Tie a yellow ribbon…

My daughter loves Japanese food, so everytime she comes home, this is one place that we will definitely have to go to…

Sushi Tie 1

…except that it is not pronounced “tie” as in “necktie” but actually, it rhymes with “dear” being the Chinese surname of the proprietor of the place. Others have tried but if I’m not mistaken, all have failed and have closed down. This is the only Japanese restaurant that is thriving pretty well, it seems, here in Sibu with its original restaurant at the Fortune Commercial Centre (opposite Uncle Dom, behind the Rejang Medical Centre) and a branch at Wisma Sanyan, plus an outlet at the Sing Kwong Commercial Complex in Salim.

That day, when we went, there were some yellow ribbons and green ones too and ketupat shells – the decorations for the Hari Raya festival…

Sushi Tie 2

This guy is the sushi chef at the place…and there’s no way of telling whether he’s Foochow or Japanese. LOL!!!

Sushi Tie 3

My daughter had the unagi don (RM11.50) – braised eel with rice, that is…

Sushi Tie's tempura udon

…and the maki set (RM16.20)…

Sushi Tie's maki set 1

…which comprised a couple of these…

Sushi Tie's maki set 2

…and these…

Sushi Tie's maki set 3

…and these…

Sushi Tie's maki set 4

…and these…

Sushi Tie's maki set 5

I ordered the tempura udon (RM12.60) and got these noodles…

Sushi Tie's tempura udon 1

…and two prawn fritters or tempura prawns as they are called…

Sushi Tie's tempura prawns

Together with two small cups of green tie (@RM1.30 each), the total came up to RM42.90. Pretty expensive, don’t you think? Well, we do not have a choice as that’s the only one in town…unless you go to those sushi stalls that we can find here in some of the shopping malls in town. Well, since my daughter loves it and we do not go very often, it’s no big deal really.

But the thing is…the servings aren’t very substantial and it would not have been enough for me if we had not had a late breakfast that morning at Thomson Corner at Pusat Tanahwang, opposite Sacred Heart Secondary School. We had the red bean shake…

Thomson Corner's red bean shake

I’ve always loved the drink ever since those days when the eatery was located at the Catholic Centre (next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral) and I would stop by to have one every time I went to pick my daughter up from school at St Rita’s Primary. We also had the salad sotong (cuttlefish)…

Thomson Corner's salad sotong

…and the shui gao (chicken dumplings)…

Thomson Corner's chicken dumplings

…and upon leaving the place after the delightful breakfast, it just dawned on me that I had locked my car keys in the car! Darn!!! Hahahahaha….

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Tie a yellow ribbon…”

  1. good morning STP…seems i m the first..hopefully so by the time i finish with this comment…
    So how do u pronounce this TIE… as tee? 2 persons 42..ok lar.. the other day we went, 4 of us, nearly 100rm… sigh… my kids love japanese food, i guess most youngsters do, right? maybe during our time when we were young, we did not have these type of food, so we don’t know how to enjoy them till today, right STP?

    It’s pronounced tee-yea. …I guess generally Japanese food is expensive everywhere especially when they get the authentic ingredients from Japan. We can buy those at the supermarket here – not cheap either! Ya, I guess so…we poor deprived old people! Usually, only the young ones go for Japanese food…

  2. oh forgot to comment about the keys in car…. i “kena-ed” once long time ago, since then i make it a habit to lock the car from the outside…. but cant blame u STP, your stomach must be growling greatly that u just couldn’t wait to get out of the car and into the shop…hahahahahahahaaha!

    No lah…I just realised I had scratched the wrong date on the parking coupon that I posted about the other day…and was talking to my daughter about that. Only then did we realise that we were one day behind as far as our dates were concerned…and in the midst of the discussion, I forgot the keys…. Sigh!!! LOL!!!

  3. aiyahhh, japs food aaa, very expensive, but what to do, my wife oso love japs food, aduh, i kena once kunci locked inside car, have to get the locksmith to open it since i dont have spare keys, lagi teruk! haih

    Ya…thank goodness my missus doesn’t go for Japanese food and I’m not crazy over it either…so we do not have to spend all that money! LOL!!! You don’t have a spare key? What happened to it? Lost kah? Adoi-doi!!! πŸ˜€

  4. So your daughter is a Japanese food lover huh! Unagi? Looks delicious….but just a week ago I ate Unagi…it tasted not so good. LOL πŸ˜€ Perhaps I don’s know how to enjoy it?

    The unagi is nice but I would much rather go for our local ikan keli masak kunyit…or steamed in soy sauce with ginger, garlic and brandy. Yum! Yum! And I’ve eaten keli masak lemak in one of the KL hotels before. Also nice!!!

  5. Locked your keys in the car…. ahhh.. the signs of old age, or is that senility? HAHAHAHAHA… anyway, red bean shake? sounds interesting….. red bean paste or whole beans?

    Nope…just a bit distracted at that point in time! Hahahahahaha!!!! They blended the red beans but not completely, so it isn’t exactly paste 100%. Nice!

  6. I like that place also as it is my wife favourite place and only place for sushi in Sibu. The price is a bit expensive nowadays. Like you said, no choice as it is the only good one.
    My wife love the Ebiko and Soft Shell Crab rolls.
    How you get to open the car then? the coupon system really create problems for us. Hate it so much.

    Gosh! Have to spend a lot to eat there, but never mind…you’re rich! Hahahahaha! I asked my BIL to come and take my daughter home to get the spare key. I don’t mind the coupons – much better than when the attendants wrote those pink parking tickets – so hard to track them down to pay and when it rained, the ticket got all wet and soggy…

  7. That’s not too expensive. Standard pricing lah… There’s no cheap and good Jap food sadly

    Ya…I guess so, and quite cheap actually compared to a lot of other places. My daughter goes to one in SP and she says it’s a lot more expensive there…

  8. My son loves the peking duck sushi rolls n my 2 gals loves the teriyaki chick sushi rolls from this very successful ‘Sushi-Sushi’ shop n not surprisingly I learned that the owner is Sarawakian,foochow no less! I think they even venture to KL now,not sure. My son thinks their sushis r even better than the Nobu ones,which is a very fine dining jap’s place from New York n Robert De Niro is part owner and the Chef is Morimoto from Iron Chef,Japan, one of my favourite TV programme!

    Ah!!! They would be happy to hear that. So your kids ate there before… I’ve eaten at one other place – Sushi King once but these franchise places are just so-so, not much better nor worse.

  9. My 2 kids and me love japanese food but not hubby 😦 Love your food pic πŸ™‚

    Thanks. Then ur hubby’s like me – not into Japanese! πŸ™‚

  10. lucky am not really in to Japanese food – its so expensive. can eat the simple sushi rolls only.

    But you’re so rich, definitely can indulge if you want to. Ya, for that kind of money, I would much rather go for something else… Not even keen on sushi! Give me our pulut panggang or lemang anytime! Hahahahaha!

  11. why no sashimi? KL prices higher.

    Dunno. Melissa didn’t order…and she’s the type who will consider the prices too. Anything that’s too expensive, she would prefer to do without… Ya, relatively cheaper here…and even at those prices, I’m actually surprised that the restaurant is doing well. Business is always pretty good, it seems…

  12. I love japanese food, but the only good one in Kuching is Minoru, and they use samurai knives when they bill you!
    I think I have said before to be wary of unagi (eel) in Malaysia. Reliable sources say the ones we get here are from China, and is chemical-laden – this variety is already banned in Singapore. If it comes from Taiwan, is apparently safe for consumption. I always check by asking in a “chinese-goods-are-great!” tone, if the unagi is from china..and of course order something else when answer is affirmative, in “chinese-goods-are-crap!” tone…hehehe.

    Well, for one thing, we only go two or three times in a year so it isn’t so bad. If not from China, where do they get the eels from?…We actually have a lot of local ones…or maybe they’re not the same? Eel-rearing is the in thing and they are running courses to teach people to rear eel…but these are usually not as nice as the natural ones. Dunno if you’ve heard that Hiok’s hubby does not touch the fish… He had to do some work at the Melanau cemetery…and when he saw the keli in the dug-out graves, that was it! He would never ever eat them again! LOL!!!

    1. You mean he saw the corpse eating variety? Eeek…like horror movie!

      That you will have to ask him or Hiok! Dunno what they ate…but according to him, they all seemed quite at home in there! LOL!!!

  13. What do you mean when you say Hiok’s hub saw the keli in the dug-out graves. They rear keli there or put up as offerings? Come on! Don’t keep the suspense. Hope the answer won’t put me off keli for ever! Not that I have any recently! N Where is the melanau cemetery btw?

    Somewhere in Sg Merah. You’ll have to ask Hiok for the details – natural ones, not reared and not offerings. I heard something about it being easy to rear – you do not even need a fish pond or something. Well, you don’t know what the fish you’re eating has been eating, do you? Hahahahahahaha!

  14. I can’t wait for the Sushi King Bonanza in less than a month after reading this post !!!

    What’s the promo this time? RM2.00 a plate again?…For two sushis…I’d rather go for kampua! Only RM2.20 here! LOL!!!

  15. i went to this sushi tie…during my first trip o sibu, which is last year…quite okie da sushi and emvironment…but i ter-shot one male waiter digging his nose =.=

    But that place all waitresses leh? Only guy was the sushi chef. Dunno got any in the kitchen or not. Maybe they have waiters at night, I wouldn’t know. Hey! Don’t tell me you were googling at the eyecandy…and caught him in the act! Muahahahaha…..

  16. Ikan Keli –oops dont go into details I dont want to know.

    LOL!!!…And Stella just has to go and ask! Anyway, I don’t eat keli anymore. Too slippery…dunno how to kill and prepare (now that Hiok is no longer available…)… Sigh!

    1. u kill it by throwing a mortar aiming on it’s head. omg.. keli is my favorite fish, i think they just eat about anything. i believe in the cemetry, they love the darkness?! LOL! *i hate to imagine anything otherwise…kihkih*

      mass production for keli is just using big frp basin. my father rare them in his kolam too.

      Aiyor…so brutal! And they’re so very slippery… I don’t really care what they eat as in fact, we never know what all the fish (or anything else for that matter) that we eat have been eating… What we don;t see/know wouldn’t hurt us! LOL!!!

  17. The food there must be very tempting until you locked your keys in your car. Just use a ruler, can open already lar!

    That’s what Pollie told me to do via Facebook. Gee! All the potential car thieves! What if I got arrested upon suspicion of stealing a car? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. jap food’s always expensive.. and of course.. for u.. it won’t be enough.. but it’s a good way to control how much you’re gonna eat. But the worst will be taking sushi that are on the conveyor belt.. ’cause you won’t know when to stop. Though the sushi is ‘small’ it’s filling ’cause of the rice.. πŸ˜€

    Don’t even like the sourish fermented taste of sushi. That’s why I don’t like our local tapai…but tapai’s a lot stronger – the tuak taste…

  19. I love japenese food too!!! I know this “sushi Tie”. Been there once, hmmm.. i think the taste ok only, maybe in Sibu, it is the good one, that’s why it can last for few years? πŸ˜€

    Not sure this “sushi Tie” is taken over by someone or not, because as i know, the shop owner is my mum close friend’s brother, and i heard he met an accident. 😦

    To me, it’s ok…same as elsewhere but then I don’t really go for Japanese food so I wouldn’t know if there are nicer ones. Ya…I heard he died in an accident and his wife took over the business… Man proposes, God disposes!

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