Brothers in arms…

Well, to be exact, brothers and a sister in arms…for it turned out to be a gathering of English language teachers, one a lady, that night at the Ruby Restaurant here. I was having dinner with a few very young teachers who were doing the same overseas TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) programme that my daughter is pursuing right now in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Cheryl whom I had featured in an earlier post on choral speaking, was in the group…


A former student in Gundot’s school (and whatthefiq‘s, for that matter), she had been lucky as she was posted to one of the premier schools in Sibu. She went to Auckland, New Zealand for her overseas stint.

Also joining us for dinner that evening was Nicholas, an ex-student of mine who went to Brisbane, Australia after a couple of years in KL and is now attached to a school in Selangau (Oooo…Poomba!!! LOL!!!) and he seems to be quite happy there…


I used to scold him, “If you do not study hard and always fool around, you will end up becoming a teacher like me…and may you have lots of students exactly like you!” Good grief! My words have actually come true! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Then there was this acquaintance that I made through his blog and later on Facebook,  ah^kam_koko’, who went to Wellington, New Zealand and that is where my daughter will be going next year…


Ah…at least I can get some first-hand information to at least get mentally-prepared before my girl goes over to the Land of the Kiwis. He is teaching in Katibas, Song which I would say, is in the middle of nowhere in the jungle but kudos to him for he is very positive about it! Not a word of complaint! We certainly need more dedicated teachers like that around…unlike the many we see in our midst! Humph!!!

We had a nice dinner, great food with the lamb in mayo-lime sauce and their celebrated butter scotch prawns…

Ruby's butter scotch prawns

…midin and ladies’ fingers, fried with sambal

Ruby's fried ladies fingers with sambal

I miss the one at the Ark – that is, during the time of the previous chef. I feel it was so much nicer there…but this one was not too bad either. And we also had the Thai sauce fish fillet…

Ruby's Thai sauce fish fillet

…and sea cucumber soup. All in all for the six dishes, rice and drinks for four persons, it came up to over RM70, but as always, the boss just rounded it up…and later on, we ordered Chinese tea and that was on the house as well.

The company was great too, and we sat and talked till closing time. The poor boss of the restaurant had to sit there, waiting for us to leave. And the conversation continued outside the restaurant till almost 11. Well, I think I would just put it down to the occupational hazard of teachers – once they start talking, they do not know when to stop! ROTFLMAO!!!

Well, I had a good time…and my guess is we’d probably be doing this at on a more regular basis from now on. At least, that’s what I hope!