Well, actually this is not about Sam nor Samantha…but laksam. According to the lady at my regular kuih-muih stall at Bandong, this is another delicacy from the east coast state of Kelantan. The white noodle-like rolls were homemade – I think they were supposed to be something like chee cheong fan but these were not so fine and the texture was something like our local kway teow (flat rice noodles)…

Laksam 1

It came with thinly-sliced cucumber and chopped Chinese celery as well as its special gravy plus its special chilli sauce…

Laksam 2

You mix all that together…

Laksam 3

…and eat. My first reaction was: “Wow! Nice!!!” I really do not know how to describe the unique taste but I think there is minced fish and grated coconut in the gravy – slightly sourish with the nice fragrance of I don’t-know-what…maybe bunga kantan (torch ginger flower) or serai (lemon grass) or whatever leaf. All in all, it certainly was a winning combination and I liked it a lot! At only RM2.50 a packet, you can be pretty sure that I would be buying it again, should I happen to see any on sale at the stall.

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22 thoughts on “Sam…”

  1. Chee Cheong fun? I love to eat them. :p But these…looks rather different from what I had. :p

    Whoever said they’re chee cheong fun? There! Never bother to read carefully – just skim and scan and comment. I hope your students are not like you…

  2. hey Tekkaus!!! u never sleep one ah???

    yoh..STP, tot i will be first today.. just now when i checked in at 6.45am, u havent post this yet otherwise i be FC… (next time u post this at 6am, can?) see Tekkaus can beat me to it or not.. hahhahhaha…

    ok, back to topic, hello sam, goodbye samantha… i haven’t tasted this before, so the east and the west malay food are sort of different, heh.. I must ask my malay colleagues where they sell this laksam here in ipoh.. i only heard of the laksam in indian stalls, their laksam is soup type, sourish and good for confinement ladies.. hahaa.. different type of laksam or lasam..

    I usually get up at 6 something…and publish my post around that time, and then go over to Facebook to post the link there. It seems Tekkaus is always lurking around there at the time – before leaving for work. Btw, it’s Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha! Old Cliff Richard’s song! LOL!!!

    Well, clare has responded in her comment, so what you have in the Indian shops is definitely not laksam. Gee! How little we know of one another – and you over there are very much nearer to the East Coast states than us all the way over here. Bet you know even less of Sarawak! How to have 1Malaysia like that? Must fly over and visit Sarawak and Sabah soon on a study tour… LOL!!!

    1. Hey, claire, the soup in Indian stalls is called RASSAM – sourish and spicy (as in, a lot of spices). I had that in Ipoh a few years ago and I like it. You can check out the post here:

      Wow! You seem to have tried a lot of Malaysian delicacies! Good for you! Very adventurous! Some people would not touch anything they’re not familiar with and end up going hungry when they go travelling or on holiday!

      1. Oh yes! I have this “Die die also must try at least once in this lifetime” principle. πŸ˜€ Otherwise, when people asked you if you have been to a certain place, “So have you tried their infamous [insert signature dish]?”, you shake your head and that’s the end of conversation because you are presumed as a boring person.

        Not only they make good topics for conversations but you can bet that you won’t be dying to go back to some (God-forsaken) places anymore, like Kelantan, Kedah, Perlis, etc. At least you can tell your grandkids that you have been there and tasted the authentic thing, dead or alive (Haha!) πŸ˜›

        I couldn’t agree more with you that some people have this “Die die also don’t want to try, at least not in this lifetime” principle and therefore stay in their comfort food zone and die of hunger when going to places which only have food not familiar to them or their taste buds.

        Ya…good for you! I would try too…but I draw the line at certain things like when they were drawing blood from snakes in Thailand, mixing it with wine…and selling to people to drink at around RM10 a glass (at that time when I went). No, thank you very much! Hahahahaha!!!

    2. that is why i said 1Malaysia cannot be achieved.. too late la.. me old hag, cannot study anymore la.. ..
      btw, thanks Clare for clarifying the difference of laksam and rassam.. it rhymes.. πŸ˜›

      I’m not a fan of anything Indian that’s soupy like their sup kambing – always very oily and they put all those spices, so that puts me off.

  3. I used to search into the net and I found your blog wonderful so I started to learn something 2day..

    I hope I m not asking questions beyond your writing. How to upload pictures and to get link to you? plse help.

    Moreover, each of your writings mostly on food just made me saliva LOL.. hahahaha..

    To link, click the “add link” icon on the left, type the url and click the relevant details e.g. friend and click “add”. To upload photos, you can click HELP and read from there. Not easy – trial and error. If you go into my archives, you will find that I did not have photos in my early posts until much later – that was during the learning stage. Btw, welcome…and do drop by again…

    1. TQ 4D tips n I ve urs in my web blog already. I hope to improve in writing and many things. Btw, you are most welcome to my blog too.. hahaha..

      Well, slow and steady…and you’ll get it all soon enough. My first month, I only had TWO posts – struggled like hell. Old man, very slow in learning new things. Hahahahahaha!

  4. i’d be hitting the bandong stalls when i come back end of the year!

    but i cant stand too much chillis tho. lol

    Have a glass of milk ready! Once you’re done, drink that and it will remove the chilli hot sensation in your mouth. Won’t be long now…..

  5. YESSSSSSSS!!! LAKSAM!!! I am so going to have it end of the month!!! I miss laksam so much! The first and last time I had it was when I was in Kelantan and fell instantly in love at first taste πŸ˜› (Oh ya! I think I blogged about this in one of my post about different laksa of different states in Malaysia) Tapao and keep for me, I scared tak sempat to grab the laksam! Thank you!

    Must remember to go over a few days before you come to place the orders/reserve. How many bungkus laksam you want? Nasi kerabu too? Hahahahahaha…..

  6. Wah! can see so many “new food” in your blog. Laksam? hahahha never see or heard before. Hmmm…..i don’t know why i dare not to try something like this, like the yellow gravy or green gravy or what-so-ever. πŸ˜›

    1Malaysia…must know one another’s cultures!…It’s the shade of kurma as in beef/mutton/chicken kurma – sort of greyish. Well, it certainly isn’t colourful but looks better than Penang assam laksa anytime – the appearance, i.e. and I actually think it tastes nicer too.

  7. i had that when i was in west msia. not bad…..taste good. at least now we have plenty of choice in sibu when it comes to food from other states. we all should give it a try.

    They did not have any this morning. If I see any, I’ll get a packet or two for you…

  8. Wah Wah, your pictures taking skill is getting better and better already… soon you will be one celebrity blogger cum celebrity food photographer cum cyber english teacher cum food connosieur cum food critic cum prolific blogger cum my good friend……

    Wadek! Wadek! Wadek! Pandai u angkat kawan hor!!! Tripod stand! Hahahahahaha!!!! Where got better? Just take like last time but last time I used hp camera. Sometimes, with better equipment, sure lah…a lot better! True or not? But must have skill in using also, of course! Otherwise, better equipment also no use! Hahahahahahaha!!!! True or not, my good friend?

  9. OMG, that little stall in Bandong is really got many things to offer. Should drop by someday to get some good food from it.

    So long already and you’ve yet to drop by. Thought you go to work up Brooke Drive – can detour to Bandong. They open very early to cater to those going home from their morning prayers at the surau nearby! Say STP asks you to go there… LOL!!!

    1. Yaloh. paiseh to tell that still going to the stall but not yet reach. Hehe. Nope. I go to work away from Brooke Drive.

      I went again this morning at 8 something. Most things sold out but I had reserved some laksam to give a treat to a friend. He also likes it very much!

  10. seldom eat bread n noodles oso…those ppl kiasu n kiasi seem educated but most of it from outlook only…
    good mer tat plc restaurant as mayb i forgot d taste liao as i knew it quite unsatisfying…tat plc xpensive kar i duno as my foochow best drinker fren r very rich n his father in law r sibu big taikor… πŸ˜‰
    d laksam seem nice n tis type of food seem sour den nice to eat…

    Hah? You like sour things kah? Like pregnant woman? Hahahahahaha!!!! So when are you coming to visit your Foochow best drinker friend again?

  11. Hello, I am Mr. Laksam….how do you do?…….he he he…..if Mat Selleh come across Sam….sure confused! ha ha ha! Laksam, the spicier the better the taste!

    This one’s quite spicy…!!! But not as bad as the nasi kerabu the other day! LOL!!!

  12. hmmm.. i’m gonna have to get my bf to let me try that if i ever go to his hometown.. LOL!!

    You mean you haven’t gone home with him to Kelantan yet? Haven’t met his family? Aiyor….!!! What if he already has a wife or wives stacked up at home… Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. LOL.. i’ve never been to his hometown.. Met his family in KL once in awhile.. but he has stayed in kch for 3 weeks… and he’s going back there again next week.. but this time.. for work.. (without me)!!!! besides.. it has only been 1 and half years together.. marriage is FARRRRR farrrr away for me.. πŸ˜€

      Good grief! One and half years!!! I met my missus and in a few months, we got engaged…and married by the end of the year! LOL!!!

  13. wow, different style of chee cheong fun. Next time i must try CCF with foie gras and caviar and name it after myself!

    Ya…I wonder what name you will call it! If you promote it yourself, I bet it will be a hit!!! LOL!!!

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