Help is on the way…

Those of you who are going to sit for the SPM Examination this year or next, or if your children are currently in Form 4 or Form 5, may be interested that a local daily has commenced publishing my articles in its weekly supplement (every Wednesday)…

Good English 1

I do not know whether it will be on the same page every week but last Wednesday, the article – the first in a series of eight, was featured on the first page inside…

Good English 2

The articles highlight things that a candidate should or should not do when sitting for the English Language 1119 papers (written) in the aforementioned examination so that they will score more marks and on the other hand, will not lose marks unnecessarily. Hopefully, some may find them useful and what I have written can help them when they sit for the examination.

Now, these have nothing to do with the above. It’s just that I’ve been playing around with the digicam that I have inherited from my daughter and it so happened that I went around taking some photographs the other day and I am including them here to fill up the space in this short post! LOL!!!

STP photo 1

STP photo 2

Hibiscus hybrid

Have a great week ahead, everybody!