Dahil Sa’yo…

Well, because of Mac, I had to brave the vicious storm to take him out for dinner the other night. After all, when I was in Penang, he was there and he took me out for lunch and when I went to KL, we went for dinner and drinks as well. This is just a little gesture to reciprocate…and another ex-student – his classmate, Β Raymond aka Acey, was in town and so I asked him to join us as well. Mac was back in Sibu for the 2nd anniversary of his mum’s untimely demise…and would be going back to KL a day or two later.

We went to the Sweet Family Restaurant at the Li Hua Commercial Centre where the Sibu Bus Terminal is…and had this huge Philippine pork leg…

Philippine pork leg 1

…which was nice, tender and juicy on the inside. Robbie, my Filipino ex-student/friend, says it is called “Crispy pata”…

Philippine pork leg 2

We also had this deep-fried snow fish…

Deep-fried snow fish

…or whatever fish it was that had been imported from “the cold regions”. I did not like it very much as I could distinctively taste the oil that they used to fry it. Give me the cheaper fish from my kampong stall done kampong-style anytime! But Mac enjoyed it, so it did not really matter.

As usual, we had midin (wild jungle fern) for the veg…

Fried midin

…and I really thought the sea cucumber that night was very nice…

Sea cucumber soup

That certainly was a huge meal for three and we could not finish everything. The bill for the food plus rice for three persons came up to less than RM65.00. Real cheap, especially when we consider what we had – including that huge slab of imported fish!

It certainly was nice to see you again, Mac…and I hope to bump into you again sometime, Acey!

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25 thoughts on “Dahil Sa’yo…”

  1. I am here again, wahahaha… miss home-cooked food so much…. shall move my lazy a*s and cook tomorrow…..

    You cook, son?…So next time I go KL, you can invite me to your place for dinner? Hahahahahaha!

  2. tu bak!! wow.. morning morning see all the meaty flesh… nowadays our fren here can really snap so closed up one!

    oh btw, Happy Deepavali to u and all….hahaha.. too bad it falls on a saturday, no replacement on monday… but the consolation is, I be going for a deepavali makan during lunch, catching up with my ex colleagues…. So STP, hope u have a great weekend too!!!

    Yum! Yum! Hahahahaha!!!….Too bad no Indian friend here! Used to have one but she has moved to Kuching!

  3. wow look at the inch thick pork fat πŸ˜›

    Not to worry, we ate all the lean…and left the fat and the skin behind! But if I had sambal belacan, I would probably eat it all together! Yummy! LOL!!!

  4. Might give this place a try.
    I frequent another place nearby.
    A simple restaurant known for their pork leg & crabs.

    We can go to this one on your next trip to Sibu… πŸ™‚

  5. “wa ai chaik du kar”…..so hungry laio…not yet eat lei…
    Ahhhh!! everything looks so yummy la…

    p/s: Happy weekend to you…

    So when are you coming to Sibu…with your Bollywood star? We can feast on the tu kha together!!! πŸ˜€

  6. My favourite place. The curry fish head also very nice!

    Ya…but when it comes to curry fish head – now I prefer our own home-cooked, with A1 Mountain Globe curry mix for seafood… Nice! Can beat Sheraton! LOL!!!

  7. Why Philippine pork? Why cannot Malaysia? :p But well….it sure look crispy pata aye. πŸ™‚

    Yeah! Must have the fern right? If not your meal wouldn’t be complete. πŸ˜€

    That’s the name of the dish based on its origin. Why Hailam chicken rice, not Foochow chicken rice? Duh!!!…Ya, my ex-student misses midin so much…all this time living in KL, no midin!!!

  8. I thought you had it at the other restaurant famous for its crabs! Yes, Sweet Family Restaurant’s sea cucumber soup is nice! Now, now, now, I miss it already!

    No, I don’t like the food at that one. Went once, didn’t eat the crabs…and we did not like what we had, so we never went there again. One more week and you’ll be home…so you can go for the sea cucumber soup there! LOL!!!

  9. wah the food looks good especially the midin! yum yumzzz

    Good and cheap! You’ve eaten midin before?…I thought it’s not available in KL. Not the same as paku-pakis, different type of jungle fern.

  10. do u remember u asking where i had da fatty bom bom three layer pork? it’s from this sweet family restaurant!
    one of da restaurant that roomie’s family patronize frequently πŸ™‚

    Ya, it’s very popular and always crowded. The food’s good and cheap…and VERY fast, that’s why! And service is good too! The only drawback is it is not airconditioned…

  11. I like crispy pata – at the Lutong restaurant in Miri. We always go to Shanghai around the Sibu bus terminal for stewed pork leg..next time will try at Sweet Family restaurant. Food is cheap in Sibu – maybe should consider moving back..lol.

    After your old man retires… Definitely cheaper than Bintulu. Shanghai is air-conditioned and quite expensive. I only go there once in a while…

  12. Arthur,

    One thing that I have always wondered when reading your pages is do you photograph the food first and then eat or visa versa, and if the former don’t you get real pangs of hunger as you are doing it? πŸ™‚

    That’s the thing when you dine out with bloggers… You have to wait for us to say grace first – every dish!!! Then only can you start eating. Hahahahaha!!!! Can be quite a torture if the blogger’s a pro-photographer and takes ages to take one photo! πŸ˜€

  13. RM65 ah?! In Miri, the Philippines Pork Leg itself cost RM65!! Don’t believe how cheap it is in Sibu.

    The fish is probably from Vietnam, ie, Vietnamese Pading. That is why you taste the oil. The fish is cultivated. In Miri, we have plenty of them and during cheap sale, the fillet cost RM6.50 per KG. Half of the weight would be water. But still very cheap.

    Wow! So expensive there! All the rich people in Miri mah! The “orang minyak”! LOL!!!…..I ordered “snow fish” which is usually quite expensive here…but I did not know the Chinese name and this was what we got in the end. It was the cooking oil that I tasted, not the oil of the fish!

    1. I see, “snow fish” is cod. This is expensive stuff. In Miri, it cost about RM70 per KG before cooking.

      I think it is also expensive here…but I did not find out the exact price. Had to treat my ex-student to something more special as he took me out to an expensive dinner when I was in KL… Balas budi!

  14. oh man! Philipine pork leg! man…i miss that…so long never eat already. aih, i start to miss sarawak already….

    When was the last time you came back to Sarawak?…But you’re from Miri, right? The pork leg’s much cheaper in Sibu, it seems…

    1. yea…I am from Miri. but my mom travels to Sibu quite often…so can get the pork leg easily though….hehehe…..

      Is that so? You can tag along with her sometimes…and we can meet up and I’ll treat you to the pork leg! LOL!!!

    2. owh…i haven’t been back for almost a year already…so long….

      That long? Thought you’re just in the peninsula? Shouldn’t be a problem coming home regularly?…Maybe you have other attractions over there? Wink! Wink! Hahahahahaha!

  15. you have a philippine ex-student? are there filipinos living in sarawak? also, how come u know tagalog??? wow, i’m surprised talaga!

    These are Malaysians of Filipino descent like this ex-student of mine…and the hubby of one of my ex-colleagues a Filipino too – father of another ex-student who sometimes posts comments here as well.

  16. oh man.. so much good food here. first time dropping by already been tempted by such nice food n pics!!! i’m loving this blog . btw.. i hopped in from claire’s!

    A warm welcome, Merryn… Ya, I always see you at claire’s blog… If it’s food you’re looking for, you’ll get lots of it here…so do come again. I’ll link you in my blogroll. πŸ™‚

  17. I just saw in the newspaper yesterday that Kuching got one restaurant at 2 1/2 mile serving crab for RM 13.80 per kg. Hahaha!

    These cheap crab places usually the reared crabs from Limbang/Lawas – small and the flesh not firm. We just tapaoed once from that over-rated and overcrowded restuarant here…and never again! Not nice!

  18. wah~ so nice to look at the food again. definitely better than the nyonya dinner i had at Mum’s Place just now. also cannot finish the food there. my circadian rhythm totally whacked liao, so always no appetite.

    haiya… no need to secretly go pay next time. haha. n i’ll be happy to just go for kampua dinner!

    n yeah, thx for the ride. my car in sibu is nothing like my mean machine ere in KL. the former is like a death trap whenever i drive it. hahaha.

    planning to go back next month for a fren’s wedding, but if not, will probably be back a few days after Xmas (unless my aunt in HK decides to go somewhere for Xmas and leave the apartment all to me!).

    again, THANKS for the great dinner!

    Welcome, great to see you again. Just let me know if you’re coming back again. I should be around here X’mas time. Will certainly call you if in KL…that is if you’re still around there.

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