Nobody does it better…

I guess all my friends would know jolly well that I am a coffee drinker and not a tea person and one thing I’ve noticed is that the coffee is somewhat different between Penang, KL and Sibu.

I found the coffee in Penang very black and sweet…

Penang kopi-o

…with some hint of the flavour of coffee which is more than I can say about KL coffee. In the capital, the coffee that I had had was black and sweet with a sourish tinge but somehow, I could not taste the coffee at all.

I do not know what they use to make the coffee in the coffee shops in the two cities, perhaps those ready-packed factory-made coffee powder…but I did not enjoy it at all and ordered each time more out of habit than anything else.

The coffee that I had at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the Penang International Airport was fine…

Coffee Bean coffee

…and also those that I had had at the hotels. I guess they must have those all-in-one coffee percolators that would grind the coffee beans and brew the fresh coffee to be served. They all tasted like…coffee, even the ultra-diluted one that I had on my MAS flight from KLIA to Sibu…

MAS coffee

…but they were all not “kao” enough, being so watered-down that they sadly lacked the “oomph” that I would seek in my coffee.

In my younger days, the coffee shop people in the town would sit on a stool outside their premises in the afternoon when business was relatively slower, roasting the coffee beans in one big black drum that they would keep turning round and round over an open fire, before grinding them into coffee powder. The fragrance would fill the whole neighbourhood, reaching far and wide. I do not seem to see them doing that anymore…but we can get the coffee powder freshly-ground from roasted coffee beans in your presence at a shop in the town.

Perhaps some of the coffee shops get their regular supply from that shop as well for the coffee at quite a number of them in the town is very nice…

Soon Hock's kopi-o-peng

Some, of course, will tell you that the best coffee may be found at a coffee shop in Sungai Merah and they would go all the way just to drink the coffee there. Personally, I do not mind as long as it is good enough which is more than I can say about the coffee in Penang or KL.Β But at the end of the day, I am pretty sure that I can safely declare that nobody does it better than the Ruby Restaurant here in Sibu…

Ruby kopi-o-peng

It is kopi-o or black coffee that has been whisked in a blender to get that extra body and a whole lot of froth – something along the same lines as teh tarek…except that this method is more sophisticated than the traditional way those mamak stalls use to make the tea. Thus, when served with ice in a tall glass, it actually looks like Guiness Stout. Just one sip and you will be able to tell why this one is simply THE best!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Nobody does it better…”

  1. i know i know ruby *smug*
    i know i know da kopi-o-black, it’s cal arthur’s kopi too *smug* πŸ˜€

    Hahahahaha!!! Come to Sibu again, annant…and we’ll go there again! Yum! Yum!

  2. Good moring STP..
    I am not a coffee drinker but one of my ex classmate from Rawang is a coffee addict. Each morning she brews her own coffee in a stainless steel mug, and the coffee powder bought from IPOH main market. An Eagle brand, there and then they will “crush” it for her… it seems like that “fresher” wor.. All i know is IPOH is famous for the old town white coffee though it is not really white in colour.. i wonder why…

    Ya…real coffee drinkers would insist on freshly-ground coffee. They have the coffee makers that do that – even small ones for home use. I’m not that particular about my coffee – as long as it is nice enough. I dunno why old town coffee is called white – maybe because it’s with milk, so it’s not kopi-o or black coffee.

    1. You are right, STP. My friend from Ipoh told me that the white coffee is called white because of the milk being used, the white does not refer to the colour of the coffee. Oh yes, I love Ipoh old town white coffee. They are kaw and sweet. But I don’t like the instant white coffee available in supermarket, they don’t taste the same as the authentic thing.

      PS: I am not a coffee person. I can only drink Arthur Kopi from Ruby and white coffee from an old coffeeshop in Ipoh old town.

      I can’t take drinks with milk as they make me feel very sleepy – even if it’s coffee or tea, so it’s kopi-o-peng kao2 for me, nothing else. I don’t mind Nescafe but not those 3-in-1 packets. They’re not so nice either.

    2. The white coffee bean is sold at RM26/kilo. That is not roasted with Golden Churn butter…actually pretty much “oil” free, by the looks of it. It’s also Arabica, and the coffee roaster told me that the way to enjoy the full flavor of this coffee is to put it through the coffee-makers (NOT percolators). He gave me 150 gm (grinded) to try, but haven’t tried it as I do not have a coffee-maker. Will give some to friend, and ask her to try first.

      I have a percolator… Wow! That guy must be very friendly! Here, they do not talk to you – strictly business. Tell the guy what you want, he will grind…put in a bag and pass to you and you pay the money! Not a word said! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. i am definitely a coffee drinker – at least cup a day. Sometimes, I even have 3 cups! How many cups do you drink a day?

    I must have one in the morning, otherwise my eyes will not open and I will be walking around like a zombie. Then I will have one for 3/4 o’clock tea. Minimum two mugs a day, but if I go out and eat something at 10…or for lunch, I may have another one or two glasses of kopi-o-peng.

  4. Ok, bro. i have a mission to accomplish, from now untill the next time you step your feet on Penang’s soil again, i will do my best to learn to anything and everything that’s to be learnt about coffee, i will therefore pledge to make you a cup in a million, the out of the world coffee just for the pleasure of my friend… Arthur ………

    By the way, i am a coffee buff too. one in the morning, one in during the tea break… By the way, how is Melissa doing in SP, is she coping well with her never ending assignments?

    Hey, can you think of a song that has “nobody does it better ” in it?

    That would mean that you have to come to Sibu 1st to try Ruby’s coffee…and then you can go back and look for one in Penang that can beat it. So when are you coming?… Melissa’s fine. She managed to meet the deadlines…but I guess there’ll be others coming. She’ll be coming home this Friday for the Raya break…so my headaches will begin – arranging for taxi/transport SP-Penang airport-SP…. Ya, there’s a song by Carly Simon (better known for “You’re so vain”)

  5. Hahaha πŸ˜€ Kaki kopi! Don’t drink too much…it is not good for you. Well…that is what my wife always tell me. That’s why I have stopped drinking coffee and tea for quite some time… 😦

    Well, it’s one of the very few vices that I have left… Hehehehehehe!

  6. Hahaha :DI still remembered the Mas one. Ultra diluted? Nolar…they just use some water and mix it with Buncho colour. LOL πŸ˜€

    I must say that nowadays it is quite hard to get a good coffee. Even starbuck and coffee bean can’t serve good, aromatic coffee with balanced taste every time. πŸ™‚

    Buncho? Gosh! Don’t be so mean! It did taste like coffee…but was very very watered-down. You only get a very slight hint of the coffee taste. Coffee Bean’s coffee is a bit better, but not really that great either. No comments about Starbucks…as I’ve a blogger friend working there…and I’ve never been there either, so can’t comment! LOL!!!

  7. I think we are brought up to be coffee drinkers. The huge pot at grandma’s house is warm the whole day. My 3 kids do not drink coffee at all. The coffee in any kopi tiam in Sibu is far better than in Kch!

    Ya…I don’t recall drinking great coffee anywhere in Kuching. That was the practice at my house too when I was young – one big pot in the morning and we drink that throughout the day! Mel’s not into coffee either!

    1. I bought coffee powder from the Kenyalang market…is RM20/kilo…is very very very nice. Of course have to prepared it the “ah ma’s house” way. Boiling water also needs to be poured slowly while stirring furiously with the other hand at the same time….then have to let it sit a while. My son drinks the angmo type of coffee (which he himself cannot afford type…hahahahha) but drinks tea at home now.

      I used to laugh at Nette who said she’ll get migraine if she doesn’t drink coffee…she’s having the last laugh, cos I had the same condition a few weeks ago. I guess the capillaries need the caffeine!!

      Goodness! I thought people have migraine from drinking coffee! Probably it’s just because it’s “heaty”…and gives them a headache. I get that from drinking MILO. Ya…the coffee powder from the shop here is around that price. My friend tried the more expensive ones but he said they’re more or less the same… Ya…that’s one reason why I don’t quite like using a coffee maker. The powder must be soaked for some time in the boiling water to bring out the thick, rich flavour – not just blanched by the hot vapour (and what a waste of good coffee powder).

  8. Over here I love drinking cafe latte n flat white coffee in cafes or restaurants,but at home I drink moccona instant ones. Yes, I still think Sibu coffee is one of the best but lately slightly different becos they put in sweetener cream instead of condensed milk. However Toast box,etc…in Kl n Spore ones also nice! I prefer white to black coffee.

    I never take coffee with milk so I wouldn’t know the difference between sweetened creamer and condensed milk in the Sibu coffee shop coffee… And that’s why I don’t go for those lattes and what not… Kopi-o-peng for me!

    1. In Singapore, I know for a fact their “kopi” is actually black coffee + condensed milk (real one) + evaporated milk. That’s why it’s slightly richer in taste and flavour. Next time you’re there, notice how the black coffee is prepared..pretty interesting with the boiling water being poured through that long funnel.

      In the coffee shops?…Last time I went, all food courts that they called “kopi tiam” and you can guess the quality of the coffee at that kind of places. I don’t take milk with my coffee – milk makes me sleepy! (Probably psychological as I always have that for my night caps! LOL!!!)

      1. Not the food courts, but the food and toast specialty shops, like Ya Kun (my favourite).

        Dunno people in Spore…so we usually roam around Orchard Road, that’s all… I missed the old coffee shops…and the food! Probably can get those if can get out of the theme park-like city centre…

  9. Yum, yum, coffee. Coffee for me is a good dessert after every meal!

    Gosh! That makes a minimum of three cups a day! More than me! I don’t usually drink at night, scared later can’t sleep!

  10. Was given some 3 in 1 ones last trip to Sibu by my sil Ah Y n thru immigration,the officer chucked them away becos they hve powdered milk inside so not allowed to go thru customs…. 😦

    Aiyor…got powdered milk meh? I thought all the coffee sachets contain creamer – palm oil!

  11. the other day it was Elton John; this time it’s Carly Simon, is it??

    Ya…it’s from the James Bond movie, “The spy who loved me”. All my post titles are names of songs…

  12. Hi Cikgu,

    Long, long ago I too, was a coffee addict…needed a few ‘fixes’ everyday. Would be horribly grouchy kalo tak kena.

    Now, I cannot tolerate coffee pulak…it gives me splitting headaches…just spoil my day.

    Me, no problem…but my missus can’t take strong Nescafe. Makes her jittery – coffee nerves, I guess!

    1. She dun get palpitations? I get terrible palpitations whenever I take coffee, no matter how mild it is. Strange. 😦 Why does it happen? I mean, both tea and coffee contains caffeine, but tea does not affect me that way.

      My missus get palpitations from Nescafe…but ok with the local brew. I wouldn’t know why.

  13. sibu coffee used to be better.. cause they used Golden Churn to roast

    Oh? Is that so? No wonder the aroma so strong and would spread throughout the neighbourhood… Btw, ur first time commenting, whichever Michael you may be…so welcome and do keep dropping by and comment….

    1. Oh this guy at Kenyalang Park (think the coffee brand is Hin Loong or something) still use Golden Churn. I happened to meet the tow-kay himself, a real jovial man, at the stall last week. He was explaining to me how they roast the beans.

      You should ask him when he roasts the beans…and you can hang around! So nice, gives you an all-time high! Hahahahahaha!!!

      1. Ya lah…he gave me his card some more! But I wonder if only the aroma is enough to give that all-time high (isn’t there a song with this title…rita coolidge??) Maybe have to ingest kao-kao, baru ada kick!

        One thing about places in Sibu – if business is good, they do not have time for small talk and can get very grumpy – like the Kidney Foundation beef noodle lady…or the man at that so-called Soon Kai kampua place…or the only-available-later-at-night Teochew kampua at the Sibu Central market…. LOL!!!

  14. I never know coffee in Ruby is good. Next time I go there must try. As you said, many like the one in Sungai Merah and will go all the way there just for the nice ‘kao’ coffee. I am a casual coffee drinker. I like the one in Uncle Dom now. Very “kao” and nice!

    Since quite sometime I never log in, I noticed that the pictures in your blog is much better and nicer now with the new camera in hand. Hehe. Good work!

    I think I had the kopi-o-peng at Uncle Dom…but no! Nothing to shout about and comes nowhere near Ruby’s blended iced coffee… I’ve tried the one at The coffee shop in Sg Merah but I though it was just so-so, nothing great. We can get more or less the same at a lot of other places. As for the photos, I’m still learning – not always good! Old man’s hands not so steady…especially when in a hurry – everybody waiting to attack the food! LOL!!!

    1. Then I should really try the Ruby’s coffee then. My mum and wife both love to drink coffee.

      You should! Very very nice. Say you want Arthur’s blended kopi-o-peng! Remind them to make it kao2!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  15. I neither coffee nor tea drinker.
    I am a milo or chocolate drinker, haha..

    So you can get that free on board the flights, right? Dutch Lady chocolate milk! MasWings, they have Milo in packets… If I drink Milo, I’ll feel sleepy and want to go to sleep. LOL!!!

    1. I always opt for the orange juice or the pink guava juice on flight…

      Hey! Why are you commenting on all the backdated posts? You’re clicking the links on Facebook, are you?

  16. You would have liked my school. There’s a coffee processing plant somewhere nearby and you can smell the coffee aroma when you’re teaching away. After a while, can get ‘intoxicated.’ Haha!

    You can pretend to go there and complain…and maybe you’ll get free coffee. I remember somewhere Pisang Road West area…somebody was making sambal laksa, so the whole neighbourhood was filled with that smell… I wonder how many of the residents still love laksa after all that…

  17. I love kopi (kopi+ susu), Kopi O peng, Kopi O…or nescafe…when i have a bad headache, nescafe will be my “panadol” but not 3 in 1, that one tak jalan cos it’s too sweet…

    when i go back to Penang…I sure will drink kopi O peng..
    I love to drink the “kopi O peng kaw jia” the kopi will be very kaw and not so sweet….

    p/s: too bad this week Im not in Penang, when she will be back to Penang/SP again??…I might be travel up again soon.. who knows maybe timing can match le!!

    Ah…then you MUST come to Sibu to try the coffee here! LOL!!! Thanks for the offer, Mandy but paiseh…paiseh… It’s really so very nice of you but I can’t possibly trouble you again. Gee! You’re not even in Penang or the kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya – all the way in KL. If she goes/we go to KL, then we’ll let you know. πŸ˜‰

    1. no problem la…next will try to match the kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya…LOL!! Sure U know who to call la when u r in Penang.

      p/s: hey today is Melissa’s birthday wor…Happy Birthday to her ya!!!

      Sure will call you…or you can always call her when you’re passing by SP. I’m sure she would love to see you and the two of you can go mam-mam or something. First thing she told me after she met you – Aunty is SOOOO nice! Nope…her birthday is tomorrow.

      1. sorry it should be tomorrow….anyway happy birthday in advance to her… paiseh!

        Ya, it’s tomorrow. I’ll be putting a post for the special occasion… So sweet of you to remember!

  18. Coffee, i love coffee too!! I need two to three cups a day, but i don’t drink black coffee, i would prefer to add some creamer. πŸ™‚ i know i know it’s fattening! hahahahha

    Sungai Merah serve best coffee? My mum stay around there, she only tell me the “teh ping” is nice and also kampua! hahahhahaha. Next round when i back to sibu i should check out the coffee shop that you mention in Sungai Merah. πŸ˜€

    Ya, they sing praises of the coffee at Sg Merah…but I thought it was just ok. Nice but not exceptionally great!

  19. i never really tastes coffee from all places..
    but still the ones here in ipoh is nice =)

    I’ve never tasted coffee from Ipoh…but I guess it should be nice as it’s so famous.

  20. I can never take coffee… gives me terrible palpitation… 😦 Yep… I’m a tea person…. kakakaka… just look at my blog name… ‘Over A Cuppa Tea’. Kakakak… i think everyone tau oredi… kakakak

    I’m not a tea person. Makes me go to the toilet all the time – diuretic! Coffee makes me come alive!

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