Every day I love you less and less…

Some of you may recall how I used to sing praises of the Sarawak laksa at e-Cafe at the Delta Commercial Centre in Pedada here in Sibu. Well, my daughter loves the laksa there too, so when she was home last week, we dropped by the place for some…

e-Cafe Sarawak laksa special 1

This was their special at RM5.00 for a giant bowl and lots of little prawns/shrimps. It was still nice but somehow I felt that the quality had dropped. The gravy looked kind of pale and was not as fragrant as before…

e-Cafe Sarawak laksa special 2

Maybe it was because of the sambal that they used, I wouldn’t know. But when I was at Thomson Corner (@Pusat Tanahwang, opposite Sacred Heart Secondary School) a day or two later with my daughter, I saw the posters advertising their Kuching laksa special at RM7.00 a bowl. I used to like their laksa best at one time until I discovered the one at e-Cafe. So, on Sunday after the morning church service, I decided to go back there to give it a try…

Thomson Corner Kuching laksa special 1

Wow! It certainly looked good…with its THREE huge udang galah (freshwater prawns)…

Thomson Corner Kuching laksa special 2

You have to pay RM20 for a bowl of prawn noodles at Ming Kong…and it isn’t much cheaper either at Glory Cafe in Sarikei. Tastewise, it was as nice as it used to be…so now, as far as Sarawak/Kuching laksa in Sibu is concerned, this one is my No. 1!

My missus had their seafood kampua noodles (RM3.50) which is also one of my favourites at that eatery…

Thomson Corner seafood kampua

It was good enough already before…but it seemed they had improved on it by adding some fried stuff to it. I did not sample it but my missus said that the noodles were still as nice as before.

All in all, the laksa and kampua noodles plus two glasses of kopi-o-peng came up to only RM13.10. Cheap, don’t you think?

Author: suituapui

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28 thoughts on “Every day I love you less and less…”

  1. my fav laksa! ❀
    yet to find da best one in bint-ulu…

    Haven’t heard or read about any place with good laksa in Bintulu…so you’ll have to hunt for it yourself. LOL!!!

  2. for a rm7, still very loket on the chicken bits. you’d be expecting huge chunks of chicken meat instead of shreds.

    They actually gave quite a lot of that but I don’t really care for the chicken. Would prefer more thinly sliced omelette instead… Well, you’ve been to Glory Cafe for the tom yam with giant prawns. How much was it and how many were there? I’m sure it costs nothing less than RM10…

  3. Cheap? Err.. for breakfast, I don’t think so πŸ˜€

    Well, a normal breakfast eg at Rasa Sayang here, two kampua and a piansip/wantan soup (shared) and two kopi-o-peng will be exactly RM10.00 only. This one is RM3.10 more with the three giant prawns. In fact, if you want to eat the Foochow fried noodles (RM2.80 normal) with prawns, it will cost RM8.00 (before, dunno the current price) and they only give you two, cut into halves so it looks like four! All things considered, I would think RM7.00 for the laksa special is very cheap…

    1. that’s a one big breakfast then lol! then again i don’t normally take breakfast. old habit die hard..

      Well, it was actually brunch as we skipped lunch after that…

  4. Deja vu! I just had laksa moments ago…BURPS! Hahaha!!!

    Hah!!! Which one did you go to? The one up the street? I read in somebody’s blog that the quality has dropped too…

  5. yum yum!!!! Laksa!!.. In KL.. I tried the so-called ‘Sarawak Laksa’ here (cost way more expensive than RM7!).. and it tasted HORRIBLE! Nothing like the laksa that I used to have back home. So i came to a conclusion that, any thing that says, ‘sarawak laksa’ or ‘Sarawak noodle’ or ‘penang kuey tiaw’ or melacca nyonya food’ or ‘ipoh’s’ etc… won’t taste nice because the operator had probably failed his business in his own home town and had to ‘cheat’ the poor souls in KL who had never tasted the original taste of everything! (cynical eh? LOL!)

    I wouldn’t know about that…but what I’ve heard is they move to KL or KK and sell their kampua for RM4 and make more money faster…compared to RM2.20 here and the market here is much smaller (Everybody goes to the more popular nicer ones…so here they just “phak bang”! LOL!!!)…

  6. Even Rejang River water looks better than your first laksa. Same in Kch. No quality control. I have yet to find a really good one here!

    LOL!!! I had to add a lot of the sambal belacan provided to get the desired colour. Tastewise, it’s still ok. Ya, I;ve read in some blogs about how the quality of the laksa in Kuching has gone down in some places. Maybe it has got to do with the sambal – now that the “swallow” brand is not longer available and comes with a very ang-moh name!!!

  7. Ya, ya, ya, I saw it and was not excited by that RM7, having a lot of that shocking price experience in KK, I settled with the small at RM3.50! I love the laksa there best and also the kampua. So, that morning I had a bowl of kampua and a bowl of laksa! In Sibu, I am on “seefood” diet! I shall encourage my hubby to try that RM7 special next time with your review!

    Ya, that was when I spotted the “new” you – so slim and so young! LOL!!! Well, anything that costs RM7 in KK can be considered quite normal! But do see my reply to Sumuk’s comment about the Foochow fried noodles with giant prawns…and of course, Ming Kong’s RM20 noodles would be the killer! Ya…without the giant prawns, the laksa is RM3.50 – the same as elsewhere in town for a normal bowl.

  8. It’s a very good deal! Ooh la la look at the prawns!

    It IS!!!…Honestly, I don’t think it’s expensive and most importantly, it tastes good – as what Sarawak laksa should taste like!

  9. Com lah come lah to Penang,,,, i can treat you one nice bowl of laksa,,,,,, i guarantee one,, very good and very cheap,,,,, 100 % money back guarantee for only RM2.30…………

    that’s why i dont like going there ( I mean Sibu) expensive foods and not like Penang’s ones……..hahahaha

    Laksa? You have laksa in Penang? You mean that assam thingy with shredded newspapers? Eyew…no, thank you! And even your curry mee comes nowhere near!

    Expensive? Too bad I did not get to eat the RM8 Penang char kway tiaw in some small shop in some small lane near New World. Then we would be able to compare and see which is cheap and which is EXPENSIVE!

    My Penang friend was telling the story of how he asked for a couple of prawns – ordinary ones as he did not dare ask for the udang galah – for his noodles and he was slaughtered – around RM30. Annant would have heard that – he was telling us during the dinner we had together here. And a few days later, he went for a crab dinner (with Philippine pork leg too) here in Sibu with a big group of friends at a place I would not go (Not up to my standard! LOL!!!) and it was so unbelievably cheap!!!

    Personally, I would say SOME of the hawker food in Penang is very nice (BUT depending on where you go)…but NOT cheap, though cheaper than in KL. Ah well, city mah!!! People in cities kaya-raya, of course must pay more mah!!! We small town people…can only afford cheap stuff! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Hmmmm…Sarawak laksa not really i like but your bowl of laksa with big prawns that sound interesting!!!

    Ya ya, ming kong famous for their prawn noodles and so expensive!!

    I like your missus bowl of KAMPUA, minus the seafood, i prefer the original kampua, just the noodles and the meat, and it must be with soya sauce and chili!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!! Now now now…i’m craving for one!!!

    Must be typical Sibu people. Last time, we had some miserable versions of Sarawak laksa and it was never really popular. Sibu Foochows at that time did not know how to take pedas stuff, including me! Had to rinse my curry drumstick in water first before eating! Hahahahahaha!…I don’t go to Ming Kong but it can be a tourist attraction – to bring friends and relatives from elsewhere/overseas. Kampua, I will never want the soy sauce variety as it tastes like the noodles I “puak” myself at home… So I will order “kampua pak-pak puak lak”…. πŸ˜€

  11. Cook your own laksa the best lah. You can put all the ‘hampalang’ you want in them! Even keli!LOL! Nowadays, m so well-stocked with Pollie’s belachan, I cooked laksa almost every three weeks. I think my laksa gravy will last for 2yrs, so can stock up when you turn 60,STP! πŸ™‚

    You over there no choice! You don;t cook, you don’t eat…Cooking laksa can be such a hassle – so many things to prepare and so much work to do! I would only cook e.g. when my daughter comes home or to invite some friends over for a laksa party. Otherwise, no thank you!…That is why many Kuching people dunno how to cook laksa – it is readily available in the shops…and cooking one’s own, not necessarily nicer if “kang hu” not up to par!

  12. Yeah the seafood kampua at Thompson is good, as well as the one at a very unlikely place – Sri Menanti (not the spa, the cafe) across the road from Premier hotel. Their kampua is pretty good too but one mans meat and all that coz some people don’t like it. πŸ™‚

    Is that so? They’ve opened up an outlet in the vicinity of the Sibu bus terminal. I had a couple of posts on the place but I have not had their kampua. Must go back there one of these days and try – but they only open AFTER 10 on Sundays, dunno about weekdays. Just about reflects a lot regarding the non-Chinese! Hari Raya already gone past well over a week and they still have not resumed business!!! Sibu Foochows 1st day of Chinese New Year also open their coffee shops…and sell kampua RM10 a bowl (X 5 times) and all the shops packed!!!

    Btw, it’s Sri Meranti!!! All these years, I thought it was Menanti…and I just discovered I’ve been wrong all this while! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. I’ve tried the Sarawak Laksa at Farley Food Court in Bintulu. The ones in Aloha Cafe Sibu is far better than the laksa there.

    Aloha’s quite nice, very spicy…but serving’s very small and ingredients limited…

  14. My colleague’s husband is based in Sibu for business purpose. He said Kuching’s worst laksa tastes better than Sibu Laksa. Hahahahahaha!!! Don’t know which shop he went la, must be not nice wan. But really lor, I never tasted any good laksa in Sibu.

    You never had MAS Corner’s? Used to be the best – that rude man! Now not so popular anymore. Then that kampua lady, the one you said has cancer…When she had her kampua stall opposite Sacred Heart School, she also sold laksa and it was very nice. The kampua was more expensive than other people but very nice and very popular at the time… Other stalls at the time – nothing to shout about…until Thomson and e-Cafe came up. I actually prefer these to those in Kuching….

  15. Best Bintulu laksa is at Jubilant cafe – Parkcity phase 1.
    Your Rm7 laksa special look yummy BUT i dont like the idea of peeling off the shells.its so messy.

    Ya, I felt the same way. If they had cut the prawns into halves, it would be much easier to wrestle with them using the chopsticks… Next time you come to Sibu, we can go there!

  16. Come to Kuching for laksa at Chong Chon – my favourite laksa stall.

    That’s the one – read somewhere that the quality has dropped…and comparatively, I think this Thomson one is nicer… Must try when you come to Sibu next…on a much longer trip (can eat more)!

  17. Perhaps the chef has changed? Then again…it could be your tastebuds have changed. LOL πŸ˜€

    Wow! RM0 isn’t cheap o. Too bad I don’t fancy prawn dishes. :p

    Nope…the boss’ wife supervises the cooking and nothing wrong with my tastebuds – only my teeth! RM 0? Prawn? Where? What are you talking about? Have you been drinking…or you need to brush up your speed reading skills? Tsk! Tsk!!!

  18. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! So this is the laksa post you were talking about.. haha.. i agree with you, Thomson’s laksa is comparatively good. But i think Aloha’s by far the best

    Don’t like Aloha’s! Spicy (=hot) but lacks the fragrance…and the condiments so little. In fact, the portion’s generally smaller than elsewhere.

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