Crazy for you…

I have said it before that I am not really a fan of durian but if there is any and I am invited to help myself, I do not mind taking a few seeds. But I do know of people who really love the fruit like that night when we had dinner at the Sheraton Restaurant here. AFTER the dinner, as we were leaving, there was a lorry loaded with durians parked right outside…and believe it or not, even after a heavy full-course Chinese dinner, so many of them went over and bought some to eat on the spot! Now, if that is not crazy, what is?

As a matter of fact, the fruit is so famous or infamous, whichever you may wish to choose to describe it, that even National Geographic has come out with a feature on it…

I think I heard something that is not quite right on the video clip – the narrator said that Kuching is the capital of Malaysian Borneo when she should say that Kuching is the capital (of the state) of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo…but I was so tickled by that lady who said that durian smells like somebody’s private parts. ROTFLMAO!

I do not quite care for the durian cake or dodol either – the most well-known being Tan Kim Hock’s from Malacca. I have seen visitors and tourists going out of their way to buy some to take home to give to their relatives and friends. But I do love the Thai durian-glutinous rice dessert and also those yummy desserts that I had recently in Kuala Lumpur.

On the home front, some make “samui” which is the flesh of the fruit mixed with lard and sagu’ (sago pellets). I do not fancy that either as I do not like the smell of lard in the thing and I do not like sagu’. However, should I happen to come across some unripe durians, I would love to buy them and cook a really sumptuous soup,Β sayur rebus (translation: boiled vegetables) style. You just take the flesh and boil in water into which you would have to add some belacan (dried prawn paste), ikan pusu/bilis (dried anchovies) and chilli and you can add salt and msg according to taste.

Then, there is the tempoyak or fermented durian…

Tempoyak 1

Here, I have some freshly-made tempoyak that my sister’s colleague gave to her – a West Malaysian lady. She must have used very good durians which is essential if you want the best tempoyak. However, she added cili padi (bird’s eye chilli peppers) so it was too hot for my mum and I was only too happy to relieve them of the stuff.

You can useΒ tempoyak as a dip for ikan bilis/pusu (dried anchovies)…

Tempoyak 2

and eat it just like that…or you can use it in your cooking.

I cooked some absolutely delicious udang galah masak tempoyak (giant freshwater prawns cooked with fermented durian) once. Gosh! It was so delicious that one would definitely go for a second helping of rice. Come to think of it, I have not cooked that for a while now. Hmmm…I think I should do it one of these days! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

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25 thoughts on “Crazy for you…”

  1. like normal durian so much…. eat so much during my trip to penang…. there is another type of durian with long thorns which i dun like it at all……….

    They have some really good hybrids there – nicer than our wild durians. Can’t remember the names now. I quite like pakon – the milder wild durian – yellow/orange in colour. I think I’ve seen the ones with long thorns somewhere and my friends told me they’re not nice.

  2. I love durian πŸ˜€ But I don’t like durian products like dodol, cake, ice cream, cheesecake, crackers, etc except the heavenly durian pancake. For the past few weeks I saw people selling durians by the roundabout here in Kuching. In season again kah?

    Ah! Finally there are some differences between the two of us. I love the fresh durian cream sponge cake, the cream puffs and of course, the pancakes. It seems that there isn’t any season anymore these days – there is durian all year round with short breaks in between…

    1. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Maybe their private part smells like durian! When they walk past you, you can smell it …… Ewww!

      She probably….ummm…never mind! I will refrain from saying anything further on that! Hahahahahaha!

  3. Wow! Those people were really crazy huh! They can really eat durians huh! :p

    What smells like what? :p

    You watch the clip…and watch the girl say it herself in her exact own words. I’ve got nothing to do with it!

  4. Tempoyak! I love Tompotak. My mother showed me to cook this special delicacy. In fact it was the last dish she taught me before she passed away! 😦

    What on earth is Tompotak? Come! Put up a post of you cooking it – photos and all…and then the rest of us can try, see whether it is nice or not.

  5. Durian smell like private parts? Haha. That is really funny. No other description they can use? LOL. I know a lot of people that will eat durian almost everyday once it is durian session. I love durian but not everyday.

    Ya…when I first heard it, I also LOLed…. My neighbours eat a lot of durians. Every day if I step out of the house in the evening, I would detect the durian smell in the air. Somebody would be eating the fruit… But not me!

  6. waa!! thanks sooo much for the half-ripe durian! i totally forgotten about it! it’s one of my many childhood favorite and still is! definitely will be in my food blog. that is, if i can get my hands on one..

    u forgot to mention about the durian flower cooking? i couldn’t find it here of course. nobody in west malaysia knows it’s edible i think.

    Flowers? I already have at least two posts on them including this one:
    and you can hop over to see my nephew’s post on the same:

    1. erkss… sorry bos! that was last year’s post.. i didn’t dig deep enough into your post eh.. sorry for that.. and I still couldnt’ see all the pix.. too bad.. i just have to depend on my imagination πŸ˜€

      If you click the link to my nephew’s blog? Also no photos? Your connection’s the problem then!

  7. I don’t fancy durian either, but I wonder if I can stomach tempoyak and somehow love it too… LOL.. the photos of tempoyak really looks delicious!

    But… durian smelling like someone’s private part? Goodness, that is so gross! Haha..

    It is…and there’s no stopping me till it’s all gone! A must at every meal! LOL!!! Ya…of all the things to compare! But it IS hilarious! Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. yummy durians, still got some in my freezer…bought too many last week!

    So what are you going to do with it? Sponge cake or swiss roll with fresh durain cream? Cream puffs? Pancakes?…Bet you know how to make all these…such an expert at cooking!

  9. private parts smell like durian? hahahah….gross. My sis made durian cake last nite…. not the dodol type, its sponge cake with fresh durian cream. Kind of like dipping ur sponge cake in samui. hahha. maybe should have put in some sagu to give it a crunchy effect. hehe.
    Tempoyak is yummy…. i like it cooked with canned sardines and 3 layered pork. fuuh!

    Ya…should try with pork belly one of these days! Lovely with cincaluk!…Ha…I hope the description doesn’t put people off durians for good… Should be a Kuching girl. Know her, by any chance? Oops…forgot! You can’t watch youtube in the office….

  10. After a full course dinner can still eat durian? I hope they have not drank till they are drunk! Because I heard that might give some kind of not so favourable outcome.. haha

    That’s what I heard too…but nobody drank that night but I was amazed by how they could find tummy space to stomach the durians and the gas from the fruit can make one so bloated!!! And then they would belch!…Eyew….. Hahahahaha!!!!

  11. Pakon!Tempuyak!…….I am getting delirious! STP! Persek n Dakek lah u!!! I better go tutang anum now! πŸ™‚

    What are you having for tea? Dabai is in season too…and engkala (terbelus) as well!!! Yum! Yum! So kesian…you’re so far away, missing out on all these! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. smells like private part?? LOL. now, that’s a new way to describe the durian smell.. I’m not a big fan of durian, satu ulas is enough liao. πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! I don’t think it smells so bad…but then again, I guess we’re quite used to it. I would think rotten fish…or seafood would be worse. Somebody in the clip said it smells like rotten fish and custard.

  13. Aiyo……knb, next time you go town and catch durian smell don’t go sniffing around!!!!!!!

    Hahahahaha!!! I didn’t say that! The lady in the video clip did! Hey!!! The highlight of the post is supposed to be the tempoyak, not this!!! LOL!!!

  14. Smell like somebody’s private part?! I bet with you that she smell a rotten durian. Actually that is the problem, many foreigners cannot tell the different between a good and bad durian. So, when they pick up a rotten durian, that smell got registered! It is like smelling a piece of rotten cheese and then announce that all cheese smell like rotten meat!

    In Miri, we have witnessed many expat enjoying durian. Check out this blog which I helped to develop:

    Ya…many actually loved it once they’d tried. Others probably got put off by the pungent smell…and wouldn’t touch the fruit…and then go and say all kinds of bad things about it. It’s like people – never judge by the external characteristics for you may never know what beauty lies within.

  15. I was crazy over durian many years back. There was one time I eaten too many I guess & ended up with a heat fever the next day. Since then I eat it moderately & still love those bitter sweet one, taste like liquor πŸ™‚

    I think the bitter sweet ones are the originals – the wild ones, not cultivated and not one of the new hybrids. Ya…once, whenever I had durians, I would have nightmares…and wake up sweating all over. Too “heaty” for me!

  16. WOW!! torturing… tempting… how could i live without eating that… nasib baik i only read this now, it is late at night already, if it is earlier, i would have gone out that very minute and bring home a durian to go with my rice tonite!! hey, i meant the fresh durian, not the tempoyak please.. .

    You don’t like tempoyak? Oooo…you dunno what you’re missing. Btw, back from Penang? Went for a course or something?

  17. I’m not a fan of durian, but I like dodol and I heart tempoyak! Tempoyak fried with pusuk and chilli, best nyer…. slurp, slurp!

    Then you’re almost like me…but I don’t really care for dodol.

  18. hahhaa! I always see that woman who described durian smells like p.p. Always in Club wan…. she’s local but behaves like some angmoh chabo wannabe.

    Hahahahaha!!! So here’s somebody who has seen her before!

  19. Is that pakan? My mum’s favourite. Are they available in Sibu now?

    In the video clip? Don;t think so. Very hard to get pakon these days… May appear out of the blue once in a blue moon. My mum loves them too. End of last year, there were a lot – this year, no sign yet.

  20. im old tat y hair all fall off…i hope so thre a gf cook for me… πŸ˜›

    fresh durian i stil can tk it but if cooked or fermented i wil vomit when smelll it….

    Aiyor…why everything you eat, you vomit one? You anorexic kah? Or maybe you’re pregnant? Hahahahahaha!!!

  21. i love durian.. but it has been quite some time since i last ate them.. =(

    Why? Lots of durians over there – the whole year through. I tried some of the hybrids – they’re really very nice. Creamy and rich and really thick flesh.

  22. nuh uh, me no likey durian, whole family of nine, and im the odd one out >.<

    Nine in the family? Gosh!!!….My daughter does not eat durian either! Btw, your first time here, I see. Welcome and thanks for dropping by. Will add you to my links.

  23. yes lor, nine! im the eldest of seven leh! i always get the looks when ppl get to know this O.o

    haha, i used to post here using the nick autumnmusic before one, thanks ya, with one religious reader and commenter like you, i shall be more disciplined to update my blog *cross fingers* =P

    Ah yes! I remember autumnmusic! Welcome back…and no more disappearing act from now on, I hope!

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