Big in Japan…

After our heavy brunch at the Ipoh Road yong tow foo place that morning, nyonyapenang and her hubby took me to KLPac or in full, the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre in Sentul Park. My daughter came here last year on one of the excursions organised by the institute and she enjoyed herself very much. I think she did mention in passing that she wouldn’t mind going there again.

Well, there wasn’t any performance or anything on at the time when we were there, so we just strolled around the place.


Well, you can see nyonyapenang in the photo…except that she did not have her sarong kebaya and the works on. LOL!!!

Some of you may have heard of blogger Peter Tan. Well, he and his wife Wuan, together with another blogger, Victor Chin, were holding an exhibition at the place. Entitled “Exits”, the focus was on the passing of the mother. Well, I do not know whether it was just a coincidence or whether it was in conjunction with the 7th Month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

And from the 10th of September until the 13th, there would be the staging of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”…

KLPac - Hamlet

Upon leaving the main building, we went over to this part of Sentul Park – the Koi Centre…

Sentul Park Koi Centre 1

It certainly is a very beautiful place, this Japanese garden…

Sentul Park Koi Centre 2

Sentul Park Koi Centre 3

As a matter of fact, nyonyapenang posed for a sexy photograph for me among the weeping willows but with due respect for her desire for privacy and confidentiality, I’m afraid I will not be posting it here.

But according to her, this is a popular location for wedding photographs. However, since it was the 7th Month – the month of the Hungry Ghosts, it came as no surprise that there was not even a single couple around that morning…

Sentul Park Koi Centre 4

Sentul Park Koi Centre 5

After all that we had eaten for brunch earlier, I must say that the relaxing and refreshing walk in the park was definitely a good idea…to let the food settle a bit. Thanks once again, nyonyapenang and hubby! I certainly enjoyed the outing that morning a lot…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Big in Japan…”

  1. Woohooo! FC again! :p

    Ya, you saw it on Facebook! Not fair! You just posted your there and when I went over to your blog, already so many comments! Humph!!!

  2. Morning suituapui! Wow! So you went to an art centre huh? It is in Sentul? I didn’t know there is such a center there. LOL πŸ˜€

    The only pictures I love are the scenery ones. Well…it does look like a perfect spot to capture wedding photo aye. πŸ˜‰

    ArtS centre, performing arts… Well, Daniel stays in Sentul and he did not even know there’s such a nice place there!

  3. didn’t know kl has such a nice centre leh!

    Some rich people, I hear, pooling their money together to promote and support the arts…which is a very good gesture indeed!

  4. We once spent almost a day here, when they had an open day here. They had mini workshops, mini performances etc. Quite cool!

    We went on a Sunday on that Merdeka weekend…so there was nothing on, plus we went quite early in the morning. Melissa loved it there…and she met theatre people like Faridah Marican! Cool indeed!

    1. Ya, saw the whole KL arts people there..faridah merican and hubby, jit murad, the acapella singers and lots more….it was a good event!

      I guess that’s their second home. Melissa met the hubby too – Joe Hasham. She attended some workshop the two conducted, if I’m not mistaken and also got to watch a play. There was a show on that time when I went – some drum show by some physically-challenged hard-of-hearing kids…but not that early in the morning.

  5. It near my place only. I live nearby but never entered there yet. It was developed by YTL for Sentul East and Sentul West development.

    Ya…I heard it’s YTL’s effort to promote the arts. Btw, welcome…and do come again. Nice blog you have…and gee! I’m already linked! Tnx!!! Will add you to my blogroll right away!

    Hey! Wait a minute! Just dawned on me that you’re Abu & Joanna’s son! Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. i never heard of KLpac, my goodness.. .never been to japanese garden too, u r more privileged! each time i go KL or Rawang, it is mainly spent in shopping complexes cos time is always limited when i go down.. so ended up eating all we can and shop till drop! lol…

    Hah! See all the nice things you miss…shop…shop…shop!!! In Singapore, they have one whole park – the Japanese Garden, a tourist attraction in Jurong, next to the Chinese Garden…

  7. Thanks for the mention. We got the slot very early in the year. The exhibition will end this Sunday.

    Most welcome. If I’m not mistaken, nyonyapenang knows you personally… A soul-searching theme indeed.

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by. A visit by a celebrity to my humble blog…

  8. i tried chinese yong tau foo at the pasar malam in jelutong last night. my friend keith took me there and he said it’s one of the famous yong tau foo in penang πŸ™‚
    you prefer the soup type or the prawn paste type?

    you are getting good on snapping pictures… new camera? πŸ˜€

    I inherited my daughter’s camera – the one I bought her when she went over to SP to further her studies in 2007. I bought her a new one that’s supposedly better. I had a post on that here:
    That’s why you can get to see better photos now compared to my previous ones taken using my hp camera.

    I prefer yong tau foo with clear soup. Not really into the prawn paste except maybe with fruits rojak. Penang people seem to add that to a lot of things…

  9. Hi Cikgu,

    We enjoyed the stroll just as much….it’s really a haven to soothe tired souls. We visited Peter’s and Victor’s exhibition a couple of weeks back and yes….’EXITS’…it’s beautifully and touchingly presented.

    And thanks once again for the mention as well as the pic, Cikgu. Let me know earlier next time…I’ll pop by in my sarong and kebaya if…if…if it still fits, that is! hahahaha….. Maybe can jumpa in my kampung next time.

    Yalor…bet that will not be a problem! You must have been taking good care of yourself, still have the shape to wear sarong kebaya – unlike me! Not that I’m going to wear one though!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Your kampung? Penang?…Well, we met there during Chinese New Year 2008 – over a year ago! Gosh! Time really flies…

  10. KLPac is like 5 minutes from my place. Why didn’t you call me up? Oh well, probably I was sleeping.

    Young people these days…. Sleep so much! We were brought up to wake up at the break of dawn, so to this day, I still have the habit, no matter how late I go to sleep the night before – but I may have a short nap after lunch to make up for the lost sleep.

  11. After the walk, STP got hungry again…ha ha ha!

    I went to Pavilion…and then I had to go to the toilet. LOL!!! Had a late lunch – you can see what I ate in tomorrow’s post! Blood! Hahahahaha!

  12. I think I haven’t been to Sentul before…

    You didn’t drop by to have a cup of tea at the Japanese Tea House?

    Not after all that we ate minutes earlier at the Ipoh Road yong tow foo place…

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