I was at my parents’ place as usual that morning…and I was doing some editing work at the table when I spotted some of these…

Cotton buds 1

…so I took one and started twiddling it in the outer part of my ear. Imagine my horror when I found that I only had the stick in my hand! Good grief! The tip must have fallen into my ear!!!

I quickly called the maid to have a look but she said there was nothing inside. We searched all over the floor and there too, we found nothing! Then, I called my father who was already out on his daily rounds in town by then…and he took me to his regular barber. The man saw nothing in my ear…so he just did a bit of cleaning for me and that was it!

Now, just where had that darn thing disappeared to?

Cotton buds 2

Later in the afternoon, I was thinking that perhaps I should go and see a doctor…and off I went before 4.00 pm to the specialist in town. The girl at the reception counter said that he had gone out but she would call him…so I waited…and waited…and waited. It was definitely past 4.30 when I gave up and told the girl that I had changed my mind. So, I went home, the mystery still unsolved.

I did not feel anything, no pain…no discomfort but after a session of karaoke singing the following afternoon, I thought that one ear felt different from the other ear. So, after dinner that evening, I went back to see the doctor with my missus tagging along. Once again, he wasn’t there and they had to phone him but after a not-too-long-a-wait, he came.

I told him that I was cleaning the outer ear and it fell in…

Cotton bud 3

and he retorted, “If you were cleaning the outer ear, the thing would NOT fall in!” Wait a minute…I was about to respond to that but in the end, I refrained from doing anything of the sort considering that I would be at his mercy once he started poking things in me…I mean, in my ear! LOL!!! After all, he’s the wise and learned one – he’s a doctor!

He made me sit on a special chair and used an instrument to check my other ear. I could see the image on the television screen above my head. It was nice and clean! Of course it was! And I guess that would go into my bill too, doctor?

Then he checked THE ear…and lo and behold! There was NO cotton bud inside!!! See, doctor, I wanted to say to him! I TOLD you I was cleaning the outer ear! So the cotton bud did not fall inside after all! But there were two bits of hair inside, so he remarked, “Nope! No cotton bud inside…but you succeeded in pushing some hair into your ear.”

It just crossed my mind then that normally we do not have hair in our ears the same way we have it in our nostrils though I have seen people with hair growing out of their ears…, I think. So I asked the doctor, “Where did the hair come from?” And indicating with his instrument, he said, “Here!!!” Β I could see on the television screen that he was pointing it at the hair on my head. Hah!!! I didn’t say anything more after that! After all, he’s the wise and learned one – he’s a doctor! Hahahahahaha!!! I made no mention whatsoever that I had been to see a barber who could have got the bits of hair into my ear. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him! LOL!!!

Then he took another instrument and started sucking everything out of my ear – the hair and God knows what else. The noise sounded like I was having liposuction at that point in time, but unfortunately, no! Sigh! I could have been slimmer after that! Hahahahaha!!! And that was it!

So, there was NO cotton bud in my ear and for that peace of mind, I had to fork out RM30. In fact, I thought that was pretty cheap…as I heard that specialists would usually charge no less than RM50 for consultation fee alone before cashing in on everything else! Perhaps, I was given some special concession as he and my missus were both in the same field. Whatever it is, thanks, doc! Now at least, I can be sure that there’s no cotton bud in my ear.

But the mystery remains… Now, just where has that darn cotton bud disappeared to?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Dangerous…”

  1. First again today! :p

    Ya…I went over to yours, typed the comment and clicked…and nothing happened! Clicked again…still nothing happened! @#$%&*!!!! Wasted my time only!

  2. OMG! You thought the bud has gotten into your ears? But thank goodness nothing happened bro. It is really dangerous. 😦

    Too bad you had to fork out some money for your piece of mind aye. :p

    Nope! I did not give the doctor or anybody a piece of my mind…but now that I know that the bud’s not in my ear, I certainly have some peace of mind. πŸ˜€

  3. Hmm…it’s been a while since I last “clean” my ears with these stuff!. Anyway have a nice day. Good morning. πŸ™‚

    Not supposed to! The old-school barbers will do that…but these days, I go to (expensive) hair salons and they do not provide that special kind of service…

  4. Good morning, sir… LOL!! liposuction on the ear… but better be safe since you still have no idea where the cotton bud is.. nowadays the cotton bud’s quality also not that good, tend to fall off easily if use too hard!!

    Morning, Dude! Especially the cheap ones…and they’re not even soft and soothing to use! Sometimes it pays to pay…more!

  5. Must have landed somewhere. The flexible stick makes the cotton bud a good projectile…….swooosh…..there it goes! ha ha ha!

    You’ve been playing with catapults a lot with your kids, eh? πŸ˜€

  6. Have you eaten the cotton bud subconsciously? :p Hahahaha!!! Or…it dropped into your ear and down your throat, into your stomach…? LOL!!!

    Could have fallen onto the floor and rolled/being blown into dark corners that you overlooked lah. Even doctor’s canggih instrument also found nothing.

    Are they all inter-connected? Ears, nose, throat? I think the nose and the throat are…dunno about the ears! The old folks would say it has been hidden by “kui” (ghost) so we cannot see it! LOL!!! Same reason why some accidents happen – a car appearing out of nowhere – we don’t see at first…

    1. And why would kui want to hide cotton buds is beyond me…Hahahahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

      The car appearing out of nowhere wan is easy, the car is there all the time, we don’t see it because the car is in our blind spot. Hehehe!

      Hahahahaha!!! Old wives’ tales mah!!! Maybe the kui also wanna clean the ears? πŸ˜€

  7. By the way, first picture very nice effect. Like coral reefs…I like!

    Hehehehehe!!! I took close-up so that it would not be so obvious they’re cotton buds… Ok lah…but with digicam, got limitations also.

  8. The things I’ve seen up people’s orifices…nuff said.

    I’ve read some stuff about such things. What have you seen so far? Anybody with a bottle up his you-know-what-hole? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Mestery unsolved. May need to open a X-file for that. Hehe. Glad that it is not inside your ear. RM30 is really cheap for a specialist. I went once to a specialist to check my arm and it cost me RM90 with a few pain killers! Duh!

    I think those are the normal specialist charged. My missus did call his wife (colleagues, also in the same field) earlier to confirm his opening hours and told her what happened… She must have told him, but we did not say anything about all these or ask for it. He doesn’t know my missus personally. However, he was kind enough to give me special discounts on his fees on his own accord. Nice doc!!!

  10. your ear wax is toxic that it dissolved the bud? ROTFLMAO

    That’s why you’re not a doctor!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Probably went out the other ear.

    Ooi! I’m not one of your students lah! Everything you say goes in one ear and out the other ear! πŸ˜€

    P.S. Are you in Sibu yet? Call me!

  12. I was crowned as an airport-anxious person by my consultant recently – I queue up to board even when seat has been assigned, when the plane landed and came to a complete stop (or even before), I stood up, I have to go to airport as early as two hours ahead when only one hour is required! Now I know there is someone worse than me – there is an ear-anxious person out there and even willing to pay a price!

    Two hours? I beat you hands down! I would go SO very early to the airport. Don’t mind waiting there – just read or listen to the radio on my hp or browse around the shops or eat….as long as I’m there early to check in and then loiter around.

  13. rm30 is cheap for the specialist to do the “vaccuming” for u.. last time i was charged 70rm and that was a few years ago.. but 30rm can buy a lot of cotton buds.. hahaa…
    this is really a mystery.. mystery of a disappearing bud… remains unsolved!

    You went for vacuum too? What did you put in your ear? Hahahahaha!!! Well, as long as it’s not in my ear, never mind! That’s most important.

    1. i didnt put anything in my ear..not like u.. dig dig..dug.. hahaa.. mine was more serious.. i cannot hear on one side.. macam old ppl.. so i got scared.. went there to do some spring cleaning on the ear…. and he sucked out something.. (do u want me to describe the yucky details?) after that..hearing was back to perfect….hahhaa…

      Eyew…you never cleaned your ears so got blocked, izzit? Hahahahahaha!!! Well, at least you can hear well after forking out the money!

  14. Have you called Inspector Gadget to follow-up the case? hehehe… πŸ˜‰ Anyway, glad that the cotton bud is not inside your ear! πŸ™‚

    Ya…me too! What a relief!

  15. first picture look like a “flower”!! I thought you’re going to blog about some “dangerous flower”!!! hahahahhahahah

    Hmmmm…maybe that cotton bud u take, the tip already fallen, sometime when i use cotton bud, i notice some of the cotton bud only got the stick, or the tip very thin, hardly can see any cotton there.

    But good to hear that, there is nothing “extra” in your ear. πŸ˜€ eh, the specialist charge very cheap lei!! Maybe next round when i go back should get my ear vacumn!! hahahahahhahahahahha

    You’re not in the same medical field so you do not enjoy such privileges. But you’re so rich…must charge more! Hehehehehehe!!!

  16. While you are spinning it in your ear, the bud detached itself and drop on your shoulder as you took it out. If you have a shirt on, it could have dropped between the collar and neck and got itself stuck somewhere… Otherwise, it must have stuck somewhere on your body or clothing.

    Anyway, I am sure it doesn’t matter anymore as it is not in your ear.

    Yalor…never mind where it is now, as long as it’s not in my ear.

  17. Oh, forgot to mention. I think the specialist thought that he has a joker wanting to donate some money! So, never mind lah, charge a token amount to ‘exercise” his equipment. So, RM30 for “peace of mind” is quite expensive especially it actually only involves shining some light but since he has high tech stuff, why not use it to impress you.
    You are lucky that he didn’t prescribe you with antibiotic!

    I know of a lot of malpractices going on…but this one’s ok. My brother-in-law had a fish bone stuck in his throat, also went to see him and he got it out very quickly. Dunno how much he charged, will ask him when I meet him. See any difference between ordinary people and people in the same medical field or not.

    1. I will write a blog about doctors later when I am in the right mood. At the moment, I am still a little upset about what they did to my friend and wife. Writing something when I am upset is not a good idea as I may say discouraging/damaging things! See, I am going to have 3 doctors daughter myself. So, saying the right thing is important all the time.

      I’ve had my share of errant doctors…but I will not go into that to be fair to the good ones. Like teachers, there are some very dedicated doctors who will feel demoralised when people hurl insults at doctors in general. I know when it comes to teachers, there are many of those around and even though people are actually pinpointing at them, the rest will also feel it.

      I always tell my daughter – getting the degree is just the beginning. It’s just a piece of paper. Whether one will be good and shine in one’s profession very much depends on the individual – the attitude, the willingness to learn, develop…and grow professionally. Sadly, MOST of them do not measure up in this aspect. To them, it’s just a job and the salary at the end of the month and waiting for retirement and I dread to think of the damage that they do in the meantime.

  18. Ask David Blaine, he knows where it is! LOL!

    True to your name…Monkey! Hey, you’re in Sibu, right? There’s an invitation to dinner for bloggers Oct 26th. You wanna attend? Send clare an sms to ask for my hp number…and get in touch with me so I can give you the details.

  19. I had my ear clogged years ago when the cotton tip fell into my ear. And it took the doctor 30 seconds to take it out, I tried for 1 hour ++. No doubt that they’re the wise and learned one.
    And 1 more thing, don’t buy cheap cheap cotton buds…

    You too? Was it painful with the cotton bud inside? How much did you have to pay? Or did you go to the hospital?

    1. Hahaha…Of course not painful lar. It’s COTTON man. Forgot how much was the fee already, cox my dad paid it. Private clinic at Sibu.

      Ok… Best thing in the world – daddy pays! Hehehehehehe!!!

  20. Wuahahaha… u really made me laughed so loudly… by your description… Yes, this type of cotton buds, I never ever try to dry my children’s ears..
    ‘coz LOL Doctors r ppl who spent at least 7 years in studying n training b4 they r ready in the clinic…
    Next time, u better use your own rolled cotton bud than bought type! So dangerous indeed!!!
    A good visit to the doc, rite??? hahahaha….

    Glad you enjoyed the post!!! If you noticed, it’s categorised under “Humour”. I’m going to take the doc’s advice. He said, “Don’t clean your ears again!” Hahahahahaha!!! I can imagine the state my ears will be in after some time…

  21. Ear drums are very delicate part! I supposed u won’t dare to use cotton buds to clean again. Maybe for outer parts but the inner ears,can try ear candling treatment,not sure if they have that in Sibu or can get something from the chemist,like eardrops for cleaning them.

    Candling? I’ve seen that at some massage/reflexology places… Eeeee…I imagine them pouring hot melted wax into one’s ears!!! No, thank you! I’m not into that kind of stuff! Hahahahahaha!!!

  22. Perhaps the good doctor knows that you are a blogger. If he charged u more, you’ll spread the news to the entire blogsphere…LOL! Anyway, am glad you’re okay. πŸ˜€

    No lah…I dunno him and he doesn’t know me – just our wives, they know each other! Ya, I’m glad too… Already toothless, can’t have me going deaf too! LOL!!!

  23. Most probably will appear in your washing machine tomorrow!!!!

    No more lah! Happened a few days ago (Monday)…and no sign of the cotton bud!

  24. I have to agree with TheOtherCousin here…. It kinda sounds logical… hahaha… or did the cotton bud couldn’t take it anymore and jumped off the stick to get away from your sticky ear??? hahahaha

    Wise men think alike, fools seldom differ! Looks like you’ve been watching too many cartoons! LOL!!!

  25. i no gf lar…my khaima knew y…*i owes mix up with senior citizen tat y i stil single* LOL
    go bk frequently as i boring working here liao so go bk tk rest n enjoy sumore eat wild animalsssssssss…yuuuummmmmmyyyyyy…

    i tink it drop to ur other hole… πŸ˜›

    Chesh!!! You wait…later I push it up your hole, then you know! Hahahahaha!!! Your somebody knows me? Gosh…what a small world! I’ve yet to send you an email – old man, forgot lah! Later, I send one to you! Hahahahahaha!

  26. geeeeeeezzzz.. wonder where it went….
    “I thought that one ear felt different from the other ear.”.. paranoia? πŸ˜› anyways.. glad it’s nothing serious.. you still can hear right????? no aid needed? πŸ˜€

    Guess it was all in the mind! Psychological! Yup, my hearing’s absolutely ok, no problem with that! You think this old man is going deaf, is it? LOL!!!

  27. I guess when we really think something’s wrong, even if it’s not, we’ll start seeing/feeling things that aren’t there.

    It’s like water that gets stuck inside your ear, annoying and when you try to forc e it ouyt ala headbangers, nothings happens (sometimes).

    But if you just lie down at night on your side, the body heated liquid will leak out, just like pee! Lulz

    LOL!!! Like they say, it’s all in the head/mind! Btw, haven’t seen you around for a long time. How have you been? Finished your studies? Working? Still in KL? Do drop by again, eh!

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