On your own…

I used to hang out with some Malay friends in the mid-70s in Kuching and I learnt how to cook this corned beef-potato soup from one of them…

STP's corned beef potato soup

You just open a can of corned beef, peel and cut some potatoes into thin strips, slice one Bombay onion and throw everything into a pot and bring it to boil. Add half a teaspoon of msg…and that’s it!

It would be nicer if you simmer it a little longer until the soup is slightly thicker from the potatoes and the flavour of the corned beef has gone into it. Be forewarned, however, that though you may have a very tasty soup to savour, the boiling would have rendered the corned beef quite bland and tasteless. So if you love corned beef for its taste, perhaps you should just stick to frying it…

Another very easy thing to cook is this pork dish. My mother used to cook it and simple though it may be, we all loved it a lot. You can imagine me stealing a slice again and again in between meals and when it was time for dinner, most of it would have disappeared! LOL!!!

To cook it, you just boil a slab of pork in water (enough to cover the meat) and simmer until you get a rich stock (you would probably half of the original amount left). Pour the stock into another saucepan…and add one teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of msg to the pork. Cover the pot and shake vigorously. Let it stand for sometime before cutting and serving…

STP's boiled pork

You can use the stock to cook any soup you like but the easiest would be to dilute it with water and bring it back to boil. Add salt and msg according to taste…and sprinkle some fried onions or chopped spring onions and serve. You will get a delicious plain soup that is a lot nicer than the ones they give you when you go and eat your kampua noodles.

So there you have it, folks – two very simple recipes that you can try on your own. It’s really so very easy…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “On your own…”

  1. Use the belly part, not too fat though. fry with local kiam chai. Put kicap. Yummy!!

    That’s where the meat is nicest…but it’s a bit too fat. Ya…we do cook it that way, but that’s a different recipe altogether. Nice with plain porridge!

  2. Ahh eat the pork with sambal belacan…best!!

    Even if you just boil it, it will be nice with sambal belacan. Mel loves it with black pepper sauce or smoked BBQ sauce. But when you add a bit of salt and msg, you can just eat it like that… Nice enough as it is.

  3. Never try corn beef cooked in soup before. But corn beef fried with beehoon very nice. Ya, I also boiled the pork same way n I like using belly pork,if dip with the foochow shrimp sauce, ‘pangee’ very nice too.

    Ya…or light soy sauce (chio cheng) with sliced chillies. Well, you can try with the corned beef – best taken hot on cold days! LOL!!!

  4. Welcome back. How much the regulator cost you? Many kampua stalls are using those boiled meat now. Not easy to find those roasted type.
    Have a nice weekend. Happy Mooncake Festival!

    RM85, all inclusive. They came to the house to detach everything and took away the CPU…and when all ok, they sent back the CPU and attached everything and tested… Sigh!!! No money coming in and money keeps going out! So kesian! LOL!!! Ya…I will have a post on mooncakes tomorrow…

  5. Corned beef-potato soup? My first time heard of it. I know Japanese and Korean likes to eat Beef a lot right? Too bad! I cannot take beef! :p

    Looks like you haven’t heard of a lot of things. Why can;t you take beef? You’re not Hindu, that’s for sure…so I guess you must be Buddhist then. I take everything! LOL!!!

  6. I think I have to try it – corned beef potato soup. Also I haven’t cooked pork in that manner for a long time! You are giving me ideas now! Thanks.

    These are easy recipes…for lazy people like me! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. Corned beef potatoes soup??? New idea wor! I never know corned beef can cook soup. Now you remind me, how long i never had corned beef!!

    That pork dish, my mil will do it the other way round. She will put that slab of pork inside the pot of soup, boil a while and slice it and dip the meat with soya sauce, it will bring extra taste to that pot of soup.

    Last time, Great Wall corned beef – made in China – so cheap! Now not edible… I usually buy Linkz which is cheaper than others and tastes good. I can’t use your MIL method as I need the hot pot to “heep” the meat for a while after I’ve added salt and msg and shaken the pot vigorously. That’s why I pour out the stock and cook the soup separately…

  8. wow! look so nice! can you cook the soup now? hehe…

    Of course…anytime! You can try it too. It’s so very easy and tastes a lot better than…say…the French onion soup I had when I was in Penang.

  9. when I read the beginning, “hanging out with malay frens in the 70s” … and then i scrolled down and saw a slab of pork.. yo….i was thinking, “hey, what was this stp trying to say, man……” that took my attention back to the very beginning.. must read carefully… how come both of these get connected!

    hahhaa… so they are part of your recipes sharing la… phew…
    about that slab of PORK, yes, my mum does that too… i did my part by taking piece by piece and dipping into the soy sauce with cilipadi…BEST LA!

    Hahahahahaha!!! That’s the danger when you just skim and scan and do not read carefully!!! In the end, you get all confused! You’re still in KL? What’s up? Discussing the dowry??? Hahahahaaha!!!!

    1. me always like that one.. first..read beginning..then must see pictures.. then only read the whole part.. .hahaha…. hope my girl doesnt follow my style.. that is why i didnt manage to go upper level of education… 😦 wrong style of studying!

      I certainly hope your daughter’s not like you. Many good students get their answers wrong…not because they do not know but they never bother to read carefully. Think they are too clever liao…

  10. The other day I just had the plain boiled pork belly with cincaluk as dip. So nice!

    You can slice the meat, mix with cincaluk (and msg) and ginger….and steam! Yummy!!!! I posted on this long ago…

    1. Hve tried yr belly pork cincaluk recipe many times. Very Very nice indeed!

      Of course! If not nice, I would have kept very very quiet… Wouldn’t go and post in my blog! Hahahaahaha!

  11. I love corned beef + cucumber soup. =)
    I love that hassle-free pork recipe too. No need fancy-schmancy stuff and it taste great every time. Hehe…

    Cucumber? Never tried that…but generally, I do not like cucumber cooked. Prefer it raw – ulam!

  12. I’d rather not have anything canned!

    The babi sounds very simple!
    But must be fresh one right?
    Or it will taste porky…

    Why not? I’ve been eating canned food since God knows when – especially when I was teaching in outstation schools (no fresh food, no fridge to keep fresh supplies). If there’s any danger, I would have been dead long ago. Here, the pork is always fresh – slaughtered and sold on the day itself (and not every day) – no smell!

    P.S. You’re not coming to Sibu this weekend for the 1st Borneo Lantern Festival? See my post tomorrow…

  13. I’m still trying to convince Alex that eating canned food now and then is not only convenient, but quite yummy too. In particular corned beef and sardines. I’m going to try that corned beef soup one of these days. Not too sure if I’ll try cooking pork that way though, since the smell might put us all off. Unless I have sambal belacan ready, to mask the smell.

    According to my brother, buy the pork from Chinese butchers/abattiors – they have in Auckland – no smell! Don’t we eat a lot of stuff in tins – sweet corn for sweet corn soup, Amoy soy clams for fried mihun, satay sauce, button mushrooms (of course, you get the fresh ones there) etc etc etc…. Anyway, we do not eat every day.

  14. This is sure superfast to prepare. Can taste the natural meat flavour this way! Thks
    For the corned beef, very likely I will stick to frying…..maybe with eggs! Yum yum!

    Corned beef, we usually fry with sliced Bombay onions and potatoes peeled and cut into cubes (boil first to cook, so no need to fry too long)…or use to fry mihun, never with eggs – not me, that is! Yes, you can try these two dishes – nice and easy!

  15. im fatter den u how can u feed me again worr?

    btw i don eat beef but it seem nice…i been to sibu attend fren wedding few years bk but nvr being brought eat…only wooden shop selling tempiangwu…nite time eat at market…

    btw u cum kch let me noe as since april i every mth went bk n planning on 17 goin bk again…haha…

    *craving to eat snake meat,lizard,bat,terrapin* haha

    Where got wooden shop? And martket? Aiyor…you come to Sibu again lah! I’ll bring you to much nicer places to eat. You wanna eat those creepy things, have to drive to Selangau, about 1-2 hours away. They say lots there…but eeee….no, thank you! I can just watch you eat! LOL!!!

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