Too much…

Sometimes when I’ve been feasting on all the good food, there will come a time when I’ll feel that I have had too much…that enough is enough, and I will yearn for some plain and simple fare. This happens without fail during Chinese New Year by the 2nd or 3rd day, and I’ll cook some plain porridge to eat with salted egg or salted fish.

When I was in Penang, I took a stroll one evening down the road directly opposite the hotel where I was staying. After about 100 metres, I came to a crossroads and I noticed quite a crowd at the coffee shop in the block of shophouses on the right after the junction. Needless to say, I went over to see what the attraction was and by george, they were having Teochew porridge…at 4.00 p.m.

I surveyed the array of condiments that they had – salted eggs, salted veg…all the braised innards and I told myself that was what I wanted for dinner that night. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be as when my daughter and I went back to the shop at nightfall, most of the things were finished and we had to go some place else to eat some other things for dinner. Gee! Those Penangites certainly had very odd eating times!

It was not until when I was in KL that I spotted a place selling Teochew porridge – one of those shops selling chap fan (mixed rice) across the road from Low Yat Plaza. I had the pork in soy sauce with one hard-boiled egg…

Teochew porridge 1

…and the pig’s blood…

Teochew porridge 2

It had been ages since I last had that. The Chinese believe that it cleanses the system and barbers in the past would eat it once a month to get rid of those tiny bits of hair that they had breathed in or swallowed and were trapped in their system. I don’t know how true that is…but that was what I was told when I was young and that was the reason why we had to eat it way back then.

There weren’t any salted vegetables and I thought that was already enough for one person to finish, but I just had to order the salted egg as well…and that was a delightful lunch indeed!!! Yum! Yum!

Well, everyone knows that in the past, people had Teochew porridge for breakfast, though maybe with simpler condiments…and Malaysians would eat nasi lemak for breakfast as well. However, these days, people will eat these at any time of day, even for lunch and dinner…like the time when my ex-students, Walter and Dudley (and Dudley’s brother) dropped by to see me…

With Walter and Dudley

…and we went to Pappa Rich…

Pappa Rich KL 1

…and everybody had their nasi lemak which was actually pretty good…

Pappa Rich nasi lemak

They also have this in the cafe…

Pappa Rich KL 2

I first saw it at Salsas in Penang. You press the button and the cashier at the counter will be alerted and at the same time, the watches that the waiters are wearing will start vibrating…

Pappa Rich KL 3

…and the table number calling will be shown on the watch, so the waiter(s) can get moving in a jiffy. Come to think of it, at some places, maybe the waiters or waitresses would need more than a vibration – an electric shock perhaps, to get them moving! LMAO!!!

Well, I think we have had too much already, haven’t we? I’m talking about my posts on my Penang and KL trip. I bet everybody’s so bored by now – one after another, day after day. Don’t despair, folks…for the good news is this is going to be the last one. My normal posts will resume tomorrow. So don’t forget to drop by, eh?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Too much…”

  1. I remember eating pig’s blood cooked with kangkung whenever we eat out at Sibu’s market (the one where we eat upstairs, downstairs was the meat market). It was nice.

    My family likes to cook it pansuh-style with the other parts (intestines, etc). Nice!

    Are they still around? In my younger days, after the parties or dances, my friends and I would go to the upper floor of the old since-demolished Sibu market and we would have that kangkong and pig’s blood dish for supper along with other things together with our plain porridge – 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning! Gosh! Those were the days! LOL!!!

  2. Time for ‘redemption’ my friend! Hope u hve been a good boy n back to 3 square meals now n no junkies in between. What is with the ‘lancang kuning’ shirt?!Lol!! In regard to the hi-tech device shown,I came across something similiar in Vegas, P.F Chang restaurant few yrs ago. When waiting for yr table, they give u a device which lites up letting u know it is ready so u can come into the restaurant. Pretty awesome for a ‘sakai’like me!hehehe!

    You should know that I do not choose my clothes – whatever colour, pattern…as long as the size fits, I would just buy! Sometimes I would buy the same in different colours! LOL!!!…Gee! I thought you would have a lot of that kind of devices in Oz.

  3. da vellux thingy very canggih…never see it before =.=
    and ewww…piggie blood…

    good morning…busy day ahead :S 😦 T-T

    I first saw it in 2007 when I went for dinner at this place called Salsas in Penang (Hotel Continental, Penang Road) – nice food, nice place…and this is the 2nd time. Pig’s blood is nice! Next time you come to Sibu, I’ll take you to go and try – like tofu! LOL!!!

  4. wait, izzit da same as da ones in hospital?
    instead of vibrating, it lights up?

    Nope…I don’t think so. These are wireless… I don’t think the ones in the hospitals and medical centres are. There, you press “call”…and the light comes on at the panel outside at the counter indicating your room number. Not so canggih!

  5. Pig’s blood? You gotta be kidding me! The chicken in the nasi lemak looks big! And, oh yes, the blog, it’s refurbished, with some posts removed to keep up with the theme of an opened cookie jar, where I can put more cookies in.

    You mean you have never tried pig’s blood before? Gee! You don’t know what you’re missing! LMAO!!!…Ya, I dropped by your blog – no new posts…and the header and the photos all would not download. Maybe the connection was poor, I wouldn’t know…

  6. wow, i didn’t know u call that ‘teochew porridge’…i guess that’s the equilavent of ‘taiwanese style porridge’…which i love to eat when in taipei..also,i can’t believe so many of ur readers never had pigs blood before! haha..

    Ya…it’s more or less the same, but Taiwanese porridge may contain sweet potatoes. I understand that in the past, rice was expensive…so to make up for it, they had porridge and they added sweet potatoes for the bulk. These days, sweet potatoes are SO expensive. I guess many young people today know more about things like burgers and hot dogs…

  7. I’ve tried pig’s blood before. The taste is so overwhelming with the thought of eating an animal’s blood.

    Wait till you see those people drinking freshly-squeezed snake’s blood in Thailand *faints*

  8. at the rate of what you are eating the last 3 weeks suggest you go for general blood screening test am due for that – we can compare our report..haha.

    I thought it was pretty ok…We had 3 meals a day and we did not even have tea in between, nor supper. I don’t feel like I’ve put on weight…and anyway, I’m back to my daily dose of daun hempedu bumi… LOL!!!

    1. LOL! Compare blood test results pulak!! I should get mine done so overdue for one as well. I was just given a whole 3 kg+ tenggiri long kiam hu….I think is a good idea before I start devouring….hahaha.

      Good grief! 3 kg!!! That’s a whole lotta cholesterol and salt… Hahahahaha!!! Oooo…now you’ve got me drooling. But so far, I haven’t had really nice long kiam hu from the market stalls here… Usually nicer if can get from people we know… Bet yours must be really very good!!! Yum! Yum!!! Hint! Hint!!! LOL!!!

  9. STP, i m a teochiew nang and i simply loves porridge.. that is a fact! hahaha.. but since u mentioned it, it had been ages since i last made plain porridge at home.. my kids don’t like it, they r only half teochiew anyway… but as for me, give me fried ikan bilis (small ones), a piece of fried kembong fish, salted egg, preserved beancurd (china) or pickles.. I m most happy… i can wallop 3 bowls at least… now with all the banned products from china, like the can fish with black beans, i have stopped buying… Salted eggS? anytime.. yeah..

    and looking at your Pappa Rich, it is really an eye opener for me, never heard of that high tech before too… eh, u really eat all u can, huh? pig’s blood too! wa lau…

    Ya…I think Teochew porridge is the watery type eaten with all those condiments. The fried dace with black beans banned? Well, there are some local-made ones – maybe not as nice, but beggars can’t be choosers… Pickled lettuce, salted and century egg, salted fish or fried ikan bilis and groundnuts, fried kangkong… Really nice! I don’t like the fermented tofu – my missus loves that!

    Wah! At least that was the 2nd time I saw that high tech thingy! Not bad for this goondoo from a little town! LOL!!! …And don’t worry! The last time I had pig’s blood was probably decades ago…though we may get a tiny piece or two (with liver, intestines etc…) in our mixed soup at our noodles stall!

  10. Well…sometimes I have that kind of feeling too Suituapui! But…well…I will still eat it..but then I need to do lots of exercise afterwards. LOL 😀

    Exercise?….*pretends didn’t hear* 😀

  11. Pig bloods? Yucks! Blueks…are those thing even safe to eat? LOL 😀 I have never tasted it before but I heard people saying that these cubic blood can help cleanse our blood? Is it so? :/

    Ya…that’s what they say, and we had to eat that quite regularly when we were young. I suppose if they were not safe, all of us would have been dead long ago! Barbers ate that every month. Don’t think anybody has done any tests on it as those mat salleh people don’t eat such things! LOL!!!

  12. War…PapaRich has such a top-notch service? Watch which respond to the control on the table! Awesome! :p

    Ya…and it’s not even a posh and expensive place like Salsas in Penang. This one is something like Old Town or Steven’s Corner…

  13. OMG!!! Can’t believe my picture appeared in STP’s blog!! *jump up and down in joy… ouch, the ceiling fan!!*

    LOL!!! Wow!!! The excitement!…It was nice of you and Walter to take the trouble to drop by to see this old man who was known to be mean and sarcastic! 😀 Thanks. Many would just keep their distance – safe and sound.

  14. Anyway, went to Pappa Rich again this afternoon but at a different branch.. the nasi lemak and soya milk cendol still taste as nice.. also got the news that one branch is going to open up less than one kilometer from my place….. sure a lot of rich papas nowadays!!

    Wah! You never tried the other things that they have – sticking loyally to your usual? LOL!!!

  15. I super love pig’s blood.. The only Kolo Mee that provides Pig’s blood soup that I know is the one near HSL Pending.. Should visit the kopitiam one of these days 🙂

    Don’t they have pig’s blood in the soup at the Carpenter Street kolo mee shops too? Pig’s blood, liver and intestines… Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  16. that thing u press 2 call for the waiter and pay for the bill….Tanahmas hotel also use it at Peppers cafe…..maybe its getting popular….

    They have it here in Sibu! Gee! I didn’t know that! Just about shows how long I haven’t been to Peppers. Maybe I should drop by one of these days…and do a review on the food. The cheesecakes are nice…

  17. Pigs blood… ewww. Never ever liked it and much worse after i saw how they collected the pig’s blood in the abattoir. Lets just say… you should get tetanus shots. heheh.
    The first time i saw that “tekan for waiter thing” was in Dragon-I in KL i think. Then one shop dim sum shop in kuching tried to implement it when first buka. Tekan tekan but no waiter came..haha. Went back a few months later and it seems that the device has been thrown in the bins..haha. probably every table “tekan tekan” it at the same time.

    Hahahahaha!!! Heard from LJ that they have it at Peppers. Haven’t been there for ages. Maybe can drop by tomorrow for Mel’s birthday dinner and after that….karaoke! 😀

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