Before you go…

It was on Thursday evening last week – the night before my daughter was to go back to Sungai Petani that we went back to the Ruby Restaurant again. For the dinner on her first night home, we forgot to order the steamed black pomfret (ikan bawal hitam) with the yummy sambalgravy over it, so I thought we would go back there just for the fish.

Unfortunately, they did not have any fresh supply of that particular fish that night and had to substitute it with another type of fish…

Ruby's steamed fish with sambal

…but that was a mistake. The fish was bland and did not go well with thesambal which I thought, was a bit too salty that night. It was such a disappointment but what to do? My daughter will just have to wait till she comes home in November for the year-end holidays to get to sample that dish that I love so much.

The honey spare ribs were very nice though…

Ruby's honey spare ribs

The meat was tender enough for me to manage, toothless…and I could taste the rich honey in the sauce. This is certainly a dish worth having if you do not have an aversion for honey – I know some people just can’t stand the stuff.

We also ordered midin (local wild jungle fern) as she had not had it since she came back and they do not have it over there in the peninsula…

Ruby's fried midin

…and we had the tofu soup – Foochow style…

Ruby's tofu soup - Foochow style

…which was nice but I felt it was not very authentic. It is tofu cooked with ginger, canned oysters and minced meat in slightly cornstarch-thickened soup…and I would think they do it better at the Hai Bing Restaurant where we used to go for the crabs.

I had the special blended kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) that night. I do not think I have ever posted my own photo of it and in my earlier post on coffee, I even had to steal it from Clare. Well, I took one of the celebrated drink that night…

Ruby's blended kopi-o-peng

Without the straw, it certainly looks like a glass of Guiness stout, doesn’t it?

All in all, the bill that night came up to RM55.20, inclusive of rice and drinks for three persons…but the boss kindly rounded it up to RM50.00. Now, that was more like it…after all the free promotions on my blog! I scratch your back, you scratch mine! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Before you go…”

  1. Eh? No free meal? Hahahaha!!! Yeah, the boss rounded up our bill too the previous time we went after I mentioned your name 😛 Oooohhh…!!! Now I’m craving for the butter scotch prawn…Thinking of going to Sarawak Club for lunch for the buttered prawn *drool drool*

    No lah…once only, free!…Well, you can go back there for your butter scotch prawns when you come back end of the month!!! Drool!!! LOL!!!

  2. I am so craving for the midin now! It’s all your fault. It’s not easy to get it here…

    Come, come! Everyone can fly! KL so easy – take a direct flight! And book earlier – can be real cheap!

  3. Tonite I am going to steam organic silken tofu with a plain chinese sauce n tomoro fry ‘Pad Thai’. Lately have been pinching a few food ideas from your blog. 🙂 Don’t think you can get food any cheaper than Sibu with the quality thrown in. So finally you see your rewards for singing praises of Ruby eh! I can bet you are cooking Poomba tonite?! Hope to see some photos posted!

    I’ve posted two no-hassle easy-to-cook recipes today that you may want to try. I’ll be cooking my poomba tomorrow – Saturday, more time to cook and simmer slowly so the meat will be more tender and the soup tastier…

  4. good morning stp, baru boleh masuk into your blog this morning.. must be the earthquake tremor i felt yesterday that caused the bad connection. I still cannot log in to blogger as yet and even yahoo emails have some problem. Nothing like home sweet home….
    Back to your post, yes, i think some ingredients are not suitable for other fish… the fish displayed might be best steamed with blended ginger or some taufoo or tomatoes.. black pomfret goes well with sambal, yes..
    never mind.. november is just around the corner… time flies, u know..!

    Yeah…my connection (Celcom) was so poor that night I just gave up and logged out and then I found that I could not surf in my mobile (Digi) until the following morning. Ya…I know that way of steaming fish – Teochew style with some salted veg some more. They do it very well at Ruby…but the fish that nite was not sweet – frozen too long, I think and even a bit “loko” (hard/tough). Such a disappointment. Ya…it’s October already!!! So fast!

  5. What happen to your computer? Kena virus? The guiness stout looks good to me. Next time I must try it since it is not once but twice already. Hehe. Just tell them the one STP like, they will know right? 🙂
    My mum can’t take honey, so I will have no chance to try that.

    Well, it’s ok now…something wrong with the power “regulator” – they’ve replaced that part in the CPU now so I hope everything will be ok from now on… Ya…You just tell them A***** Wee”s blended kopi-o-peng kau kau…and the boss or the lady boss will know right away!

  6. How come you always eat out with your daughter? LOL 😀

    As if you guys wanna fatten her up! :p

    Obviously you haven’t been reading my previous posts carefully. I’m not going to explain all over again and end up sounding like an old broken-down record! Just can’t wait till she gets out of the God-forsaken place in November…and hopefully, things will be much better when she goes to Wellington next year!

  7. I miss Ruby…didn’t get a chance to eat there during my last trip back coz my parents prefered other restaurants and I had to attend a wedding and meetup with friends. This is making me hungry, haven’t had anything since lunch.

    eiling: You must go, Sibu is a great place and STP will bring you to Ruby! Haha! Tell me when you wanna go so I can tag along and eat on STP’s bill. 😉

  8. Huai Bin: Aiyor! You don’t have to tag along with eiling. Just give me a tinkle anytime you’re home and l’ll gladly take you there and eat to your heart’s content, my treat! Booze, you pay your own! LOL!

  9. nice food as usual, but i bet u must miss ur daughter a lot…

    Not really, getting quite used to it – going out alone and besides, we talk on the phone more or less at least once a day and send smses all the time…

  10. how to owes cum ur blog as make me hungry only…

    wrong timing visit now as i reli hungry n whole day havent eat… :O

    Aiyor…so kesian you in Singapore, nel! So many nice things to eat there!!! You come to Sibu lah…then I’ll feed you till you become tua pui like me! Hahahahahaha!

  11. omg….the fish looks so fresh and delicious…hungry now ler!

    Hah! Appearances can be deceptive! Not everything that looks good is nice! Like me lah – big fat and ugly…and old, but I’ve a heart of gold! Hehehehehehe!!!!

    Btw, welcome, vialentino… I’ve seen you a lot in other blogs. Will link you in my blogroll and do come again!

  12. Oh! Ruby Restaurant again, i just told my mum, next round when i’m back i want to eat at RUBY!!!! hahahahhahahhaha

    Did the boss at Ruby know you got a blog and free advertise for him?? I’m sure he will be very happy and will give you special treatment every time when you dine there. 🙂

    That midin cook with chinese red wine??? YUMMY!!!

    Yes, when I brought clare (kampua talk) there, she had a post of it and someone in the Star stole and published it. The Ruby boss was so pleased… He said his business improved after we and other bloggers posted on his restaurant and the food. Let me know when you are coming back and I’ll treat you to dinner there.

  13. RM55, very cheap leh! The servings look quite generous!
    One Guiness stout please!…..Yam Seng!
    Have a nice weekend STP! Cheers!

    Ya…and discounted to RM50. Thought that was ok – fish is expensive here! You too, have a nice weekend!

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