Adios Amigo…

We went for the evening service on Sunday as my daughter loves sleeping in and since she’s having a much-needed break, I would let her do that every day while she’s home. After the service, we went looking for dinner and I heard there’s this new place in town…

Amigo 1

…the Amigo Steak & Grill at the Li Hua Commercial Centre in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal. It is a nice place and they were playing Michael Jackson the whole time we were there, including my favourite, “She’s out of my life” and the classic, “Smile”. My missus had the mixed grill platter (RM18.00 – spelt “patter” on the menu)…

Amigo's mixed grill

…and as you can see from the pic, they were pretty generous with the meat. The gravy was nice; it wasn’t exactly black pepper but I think there was a bit of that in it. My daughter had the grilled lamb chop…

Amigo's grilled lamb chop

…with black pepper sauce (RM17.50), and she thought it was a bit too peppery to her liking. She loved their peppermint milk shake though…

Mel @ Amigo

…and I had their lamb shank (RM18.50)…

Amigo's lamb shank

Wait a minute! Where are the mashed potatoes? I thought they usually serve lamb shanks on a bed of mashed potatoes? Ah well…never mind! The meat was really nice and tender and the gravy was pretty good too (but I still prefer Junk’s).

I do wish someone would tell them about drink coasters though and personally, I feel they should invest in a more impressive looking menu. Well, it’s adios for now but I may be back again and if anybody’s interested in dropping by as well, here’s their business card…

Amigo 2

Bon AppΓ©tit!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Adios Amigo…”

  1. Adios! Good morning…
    Me first again after a long while!
    Back to work in office, otherwise if holiday, will still be in dreamland…
    Ok, about the food, they looked pretty juicy and yummy.. but one thing though, it looks like all the food were very “crampy” inside the plate.. no space for u to cut esp the lamb shank.. wow.. that looked really delicious!

    It was delicious all right…but I want my mashed potatoes!!!! Hahahahahaha! I guess those still on holiday are still sleeping…and those back in the office are busy with the backlog of work. They’ll come by later, I hope…

    P.S. The presentation was fine, not cramped. Probably it was the angle the photo was taken… You know me lah! Trying to act like a pro-photographer! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Β‘Buenos dΓ­as iHola to u!

    and not adios as what I have written…
    ok, now adios! Have a nice day!! lol…

    Yup…adios is goodbye! Wow! You know Mexican? I only know “adios”, “amigo” and “senorita”…and “siesta”…and tacos, salsas and burits…oops, I mean burritos!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Buenos dias!

    Went to The Junk for my birthday dinner some weeks ago (I have put the pictures in Facebook) and you know why nobody ordered lamb shank? Nobody wanted to share it with me because they don’t eat lamb 😦 So bo pian lor order Fisherman’s Basket – the super huge portion did its trick to compensate for the lack of taste though.

    Ya…I saw the pics on FB – very dark and was so shocked that nobody had the lamb shank! Best in the world! The Fisherman’s Basket is HUGE too…and the last time somebody had that and I pinched a bit here and there, I thought it was ok. They’re very generous with the servings there but whenever I go, I would only have the lamb shank, nothing else! LOL!!!

    1. The place was very very dark. I could hardly read the menu. They should light up the place a little bit more. I could not even make out what I ate. πŸ˜€

      Ya…that place is EXTREMELY dark! Would need to bring along a torchlight to read the menu. The last time I was there, I was put off by the fact that somebody at the next table was puffing away like a chimney…and the management actually allowed it!

  4. They have that in Sibu???? seems like sibu ‘grew’ after I moved!! lol..

    They have!!! And more…. Call me next time you come home and I can take you around…and you (or your bf) foot(s) the bill of course! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. rm18.50 for lamb shank is really cheap!… i miss sibu cheap food πŸ˜›

    speaking of mis-spelled menu items…i once saw in Penang something they call “BREASTFAST MENU” lol!

    ROTFLMAO!!! Fresh milk has got to be an item in that menu!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya, I thought that was relatively cheap compared to a lot of other places elsewhere…and it was very nice. But I want my mashed potatoes!!!! Grrrrr…… πŸ˜€

  6. Good morning Suituapui! πŸ™‚ Kinda expensive don’t you think so STP? Because it looks kinda ordinary from here. But the portion is pretty big I guess. πŸ™‚

    Expensive? Maybe a little for a cafe but we get around those same prices at the 2 or 3-star hotels here. At the 4 to 5-star hotels, that would cost over RM20 up to maybe RM30.00 or more. In KL, I would think it would go up to RM45 and above… I’m sure it is not much cheaper in Malacca…and please, we’re not talking about those stalls at the hawker centres. That’s a different story altogether.

  7. Hahaha πŸ˜€ Perhaps I am poverty stricken! That’s why I thought it was expensive. :p Anyway you have a nice day STP!

    Poverty stricken? I thought teachers are among the most highly-paid salary earners around. And didn’t you get a cheque recently for the ads in your blog? Btw, I saw on Facebook that Victor of got a cheque for over US100 for his Adsense ads, and that would be over RM300. Pays much better, don’t you think? Especially considering that his blog is somewhat inactive. Ah well…mine is not a money-spinning blog, so I don’t know much about these things.

  8. Nice place, thanks for sharing, I might bring my wife over to check it out sometime. ^^

    Not a bad place for a change, but personally, I still prefer Garden Hotel – more or less the same prices there but there’s the ++ on your bill, so you may need to pay a little bit more! LOL!!!

  9. I know ‘andale andale’ n ariba ariba’ but not sure what it meant! Lazy to google. I recalled long time ago my mum bought me some panchos from somewhere, it was like 35 degrees back home n i thought it was so ‘cool’ to wear them. M going for a long drive to the seaside now n hope the breeze won’t be too chilly so ‘hasta la vista’ STP for now!

    Panchos…or ponchos? At one time, it was in fashion… Wow! Going for a long drive…in your Mercedes Benz! Some people have all the luck in the world… LOL!!!

    1. sorry,shld be poncho n i think all my languages is spanish instead of mexican so totally unrelated to the topic but I did cook some crispy chicken wrapped in tortilla the other day,i always pronounced tor-ti-la until some smart-ass told me shld be ‘tor-tia’!Lol!

      Ya…I thought so!….Ah yes! Tortillas! Forgot about those! My daughter loves Taco Bell in Singapore…and we had Mexican at Chilli’s in KL Mid Valley. Ok lah…something for a change once in a while.

  10. You better come back to Penang, speedy gonzales, and i will show you what a better steaks we have……..

    tired lah bro,long weekend,despite that i will not forget to say hi to you too.

    take care bro and say hi to Melissa for me,will ya?

    Ya…I know, and you even have very cheap ones all over at the hawker centres. But no transport to go around, so dependent on some kind soul to offer… LOL!!! Tired? Not forget to say hi? Humph…always see you at other people’s blogs – especially sweet young things’…seldom come to mine nowadays! Thought of sending you more noodles, change my mind liao! Sulk! Sulk! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. yeah, pls u may change ur mind….hint! hint!! πŸ™‚

      when Melissa will go back to SP? I will balik kampung next week… who knows maybe timing can match dengan kawasan kawasan yang sama waktu dengannya…

      mixed grill platter looks so yummy…me not so much in lamb chop or lamb shank….

      Mel’s going back day after tomorrow (Friday). 😦 I guess if you are passing through, you can always call her and the two of you can go out makan or something. I’m sure she’ll love to see you again. You never gave me you biz card. If you sms me your address, I can always send more noodles to you. For you, no problem at all…LOL!!!

      1. Oh, too bad!! Never mind la perhaps next time… hope she has a safe journey back to SP.. sure i will go and see her if i happen to be…

        U never ask me to give u ma…. never mind time if i feel like eating it again, I will pretend i “accidentally” send u my house address, so u know what u need to do lo!! LOL!!

        p.s: Thanks for having that thought.

        Just sent her off at the airport this morning, should be in KLIA by now. I guess she’ll manage fine on her own. This will be the last trip in that direction – at least for the next two years plus. Yes, yes…sms me your home address “by accident”. LOL!!!

  11. Lamb shank, my favourite….with or without mashed potato…yummy!

    Hah!!! We share the same taste, it seems! But now toothless, I had to make sure it is tender and well done. Since they said they had stewed it for over and hour, I decided to order…and it was tender enough for me! We have a Chinese restaurant here that specialises in lamb shank but theirs a bit over done. Too soft – lost the meat texture, so I do not like. Very popular though!

  12. Guess I will have another good place to go for dinner now. Thanks for the intro. I like lamb shank too! How’s your holidays?

    Another fan of lamb shank! Not easy to get in Sibu! The only other place that I know is Mom’s (Lau Tee Fang) but over-stewed…and the gravy’s sp watery like soup. Also RM18 each, if I’m not mistaken. Don’t really like it there! My holidays…very good, mostly spent with my daughter and taking her around to eat! I think I’ve put on weight! Lord have mercy! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. u rmb tom’s place? they serve pretty nice lamb chop too…according to my friends la cos they ALWAYS order that…i hate it cos it’s so hard to chop la! =.=
    can’t mum in style =.=

    I can’t remember what I had but it was quite good. Now that I’m toothless, I may not be able to handle anything hard. Btw, Everley or the newer hotel what’s-the-name would have nice food…but probably, a bit expensive – what to expect from hotels?

    1. u mean new world suite? never dine there wo…
      everly yup! their steamboat buffet is yum! πŸ˜€ and their cakes too ❀

      Ah! Then we shall dine there…should I happen to drop by Bintulu! πŸ™‚

  14. wah, that’s a huge chunk of meat. πŸ™‚ they sure are generous with the meat.

    That was exactly what I thought! The portions were bigger than at other places…

  15. We had Amigo’s in Kuching once… but it was a pub. heheh.
    The meat looks alrite. Is that garlic bread on the side?

    Nope, that’s french toast…made from a slice of baguette/french loaf…and the grilled tomato is also nice.

  16. Mix grill that’s my favourite but not lamb shank Will try it out when I go to Sibu. yum…..yum….yum….

    Ya, my missus let me try a bit – it was nice. You’ve been here before, sylvia… Can’t recall anybody by that name, but since you did not have to wait for moderation, I guess this isn’t the first time you’re commenting….

    1. yes this is my 2nd comment in your blog…..From here i know where to find good food in Sibu. πŸ™‚

      I see! Most welcome to drop by anytime… Glad to have you for company! πŸ™‚

  17. Wah Cikgu, I think…I think can gain err…errr…2 kg just looking at the meats. πŸ˜›

    For me perhaps! I grow fat just by looking at recipe books or watching AFC! Stimulates some hormones in me that make me grow fatter! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. reminds me of the lambshank that we had at … errr .. baywatch?? I forgot the name of the place .. ha ha ha. which one is better?

    The lamb shanks – equally good…but the one at Baywatch was on a bed of mashed potatoes! The ones at Junk in Kuching is still the best!

  19. nice shots! interesting restaurant wit interesting name. like the letter I with d chef cap on it.

    From me to you, suejean =)

    You’d probably find the one today interesting as well then. Incidentally, are you Ken’s sister, by any chance?

  20. mexican food? they look like normal western food.. haha..
    you always take your daughter for western food right.. =)

    It wasn’t Mexican…just some western restaurant with a Mexican-sounding name. Nope, not really…but usually, I would go and try out the new places in town and I do that more when she’s home. She’s not that into western food anymore unlike before… Loves Japanese but not me!

  21. Interesting! Do you think it’s by the same owners as Raro now? πŸ˜€

    Not sure if they’re the same owners. Used to be run by a nurse/matron now, I think at a medical centre here in Sibu.

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