Talk about coincidence, but the other day, I wanted to take my daughter to Uncle Dom for lunch and I was whistling away happily. The song was “Dominique”, a one-time hit by The Singing Nun…and when we got into the car, the moment I switched on the radio, presto! The song was being played on the air on RedeFm…by who else but Coma Smith, now TSA for reasons known only to him alone.

I have been to Uncle Dom once before, so this was my second time at that food joint…

Uncle Dom menu

Now that my blogger-friend, Anthea, has found herself a permanent job in Miri and is no longer working there, I was stumped by one non-English speaking waitress. Luckily, she could at least understand the names of the food and drinks and what amazed me most was she could remember the numbers in the menu without looking and jotted everything down on the order slip quite efficiently.

My daughter had the lemon wheat grass with Sprite while I had the Ipoh kopi-o-peng

Uncle Dom's drinks

I remember I had the same drink when I was there the previous time but I do not remember it having so much froth. Maybe the idea of whipping up the coffee in a blender for that extra body has caught on…and though it was very nice, I still think that the one at Ruby is nicer and that probably has got something to do with the coffee powder used.

My daughter had the fish and chips…

Uncle Dom's fish and chips

…and I can actually hear some people gasping right now at the sight of all that mayonnaise. Ah well…what do you expect for RM8.90? Not tartar sauce, that’s for sure! LOL!!! My friend, Ben, had that when he dropped by the place and said that it was nice…and in fact, it WAS nice – if you do not mind all that mayo’, that is.

I had the chicken chop…

Uncle Dom's chicken chop

…with mushroom gravy which did not send me into fits of ecstasy but it was all right, especially at that same price tag – RM8.90.

All in all, it was a nice lunch for the two of us and at such prices, I wouldn’t mind going again once in a while.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Dominique…”

  1. Yeah! I know this song…Dominique kelik kelik, …..that’s all! Lol!

    Hahahahahahaha!!! How come I’m not surprised? Make sure you come back for tomorrow’s post! πŸ˜€

  2. just by looking at the lines of mayonnaise, my stomach starts to growl. haha. and that’s a special name. uncle dom. hehe.

    yup i’m ken’s sis.

    From me to you, suejean =)

    Hah! I guess as much…looking at your surname and seeing that both of you are from Ipoh! You like mayo? Many people don’t! You must come and try the mayo-lime lamb dish here! VERY nice! Even people who do not like mayo or lamb love the dish…a lot!

  3. Very cheap! U can still get a 8.90 chicken chop there.. .. over here, most of the western food are over 10rm except those sold in coffeeshops and open air concept stalls… those might cost a ringgit below 10rm..

    Ya…the hawker centres! My daughter was telling me about the chicken chop with garlic gravy in SP – RM5.50 only and very nice! (Maybe she was too hungry! What to expect? Starving most of the time over there! LOL!!!) I don’t know of any western food stalls at the coffee shops here but I think there are some at that Malay hawker centre in town but we hardly ever go there. The last time I had the lamb chop (long long ago) there, it was like leather… Every stall’s selling more or less the same things!

  4. Yeah… 8.90 is quite cheap. More or less the same price as the Steak House in petanak market. hehe. Btw, why does Uncle Dom look like Colonel Sanders?!!! Just the outfit is different. haha.

    Ya….exactly what I thought! Just cut and paste! We may end up with another McCurry case in our hands! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya…it is cheap…but at dinner that night, I overheard some people complaining about this place in town that’s MOST expensive – Uncle Dom! LOL!!! I guess they were comparing it to the coffee shops….

  5. Oooohhh!!! Pirated version of Arthur kopi-O! Ruby’s Arthur Kopi O looks like Guinness Stout and guess what, coincidentally, the guy who came up with Guinness Stout is called Arthur Guinness! Tomorrow is Arthur’s Day! *cheers*

    Yalor! But I still think Ruby’s nicer!…Ya, everyone was wondering what on earth Arthur’s Day was! The irony is I do not drink Guiness. I guess I can yam seng with my kopi-o-peng instead! πŸ˜€

  6. I just had an KFC Zinger for supper last night but now I am hungry again after looking at the fish and chips. See, I told you the kopi there is not bad. Hehe. πŸ™‚ But will go for Ruby’s one day for sure. The one in Uncle Dom is at least better than those served in most of the cafe and kopitiam in Sibu. I go there quite often as the food is not too expensive and the ambience there is nice.

    Wah! So rich…going there so often! LOL!!! Well, who knows? We may bump into each other there one of these days? πŸ˜€ Ya, the coffee is nice but I like Ruby’s a bit more.

  7. I thing your chicken chop is the best STP, especially when you have the mushroom gravy! Yuuummmy! πŸ™‚

    It was so-so…but for that price, no complaint. I prefer the chicken to be grilled a bit more…maybe with a bit of batter and I like mushroom gravy that’s a bit darker – not so pale like this.

  8. Oppps, I nearly mistaken the little lighting oil glass as Martini…..he he he not enough alkohol drinks these days…..LOL!

    So you’re hallucinating? Long time didn’t go to Lisa de Inn? Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  9. TSA stands for Teman Setia Anda. He once said that on air few months back.

    LOL!!! TSA’s number 1 fan!…So he’s Mr RTM, I see. I was guessing that perhaps he got converted and the T in TSA stands for Abdullah! πŸ˜€

  10. Hey your glass of Kopi really looked like guinness or even a coke to me!

    Ya…remove the straw and one will not be able to tell just by looking at it! LOL!!!

  11. air hijau tu sedap tak? hehe

    My daughter likes it – wheatgrass mixed with lemon plus Sprite. I’m a kopi-o-peng person, not into all these macam2 drinks!

  12. two post in a row about western food. You and your girl like western food a lot huh?
    Hmmm..will put down in my list, when i’m going back next round i must go to Ruby and Uncle Dom.

    My daughter used to love western food a lot but these days, she’s ok with Chinese and local delicacies…and she loves Japanese. I don;t mind western once in a while for a change but not crazy over Japanese at all!

  13. haha no wonder you’re rich πŸ˜› in fact, me and my lover don’t spend too much outside too… πŸ˜€ saving is very important…

    btw, honestly your chicken chop doesn’t looks good πŸ˜› i prefer crispy one! … with my favorite gravy — black pepper!

    You mean no wonder I’m poor…because I always eat out and spend so much?…Ya! I mentioned in my reply to one comment that I felt the chicken should be grilled a bit more maybe with a bit of batter for a crispier exterior especially the skin. I’ve eaten chicken chop that is a lot better elsewhere in town…but this one is really cheap, especially for a relatively nice place like that.

    P.S. Well, at least it was nicer than the chicken chop they once had at KFC some year back!!!

  14. Each visit to this blog of urs constantly remind me of hw pathetic i am nw, stuck in a place of chips and potatoes…. I want food!!!

    They have nice food there too mah! Maybe a lot more expensive…and you can always buy at the supermart and cook your own! I actually liked some of their frozen dinners – the Indian ones, for instance… LOL!!!

  15. Went to Indian Recipe (written in the same font and slant like SR) this afternoon. Going to Steak House tonight.

    We just got back from Ruby – Mel wants her rice. What do they have at Indian Recipe? Indian cakes?

  16. never never likey kopi-o 😦
    too dark for my liking =.=
    they say, have to avoid dark food to stay fair wo… πŸ˜›
    stp, i look more like a local now cos im so dark niao T____________T

    I see!!! No wonder I see you’ve been drinking soya bean milk and eating tofu fa!!! Desperately wanting to become fair… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Had curry, lemang, rendang, kurma the past few days. Sudden urge for western food after reading your blog. Fancy a nice chicken chop.

    Just like Chinese New Year. By the 2nd or 3rd day, I would be yearning for plain porridge and salted eggs…

  18. wah the fish and chips..
    looks very yuumyyyy! =D

    My friends said it was good, my daughter too… I wouldn’t know as I did not sample and can only comment on the chicken chop that I had!

  19. Well…
    I’ve learned to shy away from these kinds of places when I want GOOD food.
    The best places to get GOOD food is at actual kopi tiams or dirty roadside stalls!

    These place only for the HK(HongKee)/AM(AngMo) wannabes la.

    And most of them are not cheap either! Usually, a lot of young people like to hang out at these places with friends…and some like Uncle Dom has free wifi. The best place to get good AND cheap food is…at home! Will be posting on things that I cooked soon…

    Btw, ah^kam_koko’…welcome and thanks for dropping by! Will link you in my blogroll. Do come by again…whenever you can. Hope to meet up with you one of these days.

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