supposed to be pork belly with salted fish and dried chilli but there was no hint whatsoever of any salted fish in it…and I would prefer it darker – with more soy sauce. What I had at Stall No. 7 at Taman Muhibbah Food Centre near my house was so much nicer. The saving grace was the taste was good, just different…

Nice House 7

Now, here comes the best part. The whole lot plus three drinks and four rice (somebody had an extra serving) came up to only RM42.00 which is considerably cheap…especially when compared to the other restaurant!

Well, if anybody’s thinking of dropping by, have a NICE time there!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Nice to be with you…”

  1. it seemed that it had become a trend that every restaurant mz hv their own style of cooking tofu…. hmmm………

    Any everyone claims it’s their own homemade tofu…

  2. Delicious…yummy dishes u guys had there! I think I’ll order the tofu & bittergourd if I have the chance to visit there πŸ™‚

    Healthy eating? LOL!!!

  3. I also had claypot pork belly with salted fish and dried chili last Sunday. The ones I had here were so black that I cannot differentiate the pork belly from dried chili and when I bit into them…all hell break lose πŸ˜›

    PS: I had something exotic from the sea that day also…but cannot mention here. Later PETA (People Eat Tasty Animals πŸ˜› ) come protest. Hehehe!!! Clue: It has hard shell and sometimes hides inside it when it is not swimming πŸ˜€ Taste like loco fish…quite nice though πŸ™‚

    Ya…that’s the case with the dark ones. Hard to tell between the meat and the dried chilli. Oh that! I don’t eat…but last night, rubberseeds was telling us about it – sold at this restaurant at the gigantic new Chinese temple 16th Mile…and VERY expensive! No, thank you!

    1. The one I had, no need go until 16th Mile. I had that in the same restaurant I had the pork belly with salted egg and dried chili. Don’t know the price lah coz I didn’t pay πŸ˜›

      So nice to be a girl… Other people pay! LOL!!!

      P.S. Btw, ur t-shirt is the one on the table in Victor’s photo. Hahahahaha!

  4. Maybe I must drop by this weekend. Pollie: are you going to Sibu?

    No problem… Missus can take you all there. I have SHS dinner on Saturday night…

  5. You are making me hungry now with so photos of nice foods. RM42 is really dirt cheap. I like the sizzling beef. Looks yummy!

    Ya…my daughter’s favourite! Very nice! We can always go there one of these days? LOL!!!

  6. ooooo… im picky when it comes to food, beh hiao chiak bitter gourd, fish maw, pork belly… paisehnya… but i’d like to try the tofu though πŸ˜€

    To each his/her own… My daughter never touched bitter gourd until she ate the ones at Ruby (another place, not this one) fried with salted eggs! Very nice! LOL!!!

  7. Ai yoh yoy… STP with the food again, and i am just wondering when can i be the food blogger as good as you are… but mmmmmmmmm, last saturday i was Saturday Night Fever and jive talking… i wish i could have the same fish maw soup like what you had last saturday…..

    One day, i must really make a comparison about foods of Penang vs foods of Sibu,,,, and see who will emerge winner…….. guess first round my Char Koay Teow will win hands down, second my Nasi Kandar will no doubt has the upper hand,hahahahahahaha

    Penang char kway teow ok lah…but nasi kandar? Eyew….cut throats, daylight robbers…and I can’t understand why they must put the gravy of EVERYTHING onto the rice. Dunno what taste in the end.

  8. Would sure love to try that fish maw soup and the homemade tofu… looks yummy…

    Any plans to come to Sibu? I already visited you in KK… Hehehehehe!

  9. hi stp, i wrote a comment this morning and now i notice it is not here anymore.. where has it gone to? funny..
    as i was saying, rm42 is very cheap cos of the fish maw soup included..

    Not in spam! Not awaiting moderation! You’re so forgetful…maybe you forgot it was the day before or you commented in somebody else’s blog! Hahahahahaha!!! Yes, very cheap…and nice too! That’s most important!

  10. salted fish very expensive nowadays. no more poor’s man dish! That’s why you can’t find salted fish in that dish! haha

    I guess so… Very expensive, especially the “long kiam hu” (the really rotted type)… Drool!!!

  11. i’ve always had the impression that things are more expensive in sabah/sarawak but you seems to know where to get nice reasonably-priced food.

    i will have to seriously consider taking up your spare room soon!

    Expensive in KK (but the food’s nice…especially the seafood)…and the oil and gas-rich towns of Miri and Bintulu. Kuching ok…but cheaper in Sibu. Welcome…wouldn’t mind a doc’ in da’ house! LOL!!!

  12. they serve you such nice dishes. last time we went..i said I wil not go back again.
    Btw.. I have SMS to gundot.

    Maybe you dunno what to order. Each of these restaurants have their own specialties and this one, better go early or else very crowded and very noisy…and may have to wait a long time unless you book in advance (and full house too!)… Ok, I’ll ask gundot. I guess you have her number!

  13. Another “yum yum” food post, come in the wrong time. Now it’s lunch time, your food make me more hungry!!!

    Btw, where is this place lei? Beef in the sizzling plate looks good.

    Rite in town, the beginning of Brooke Drive – next to the Mist Garden, same block as Artfriends Photo Studio (been there for years and years). That one’s my daughter’s favourite!

  14. Eeeek! And you know what I’m eating now? Instant noodles.. blek! I’m a big fan of bittergourd and all of the above. But if I go with my hubs, then the beef will have a no go coz he doesnt take beef.. 😦 {but I do!} hehe..

    Then he can watch you eat lor! Hahahahahahaha!

  15. why i always come to your blog during lunch time..
    i had a little lunch.. but the food here is enough to make me hungry back.. =P

    So you’ll have to go out and eat again then! Hahahahahaha!

  16. not bad…quite cheap. it seems that every time we want to go there it always close. make sure whn we go there soon it is open…..hehehehehe

    Ooi! Makan selamat + pass rubgy referee test + won football bet…. How can go to Nice House? At least…Sheraton!!! Hahahahaha!

  17. LJ…. u passed kah? guess they must cancelled the 2.5km run. lol

    You mean he FAILED???…Oops! Ok…Nice House good enough! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Oh … STP, the food in Sibu is really tempting! I don’t know how long I can resist it!

    Come on over! Take MTC bus…not expensive and not very long also! Took once from Bintulu. Very comfortable – like going on a tour!

  19. Well…Surprise that my ex english teacher has become a famous blogger to read something about Sibu..

    Thought you’ve commented before?…Or is this another Charles, not the tall and skinny one in Singapore? Aiyor…where got famous? Just passing the time to keep my grey cells working – don’t wanna become senile too soon. Why surprised? You think I’m too old to be internet-savvy? Humph!!! Anything you can do, I can do better! Hahahahahaha!

  20.’s great to be forever young anyway…i’m not young either…freaking 27 now…it was like 10 years ago when i was in ur class…OMG…by the way..i’m the another charles…there is just too many of the similar name ayeee

    27…still young! I’m MORE than double your age!…Ya, I know you’re not that Charles. I’ve checked on Facebook using your email address. Hahahahaha…..

  21. Am back in sibu today. ….Getting to know from me mummy that u were actually my younger bro’s eng teacher too…this a hell small world

    Ya, small world indeed. I wouldn’t which one your brother is… Many by that surname. Welcome home, have a nice stay! Had your kampua and kompia yet? LOL!!!

  22. Had my kampua this morning…but my mommy will just flood me with her cooking anyway…i don’t think i will have much chance to dine outside

    Glad to be home, eh? Ya…I usually cook my daughter’s favourites for her when she’s home…but we do go out to eat the things she loves too!

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