Seiring sejalan…

My missus and daughter and I dropped by to visit a cousin of mine during his Hari Raya open house…

Hari Raya visiting 1

…and I met somebody at his place who told me that he reads my blog regularly! Small world! It seemed that he was in transition class when I was in Form 6…but that was some 40 years ago! Gee whiz!

I did not go around and take photographs of the food though. Especially when they’re not bloggers or they do not know that’s what bloggers usually do, they may find that somewhat offensive. There was a lot to eat and we really enjoyed the buffet spread of curry, masak hitam, ketupat, fried noodles, fried mihun and the works…but my cousin kept persuading me to try their bak-so, so my missus got a bowl of that for me…

Bak so 1

…but I wouldn’t say I was crazy over it…

Bak so 2

While we were there, we had a group photograph taken together with his lovely family too…

Hari Raya visiting 2

I know! I know!…I did NOT have a watermelon under my shirt!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

Usually, whatever festival it may be, I do not go out visiting…as I just cannot stand the heat but since it has been raining quite a bit lately, the weather has been dark and cool. That was why I did not mind dressing up and dropping by a house or two this Hari Raya…and other than my cousin’s place, we also went to Siti’s house…

Hari Raya visiting 3

Siti’s a very good friend of mine, the best that anybody could wish for. When my mum was in the medical centre early 2008 and appeals were circulated calling for blood donors, she was the only one who came bringing a friend – a Malay guy and a total stranger to donate his blood and he would not accept any ang pao or gift in return.

So there we were at her house to extend our Raya greetings and we had a great time chatting with her mum about my uncles and aunties and the good old days, and when we were leaving, Siti even tapaoed some cake and curry for us…

Hari Raya kek lapis

Well, that’s Siti for you – always kind and generous and a true friend indeed. It certainly was a pleasant Hari Raya for me this year…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Seiring sejalan…”

  1. nice shots! like the rainbow color of the kuih lapis.

    From me to you, suejean =)

    Thanks. I’m not so much into photography but I do try to come out with nice shots…and most of the time, I may get one or two…with a little bit of luck! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. I have not been to any open houses just yet as i do not have a lot of malay friends in KL but i’m sure i was back home during this time, today i must’ve been on my way visiting my 20th house perhaps?

    :p selamat hari raye!

    Aiyor! If you’re over here, it’s understandable as there are not so many Malays around compared to over there. Thought you would have a lot at the bank? Even I have a few in KL – from my radio family! LOL!!!

  3. The complete family for the first time on your blog. Very nice. πŸ˜‰

    Ya…visiting friend and relative, there are “captive photographers” around. Otherwise, have to ask strangers to take, can’t make a fuss – chief director can’t direct…and I don’t feel comfortable with that anyway.

  4. ha ha ha .. there’s only one in my bank, and she’s going back to kelantan. nobody in KL is from KL mah .. :p in sarawak, nobody balik kampung, they practically live nearby their kampung .. that’s the difference

    I guess that’s true…most of the time. Everybody’s based in their own home sweet home…most of the time, at least and the balik kampung rush isn’t as bad as during Gawai or Chinese New Year.

  5. yeah, that’s why if in sarawak i can go like more than 10 houses per day .. not alone la. schoolmates and all .. never finish

    …and the places so small, no jam…so easy to get around! The joy of living in a small town!

  6. Rugi that I didn’t come to Siti’s house when you were there.

    Ya…I told Emily to join us there and to bring you along so we could finally get to meet, but too bad that she was not able to make it. Ah well…there’ll be other times!!!

  7. Kuih lapis… hungry.. haha.. selamat hari raye to you, sir !

    Didn’t go visiting? Don’t tell me you were cooped up at home studying… So different from when I was your age! But then I never was an ace student! πŸ˜€

  8. It’s good that you respect them STP! You are very thoughtful! πŸ™‚

    The foods look nice aye! The mihun soup with mushroom must be damn yummy huh!:p And the kuih lapis is so…colourful! πŸ™‚

    Why thoughtful? We are close blood-relatives and very good friends…which may be more than what I could say about some of the others…even of my same or similar religion. Action speaks louder than words, we are what we do…not what we preach!

  9. most of my friends are back in Penang…so like Cibol…I not have been to any open houses…

    Sir, U really looks handsome la…Melissa looks like her mum…..”senyuman yang sama” – sweet!!

    the kek lapis looks so yummy….Honestly I never try any kek lapis before…

    Ya…seems to be more popular here. I had West Malaysian colleagues who would order a lot to bring home. You could have contacted Zee, Zul and Mubarak…if they’re around, that is. I sent Raya greetings to them…but no sound from Zee. Wonder how she’s doing lately…

      1. yeah lo Cibol, we both so kesian la….what to do…Hidup kat bandar besar…will never the same in kampung…or small town… sob! sob!!

        Next time, book early…and come to Sibu for the festivals. Very different here! Not so impersonal…

  10. Did my rounds of hari raya visiting. On the first day, I went to 3 houses and ate far too much. On the third day, visited 4 houses and ate just as much! Lucky I got a friend to chauffeur a few of us around otherwise would rather stay at home and watch ‘tudors’ and ‘true blood’.

    Wow! That’s a lot of houses… Here, I avoid the kampung as it is very congested and those staying “far” away…so that doesn’t leave many left. LOL!!!

  11. I think our cousin A is looking very much like a younger version of our dearly departed Uncle P. OOOI! Kek Lapis,I think I have to go and find my old recipe and attempt making them! My tummy is yelling ‘kek lapis’now!

    LOL!!! Ah Chuo makes the best kek lapis…and the lapis is SO fine…like a pencil line!!! Ya, Ah Lek looks good, not a day older…and his son is getting engaged today!

  12. Alek looks good.

    Ya…not a day older.,,and his son is getting engaged today. His youngest daughter’s already in her final year – in England! The other one’s working in Miri. So blessed…

  13. cousin dont aged at all– should get some tips from him how to stay young.
    I went to 2 house – eat n eat – i like the beef rendang n of course lots of kek lapis.

    Ah! We two the same – just two houses. Ya…he looks exactly the same, no change!

  14. Oh yum! Bet that kek lapis tastes good!

    Yes! It was the best among all the kek lapis in Siti’s house and I think it was because I mentioned it that she cut a portion of the cake and gave to me to take home! πŸ™‚

  15. my raya was a great one…went visiting at 2 kampungs…mum-ed so muchy kuih lapis till wanna gag nioa :S

    no more kuih lapis for me, but i don’t mind satays πŸ˜€

    2 kampungs!!! Ah well…I did that when I was young and visited so many houses! You do the same back in Malacca?

  16. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and eating spree too! hehehe

    Ya, it was good…especially with my daughter home…but it’s back to work today. Sigh!!! Ah well, at least I do not have to go till 4 this evening and it is only until 6. Hehehehehe!

  17. Didnt eat enough rendang and curry this year. Only visited two houses, my sister and my boss. haha. Oh well, at least we are blessed with good food… not like what they eat in China…. nitemares. Oily veggies and smelly preserved meat….. had to survive on hard boiled eggs and instant noodles. haha.

    So kesian…went all the way to China to suffer! LOL!!! Aren’t we lucky here with our melting pot of all kinds of cuisines?

    1. Hahahaha…I still cannot get over your comment that hard boiled egg was the best food the entire trip!

      You mean KNB’s comment?… Personally, if I could go on a holiday, I wouldn’t wanna go to China but somehow, a lot of people seem to love going there.

      1. Ya, KNB’s comment…he was telling us about his trip to China. Once is plenty enough for me! I think if you were chinese educated, and is appreciative of chinese culture, there are lots of places that would be interesting. There are lots of places that’s very pretty in China…this I know from watchin “Wild China”, a 7 part documentary….from the comfort of my couch! LOL!

        No thanks…I’m not much of a tourist, the sightseeing nor the shopping type. I would go for the fun (and even that is more or less off the list these days)…and the food (as much as I can manage…now that I’m toothless! LOL!!!) and I’m not all that keen on Chinese.

      2. Not a place for the faint hearted definitely. Its a popular destination cos its cheap. Wouldnt mind going again… but maybe somewhere less ulu like Beijing. At least they have Peking duck there. hahaha.

        Oh? You ventured into the interior? Looking for some young China dolls? Muahahahahahaha!!! I hear the Peking duck isn’t nice there either. Better in HongKong…or KL or Li Garden! LOL!!!

  18. Damnit! 2 nights in a row liaw, everytime I check your blog and see that “seiring and sejalan” header, something in my head goes Ping! and cue music….La lala la la la la laaa… lala la la la…..and images of Heil Amir and Uji Rashid appears… Sometimes it’s Sharifah Aini and Latif Ibrahim, cause I can’t remember who sang that song. Hahaha!

    LOL!!! It was Sharifah Aini & Broery Marantika…and later Nurul and Ajai did a cover… So the tune’s caught in a loop in your head all day! Hahahahaha!

  19. haha.. bloggers have the tendency to take pictures right? i always do that too.. with my family.. i dont mind asking them to not eat first, let me take some pictures, then eat…

    but with strangers.. i think it’s better not to do so.. i find it weird.. snapping pictures of the food at such a close distance.. the others might find me weirrdddd…. =P

    So I’m not the only one who feels that way. Definitely not with a camera as it’s very obvious…but when I was using my hp camera, I might steal a quick snap or two and the people at my table might not even notice.

  20. selamat hari raya to all! hehehe, very nice of you laa STP, lagi satu, duit raya mana?

    Duit raya?…You Melayu, you’re supposed to give me *stretches hand outwards πŸ˜€

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