I will survive (2)…

I guess everybody knows by now that I had a toothache some two weeks ago and had to go and get it extracted. My regular dentist was out of town, so I went to this sweet young thing – a former student of mine at one of my English tuition classes many years ago. She was very good – very gentle and very patient…and took some time to get the molar removed. Nope, I’m not quite toothless yet…but I can safely say that I’m almost there! LOL!!!

I still have one upper molar left and one virtually useless wisdom tooth, both on the right…and that’s about it. I guess I will have to skip any meat dishes especially if they’re tough or hard but minced meat should be fine. This, of course, means that I can still enjoy my pian sip

Soon Hock pian sip

…our Sibu version of kiaw or wantan. In fact, I found that I had difficulty dealing with the few miserable slices of boiled meat coloured red that usually come with the plates of kampua noodles. It took me quite a while to chew them but that is no big deal as I personally prefer having the noodles with pian sip instead…

Peter's pian sip kampua

Then, I went out and bought myself one Hokkien bak chang (meat dumpling)…

Hokkien bak chang 1

…and thankfully, I found that it did not pose a problem at all even with all that meat inside…

Hokkien bak chang 2

…and last Thursday night, when I went out for dinner with this ex-student of mine who is now attached to Shell in Miri and was back in Sibu for a few days, I decided that I just could not resist ordering the fish…

Steamed black pomfret with sambal

…that steamed black pomfret (ikan bawal hitam) with its very nice sambal gravy. I tried that for the very first time during the dinner with annant and my Penang buddy, Eng, that night before I took off on my Penang/KL trip and I really loved it so much that I just had to have it again. Eating that was a piece of cake and likewise, the tofu on a hot plate served with minced meat and salted fish and the bitter gourd with salted egg…

Bitter gourd with salted egg

…but I was stumped when it came to this dish of baby kailan with cheese…

Baby kailan with cheese

I discovered that I was not able to chew the leafy vegetable so I was forced to abort my attempt to eat it.

Well, it certainly looks like there are certain things that I will no longer be able to enjoy from now on…but what the heck! There are still a lot of other stuff that I can still enjoy. In the words of  Gloria Gaynor, I will survive!!! Hahahahahaha….

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “I will survive (2)…”

  1. Those wanton! They are deliciously made. Why la you show pictures of food so early in the morning.. Now I’m lusting for meat though its Friday.~

    Had to wake up at 4.30 to phone my girl to wake up…right now, she should be flying between Penang and KLIA liao! I’m hungry too… Haven’t had breakfast! Hehehehehehe!

  2. stp now u take better pics le… up close and tempting 😀
    cheese kailan!!! creative wei! just like me…
    i used cheese as condiment when i was serving practical in sabah. with maggi mee, eggies, soup, veggies, i add cheese in every dish cos im a die-hard fansi of cheese liddat =.= hence da weight *point flabby arms* 😦

    Tenkiu! Tenkiu! Not too late to teach an old dog new tricks, eh? Hehehehehe!!! I love cheese with a lot of things – mashed potatoes, pasta, cheesey prawns, cheesey crabs…and hence my shape and size *points at bulging tummy* 😀

  3. In the name of FOOD, u can survive… tooth or no tooth…hahahhaa… when it comes to food, no barriers will hinder us, right? Whenever i go for my tooth extraction or fillings, the next meal will be porridge with minced meat and salted eggs… (of course home made ones) then after that meal.. anything also can wallop la.. 🙂
    Next time i go sibu, i wanna eat the kampua & kiaw.. that is a must!

    Tooth filling also cannot eat kah?…Aiyor, I’m supposed to go back there and get some done. Better wait till next month, my girl’s coming back…so can’t let her starve! LOL!!!….Yes, you must come to Sibu to try all the nice food we have here. Real yummy!

  4. Tooth extracted but still can eat so much good food as posted. That’s mean you really can survive with not even a single problem. Hehe. Where is the restaurant that serve the cheese kailan and steam black pomfret? Looks nice to me.

    Ruby… Many nice things there that you haven’t tried! Looks like you’ll have to go there again. LOL!!! Ya, I’m fine…no problem eating without teeth! But no kacang, that’s for sure! Doesn’t matter to me at all, not a fan!

  5. haha– poor you – we are at that stage of life now -last time I used to laugh at my mum and my m.i.l.
    like the idea of tooth implant – we have a dental doc. who can do it

    The dentist asked whether I wanted to take the chance…but the decay was too serious and she said infection might result, so I would be back in square one. In the end, I chose to have it extracted.

  6. Hahaha.. thank goodness it was not one of the former students that you tortured.. Imagine what would be going through her mind if it was…. “oooh.. revenge is mine…..” and “accidentally” do a few mistakes.. along with a lower dosage of novocaine.. or even better…. keep on sticking the needle in the wrong place and have to do it over and over again.. HAHAHAHAHAHA… yes yes.. I have a weird sense of humour.. to the point of being a sadist…

    I don’t think the ones I tortured end up becoming dentists…only the good ones! And this one was so worried that I would feel painful and did it all very gently and slowly.

  7. HAHAHA!! I wish I could see your facial expression when you had to abort your attempt to eat those baby kailan.. Don’t worry.. the pain will pass sooner or later.. 😀

    I wonder what I looked like when the dentist was extracting the tooth…because she said that from the expression on my face, I appeared to be in immense pain, so that got her quite worried even though I told her there wasn’t any pain at all. Hahahahaha!!!

  8. Ah! You bad bad bad!! Early morning tempt me with my favourite and i miss the most KAMPUA!!!!! Now i’m craving for Kampua….!!! Drooling……Drool again……..

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m lovin’ it! You can head to Puchong to eat the kampua there!

  9. Wah, dentist also sweet young thing….everywhere STP go got pretty ladies leh! Anymore teeth left or not?
    Next round I see u STP, must be very fit with six packed muscles…he he he!

    Hehehehehehe!!! Sweet young thing can make you forget about the pain mah! ROTFLMAO!!! Nope, no six-pack…and at the rate I’m going, I don’t think I’ll ever end up becoming a pack of bones either… 😦

  10. Aiyoh…. was thinking of treating you to a nice steak in the hilton, guess we’ll have to settle for porridge at the open air market. hahhaha.

    Tooth implants will cost you a car…. and probably a house too. hehe.

    All gone…too late for implants now. Even a car or a house will not be of help anymore! Steak at the Hilton? Try me!…Where there’s a will, there’s a way! I can bring a hand-held battery-operated grinder! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. where is the dental clinic of this sweet young thing dentist? i need 2 see a dentist too…….

    *whistles, pretending not to hear…and walks away…* Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. Oh my god… those photos ! Arghh… drool drool… ah never mind, going back tonight XD.. pian sip and wantan, here i come ^^

    Soon Hock’s!! Melissa’s favourite! She’ll be going there for some, that’s for sure! LOL!!!

  13. can start wearing dentures liao hahaha.. do come visit me next time.. XDXD i wan to earn ur money.. ^^

    You?…Never mind. You wanna earn back all the money you spent on sleeping in my tuition class, izzit? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Poor Suituapui! Almost toothless huh! :p Yeah, read about your “plight” earlier on! I hope you are feeling better now. Ha 😀

    It has healed, no problem there…but without teeth, there are things I may not be able to eat. I can no longer eat groundnuts, that’s for sure…no teeth to grind!

  15. Tooth extracted still has a lot of appetite! You really love to eat huh! I wonder if that is why you are almost toothless now. LOL 😀

    Makes me wonder what will happen to me one day when I am old. :p

    But I don’t mind being toothless…I don’t need to brush teeth at night!

    Eyew!!!…You young people are fortunate with the pretty dental nurses conducting regular checks and giving good advice when you were in school We never had that and were totally ignorant about dental care. Even the filling that I had done, the dentist used the black metallic type…I think it was mercury! Generally people now have nicer teeth.

  16. The pian ship looks nice! How come the noodle looks like not cooked yet? :p You can eat dumpling? isn’t it too hard for you? LOL 😀

    Ok! Ok! I’d better stop now. 🙂 Have a great weekend Suituapui!

    They’ve minced meat inside…so of course, they’re not hard at all and I can eat them, thank goodness! LOL!!! Ya…have a nice holiday!

  17. I was told that they even sell dentures at Serikin. Wonder how it works. I’m sure it is not like the toy one Sam bought at Wisma Sanyan.

    I hope they’re not recycled ones. Eyew….. Hahahahahahaha!

  18. Love the first pic. Pien nyuk.

    Hi, Daryl…you’re Foochow too? Hopped over to your blog – looks like you’re from Kuching. Thanks for dropping by, a warm welcome…and do come again…often! LOL!!! I’ve added you in my blogroll.

  19. kailan with cheese??!! OMG, sounded so mismatching :p

    great, you see things in an optimistic manner.. i really think you can still enjoy lots of nice food, even only the food you’ve featured here is enough already.. hahaha 😀

    It’s actually very nice. A popular dish…but unfortunately, the veg was not chewable…for somebody as toothless as me! LOL!!! Exactly what I thought – just have to do without the things I can’t manage…and there are still so many things left for me. No problem at all.

    Welcome [SK]! I’ve seen your comments in some of my blogger-friends’ blogs. Will drop by yours to say hi. Thanks for hopping by and do come again… I’ve added you in my blogroll.

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