Daddy’s home…

I guess everybody knows my favourite brand when it comes to instant noodles – the made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy. There are 3 flavours – chicken, curry and mee goreng (fried mee/noodles). I like the light and clear chicken-flavoured soup…and with added ingredients, it can be a lot nicer but I’m afraid when it comes to the mee goreng, it does not measure up to the other brands like Indomie, now rebranded Ibumie.

I love the curry-flavoured ones though but for some time now, I had not been able to get them at the grocery stores and mini-supermarkets in my neighbourhood. For a while, I thought they were not popular and they had ceased production. But the other day, I stumbled upon them at a supermarket in town…

Mee Daddy 1

…so I promptly bought some. Despite the fact that they are locally made, they are NOT cheap. These cost RM3.55 for a pack of 5 and the chicken-flavoured ones can go up as high as RM3.80. In comparison, the ones made in West Malaysia are cheaper e.g. Mee Sedap are sometimes sold at around RM3.40 only for a pack of 5. I wonder why this is so considering that they are manufactured in the town and they would be able to save a lot on transport charges and what not.

Anyway, you can have the curry variety just like that. It should be nice enough but I usually dig into the freezer to see if there are any things that I can add. Here, I had added some fish balls…

Mee Daddy 2

…sprinkled some chopped spring onions over it and I also fried an egg to go with it…

Mee Daddy 3

Yum! Yum! Want some, anybody? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Daddy’s home…”

  1. I prefer d chicken flavour too…. Those sambal and satay flavours tasted really weird… Going to get my parcel soon n there are daddy mee inside… Anticipating……

    Mee Daddy hasn’t got sambal and satay leh? The curry is nice – very fragrant curry taste! I like! The mee goreng…not so. Wah! Sending Mee Daddy all the way to Ireland? Must be VERY expensive… I sent to West Malaysia, already cost a bomb!!! Poslaju!

  2. Aiseh.. Got another Daniel here. I’ll be the Daniel with the small “d”. Over here in West Msia I can’t seem to find Daddy mee. I’ll have to fly them from Sarawak.

    You like Mee Daddy too?…If I had known, I could have brought you some when I went to KL. Brought one big box over but I gave them all away when I was in Penang. Very expensive to courier over…

  3. Omg i owes tot tat daddy mee has sambal and satay flavour cz when my send me daddy mee duing intec time there were one in purple packet and another in brown packet tat i tot are daddy mee. Till jz nw i checked and daddy mee really dun hv sambal and satay… Doubted wat i had eaten…..

    Never seen any satay or sambal flavours leh? Got laksa – Lee Fah (Made in Kuching, I think)…and the West Malaysian brands, they have soto ayam (Yucks!…But my missus loves it) and all kinds of flavours – all not to my fancy…except maybe Indomie/Ibumie’s mee goreng!

  4. I love the chicken Mee Daddy also! Yummm… I prefer to poach the egg though. Lazy mah πŸ˜›

    Normally, I do the same…just break the egg into the noodles, just that the other day, I felt like having “telur goreng mata kerbau” or is it “lembu”?…. LOL!!!

  5. My daughter in Adelaide sent a SMS shortly after she settled down there – mummy, can you send some mee daddy? Mee daddy has to wait till she comes home for holiday!

    Aiyor…so kesian! Just send by parcel post – shouldn’t be too expensive. See the earlier comment, Daniel’s father has sent some all the way to Ireland… Kids today are such a pampered lot, aren’t they? LOL!!!

  6. been unable to see the pix since few posts ago.. 😦 .. im just a big instant noodle junkie..

    Why? Poor connection? Others do not seem to have a problem. I may have problems with some blogs when the connection is poor, otherwise ok. Gee! Don’t take too much instant noodles – too salty and a lot of msg! And they say must boil the noodles separately and throw away the water, then make the soup and pour onto the noodles…

    1. not really. we have some overzealous IT staff here.. we can’t download anything anymore. we even have difficulties downloading technical stuffs from the internet. *sigh*

      I see…you’re using your office computer. Well, they usually block a lot of stuff to make sure people do their work! LOL!!!

      1. yep! LOL! we have registered streamxy since a month ago with the agent, my hubby found out yesterday from the TMpoints that our application never reach them! KNN! *oopss*

        Huh? So what connection are you using now? Tumpang your neighbour’s wireless? Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. I havent had Mee Daddy for ages! im into Mee Sedap for now, susah nak cari Mee Daddy. oh man ur shots are reallly yummy!

    My missus likes Mee Sedap. They’re cheaper actually but I do not like the taste. Sometimes no choice as they’re the only ones lying around in the house (my missus’ stick)…so just eat lah! Eeee…I don’t like the colour! That morning, heavy rain and so it was very dark. Had to take the photos in artificial light (fluorescent). Quite disappointed with how they came out.

  8. Daniel is right. There is sambal and satay flavour Mee Daddy. You can get it at Farley:)

    There are?…But he said they taste horrible! Never mind! Farley’s very far – the other side of town but should I happen to be around those parts, I would try and get hold of those flavours to try and then I can write my review on them… Thanks for the info!

  9. No kampua flavour kah?

    The chicken flavour one is almost like the kampua soup – I think they call it ching th’ng mee. Add some chopped spring onions and thinly-sliced boiled pork…it will be more or less the same. If you prefer it dry, you can boil the noodles and toss it with the oil provided (with fried onions inside) and half the packet of seasoning (too salty to put all)…add chopped spring onions and slices of meat. Nice also…but definitely not like kampua – the key ingredient is missing – LARD! LOL!!!

    1. KNB, I have some lard in the fridge…if you want. Dunno what to do with it yet…just wanted to render some in case I need it…hahaha.

      Hey! Can “puak” your own kampua…. Use the packet egg noodles, also nice…or the dried mee sanggul. Just a bit of lard, msg…and light soy sauce (chio cheng) and toss. Dark soy sauce or better still, Bovril instead of the light soy sauce…just as great. Chilli sauce optional – chopped spring onions and fried onions will enhance taste. Serve with thinly sliced char siew! Good luck! Yum! Yum! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

      P.S. Durian in season. Not making any “samui”? LOL!!!

      1. Re samui, I was so very tempted!

        Go ahead…it’s only once in a blue moon. Just don’t think about what sticks around the waist for a long time!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      2. deep fried lard/’bakpok’ with toasted kompia is just A’s!!!!man!

        Aiyor…you like that kah? Not me!!! Amazing – where did all that go to, seeing your body so slim? LOL!!! Btw, welcome back… Long time no see!!! Had a nice holiday?

  10. AAHH!! How come i don’t know there is mee made in sibu??? Wah! First time i come across this “mee daddy”. I must be so out-dated! Now instant noodles don’t come cheap. The other day i just bought Ibumie mee goreng cost me RM4.89!!!!! Crazy huh? That’s why i still prefer korean instant noodles. hahahahhahahha

    RM4.89??? Omigawd! Why so expensive? Here, it’s all in the region of R3 something. Korean mee is SOOOOOO expensive. I bought once – RM9 for a pack of 5!!! Didn’t taste that great so I don’t think I would ever buy those again!

    See! You’ve been away too long, you dunno what’s going on here. Actually Mee Daddy is produced by Kinetic Foods – a subsidiary of KTS, owned by the ultra-rich Lau’s. Your relatives, by any chance? Hahahahahaha!

  11. aiyah..i commented this morning from Gurney Hotel..unfortunately, when i clicked “submit comment”, the line went dead… it was 8am it is 11am..going to check out soon…
    i commented that looking at the papa mee caused my stomach to have some reactions… not long after reading, i went there for buffet breakfast… ahhhh.. now satisfied…

    You’re in Penang? Did you meet up with Eugene? Gurney Hotel? Ooooooo….must be expensive. How much a night? Maybe I can stay there on my next trip – very easy to go shopping! Hah!!! Bet what you had for breakfast at the hotel was a lot nicer than these miserable instant noodles that I had to be satisfied with! Tsk! Tsk! Some people have all the luck in the world! LOL!!!

  12. Haha. I like it also. Not bad. There is one type of local made instant noodles also “Happy Mee”. I like that too.
    Your bowl of instant noodles are really nice as got fishball and fried egg. For me, I will just throw everything inside the bowl and cook. Too lazy to fry an egg. LOL.

    Only this once lah! Normally I just break the egg into the soup. “Happy Mee” is nice? Must buy and try sometime. The packaging looks cheap and the name reminds me of those cheap snacks kids buy at school canteens…

    Btw, if you add ginseng (seng sii – the fine hairs, not expensive one) and the red seeds (good for eyesight) to the chicken-flavoured Mee Daddy, it will taste SOOOOO nice and you will feel energetic the whole morning! Throw in an egg and some green veg, lagi best! I think I posted on this sometime ago.

  13. At the moment the minimarket near my house is offering Mi Sedap at RM2.99 and it is actually imported from Indonesia.
    The mee daddy with kar liew looks very tempting! wah, add spring onions some more!

    I brought one giant family pack specially for you – all the way to Penang and supposed to keep and bring all the way back to KL – chicken-flavoured but you said you would not be in KL when I arrived…so I gave to some other people lor!!! You memang no nasib to eat Sibu-made instant noodles! Hahahahahahaha!

    Wah! RM2.99 is really cheap! Here, it’s probably the cheapest of the lot but around RM3.40…but I don’t like the flavours! Even kar liew also didn’t help!

    1. “some other people” – it me lor!! I guess i took the biggest portion huh!! So lucky…else I don’t even know that’s noodle made in Sibu…haha!! I guess Im the lucky one that day huh!! LOL!! Must be langkah kanan le!!

      Not really! I brought a few of the family packs for a number of people…and some packets of 5. Next trip, I’ll bring you the curry flavour… πŸ™‚

  14. Can give a little for sampling ka? i mean not the prepacked one, but the cooked one, cooked my the master hand of STP, seal it well, and air it here, one plate is suffice……………no no no… just a joke, othewise in no time i will again receive one carton full…………..

    Ya, I always keep my word one! You bring your missus and boys here lah! Can enjoy all the nice food around. Btw, claire’s in Penang. Did she get to meet you?

  15. I love Daddy mee too.. but never knew it was sibu made! mee sedap pun sedap jugak! πŸ˜›

    You’re in KK, right? Ya…I bought some for my cousin there…and then he told me he could get them at the supermarket. So I guess it’s available in Sabah. Dunno lah…but somehow, I just don’t like Mee Sedap.

    1. Me in PJ. I like Mee Sedap the dry one oni. My tastes for instant noodles varies. Sometime I like Tastylite, I dunno which brand is that, forget liao. Sometimes I like Har Mee.. πŸ™‚

      Tastylite? We do not get that here. Har Mee is Mamee’s, I think. I think I tried Maggi’s once but I did not like it. Oh…PJ – lots and lots of food!!! No need to eat instant noodles liao! Just pop into one of the shops, food courts or hawker centres! LOL!!!

  16. Aww…so sweet your “Daddy” is back! But too bad now Daddy is in your stomach. LOL πŸ˜€

    Do you have Mee Mommy over there? πŸ˜€

    No…you people in the peninsula has the Mee Mummy…except that you spell it wrongly! Mamee! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Never mind! Still got lots of Daddy – bought a lot when I saw it that day!!! Just had on epacket!

  17. I still prefer Maggi Mee I guess. Sometimes Mamee and Indo mee. πŸ˜€

    Eyew…a lot more expensive and not nice! The texture of the noodles – something not quite right with it… The taste e.g. the curry flavour also not very nice!

  18. wah seh, look at the egg, very veyr nicely done! btw, teacher you should write up some entries on cooking recipes lah. so that i can learn and refer when i cook πŸ™‚

    I have posted a few – simple to cook ones. I hate cooking stuff that need a whole lot of preparation. For fried egg like that, you need a wok. You wouldn’t get that using a frying pan. Heat up the wok, pour in the oil and when it is hot enough, break the egg into the oil – sort of deep frying. Scoop the oil and pour over the egg while it is cooking. Let the oil drip from the egg as you remove it…and serve.

  19. I have not tried Mee Daddy. So far, I only eat the Korean variety which is also quite nice. When I don’t want to cook, I’ll go for my Korean instant mee with seafood flavour. I shall make it a point to try Mee Daddy.

    I’ve tried the Korean ones once – not bad and they say you can just boil for a long time, the noodles will not turn soggy! But RM1.80 a packet is simply too expensive! Might as well drop by a coffee shop for kampua without meat – same price!

  20. Yeah!Kudos to Bovril noodles! Aiyo! Y you want to eat preservative waxy mee daddy when you have this fresh kampua mee eveready to eat anytime you want! Mee daddy/mummy/anak/ah mu/ahpek is for desperados who can’t get the real kampua one! Real alamak lah!LOL!

    Me Ah Pek liao lor!!! Fresh kampua…can take dry only, no soup base and all that! And buy one kg…a lot! Can’t eat all…and can’t keep! Better eat outside in coffee shop…and sometimes eat instant noodles for a change mah! Every day eat vegetables, also boring! Hahahahaha!!!!

  21. My old man said instant noodles for lazy people – lazy wife. For a change eat outside lol…hahaha.

    Ya…I agree with your old man. That’s why my old lady buys all kinds of instant noodles to keep in the house. I don’t like what she likes…so I buy my own. You can imagine what it’s like in my house – can open store, sell instant noodles. Hahahahaha!

  22. damn! ibumie is re-branded from indomee? i’ve been searching for indomee for so long!!!
    so this ibumie can do exactly the same like indomee? i mean, you can just boil the mee then take out the mee only… mix it with all the sauces and seasoning… put fried egg on top. man… i miss that!

    The packaging is exactly the same – same colour everything except the manufacturer’s name and logo…and the brand – Always. They should get Bon Jovi or Atlantic Starr to do their advert promo! LOL!!! I think there was a promotion last month or earlier, probably because of the brand renaming – cheaper…and I’ve seen the advert on Astro.

  23. Lard???? Immediately tot of samui! That reminds me… I still have durian in the fridge!

    Look out for the next post. There is some mention of samui… Da’au nyam? πŸ˜€

    1. And I have lard….you want to form an alliance? LOL!

      Somebody bring the sagu’! This is Jackfruit Village style! LOL!!!

  24. nvr eat tat brand before if im not mistaken…anyway im quite a fan of instant noodles last time but duno y i stop consume it long time d… πŸ˜‰

    Why? Because you’ve lost all your hair? Or you found a girlfriend to cook for you? Hahahahaha!!!

  25. The curry flavour was good. But pretty much like the others out there.

    p/s: Daddy Mee should really consider selling their products at a cheaper price locally. This will boost their popularity since it is of good quality.

    Your taste buds not discerning enough! This one’s stronger and more fragrant, definitely different from others…especially Maggi, their original curry flavour.

  26. Ooh i would like to try some. The fact that sometimes local goods are not as cheap is because they have no economies of scale like some mass market products. They don’t save on cost of raw materials.

    You would? Gee! Must bring you some on my next trip to KL than! LOL!!! I guess the market is small – I think only Sabah and Sarawak…so they would have to sell at a higher price to recoup their expenditure and make enough profit for the business to be feasible. Just like fine restaurants with not many customers – quality but at sky-high prices.

  27. Can courier one bowl over here please! hehehe… it looks delicious! πŸ˜›

    Come over to Sibu! You can have your fill…and I’ll buy you lots to take home as well! πŸ˜€

  28. oh, man, started salivating the minute i saw the photo of the ready-to-eat noodles!!! got spring onions summor!!! >.<
    i love daddy mee too, in a totally different way, keke. i love to have it for snack, with the oil and msg poured in and shaked until sebati first… totally awesome, but terribly bad for health =D long time no eat dyyyyyyy… can find in west msia, i bought several packets from giant, uhhh, some years ago, now that you mentioned it, i miss it so much =='''
    have been consuming mi sedaap for quite some time dy, yeah, only so-so lor, but im happy all the same coz it's cheap and mi goreng asli 91g per packet leh (maybe it's the bawang goreng, hmmm)!!! hahaha…

    Hahahahaha!!! Don’t all instant noodles look like that? Oh? So you can buy Mee Daddy in West Malaysia – maybe only at selected shops, not so well-marketed like the other brands. Ya…mee sedap is very cheap here too but I don’t really like PLUS have to boil longer to soften.

    1. U have found in Giant?.. Coz I didn’t see it before..T^T

      Friends told me that they have in some places in West Malaysia…but only the chicken flavour. It’s nice and so is the curry one but I’d pass on the mee goreng – Indomie or Ibumee’s would be nicer.

  29. I never see this brand before.
    I would love to try some…


    Hello, welcome…and do make yourself at home! Unless you’re in Sarawak or Sabah, you may not be able to get this brand in the shops. Their market is limited… I dunno if they sell them elsewhere or not.

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