A night to remember (2)…

What did I do that first night in KL?

Well, I went out to dinner with two of my ex-students, Mac (who was in Penang when I was there)…


…and Guztyne…


They took me to this restaurant named “Delicious” at Marc Residence…

Delicious 1

…and I had the duck comfit…

Delicious 2

…which was pretty nice, while Mac had some fish dish…

Delicious 3

…and Guztyne had the lamb shank masala

Delicious 4

Actually I was contemplating on having that as I have always had a soft spot for lamb shanks, but I was having second thoughts because of the masala bit. Well, I’m glad I did not order that in the end because it was not really nice. I still prefer lamb shank stewed in thick brown gravy and served on a bed of mashed potatoes.

I had the apple crumble for dessert…

Delicious 5

…which wasn’t that great, but the chocolate brownie that the two of them shared was really heavenly!

Delicious 6

After dinner, we adjourned to the Crossroads Lounge at the lobby of Concorde KL and what a pleasant surprise it was when Malaysian Idol Jac Victor walked onto the stage…

Jac Victor 1

Looking very elegant in her purple saree, she sang two songs – Karyn White’s “Superwoman” and Alicia Keys’ “No one”…

Jac Victor 2

She was attending an Indian wedding reception at the ballroom and dropped by when the function was over.

Well, thanks so much, Mac and Guztyne. It was really nice of the two of you and it certainly was a delightful and memorable evening…

Congratulations to Guztyne who just became the proud father of a baby son yesterday (Saturday, 5 September 2009) at around 1.30 p.m. Be a good father now…and all the best to you, your missus and your new arrival!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “A night to remember (2)…”

  1. Thanks for the article Sir! Its been great meeting up with you after so long! LOL,Take good care and hope to meet again with the family and lil Ryan ;-)!

    Welcome! It was nice to catch up with you after all this time. One week late…otherwise, I could have been around to celebrate the arrival of lil’Ryan! Ok…take lots of sour things, and try for a daughter next! LOL!!!

  2. Yeah! Guzzy’s a dad liao~ I’m gonna teach his son all the wrong things. =P Well, u better do sth bout ur cough there. There was once when I had prolonged bouts of coughing, I decided to fight fire with fire. Downed a tube of pringles, a pack of peanuts and gawd knows how many cans of beer. Voila. Shocked my system till I was cured the next day. But somehow or other, it didn’t work the next time I tried. Hahahaha.

    LMAO!!! Guz should keep his son far far away from the likes of us!….Ya, for your cough the second time around, you probably would need something a lot stronger – vodka and whisky and tequilla perhaps….The germs have mutated so what you had before wasn’t strong enough anymore to get rid of them! LOL!!!

  3. wah.. i love what u ate as per above.. esp the ice cream with the choc.. wa lau… i just love sweeties… the molten choc in Chili’s .. i still drool over it whenever i see the pic…
    but best of all, jackyn victor!! wow… i would love to see her sing LIVE… her voice, her mouth..my goodness… so power… she didnt sing that winning song.. what’s the name.. i forgot… gosh, i really have a short memory nowadays!

    Gemilang! Nope…she didn’t!…Gosh! And you’re so much younger than me! Have to take Gingko liao lor!!! Hahahahahaha!

    1. younger than u in numbers only STP but when it comes to mentality… white hankerchief… i teruk one..i know… eat gingko? aiyah.. too late already… lol..

      Menopause?…My missus also can’t seem to remember a lot of things nowadays…

  4. Certainly a night to remember STP! So many foods to eat. You are so damn lucky to have so many yummy stuff to enjoy! Ha 😀 Even Jack was there?

    Yes, I must count all my blessings one by one…and indeed, we were lucky to be entertained by Jac out of the blue. We never expected that!

  5. I think it’s delicious at “Duo Residence” or is there a Marc Residence? Eh… And that brownie looks so delicious!

    Yes, it’s Marc Residence… I think Chriso Tock had an event there on the night of the 31st – Random Alphabets or something. SO near the hotel I was staying…and he didn’t drop by to say hello! Tsk! Tsk!!!

  6. Nice surprise to have Jac Victor singing in Crossroads, nice and relaxing place!

    Yes, but unfortunately it seems that it’s a permanent feature now – only two bands – one Malaysian and one Filipino, unlike before when there were three – one Malaysian and two Filipino… Next time, I go KL, you don’t run away lah…and we can drop by the place to enjoy the music! LOL!!!

  7. hi there,
    came over from chris’s blog..i like ur writing and blogging style~also glad you n ur daughter had a good time holidaying in penang, i miss penang food so much from looking at your food pics!!

    Yes, we had a good time…and we really enjoyed sampling the food on the island. Now which chris would this be – Chris the flight steward, Chriso the Tocky or Chris the anak of apai… LOL!!! Never mind, everybody’s welcome! Will link you…so make sure you do come again and comment.

  8. Thanks for ur link! I’ll link to you soon too~I definitely agree with u on the comment about kl food being more expensive…hehe..i came over from the flight steward’s blog cos i was attracted to the name of the commenter..in fact, i mistook you for a woman until like reading 15 odd posts and realising u were a man..why sui tua pui~? it should be ‘yan dao tua pui’, right??

    It’s because I’m not “yan tao”…but I’m “sui” in my own ways. Hehehehehe!!! The flight steward?…It was his birthday that weekend I was in KL, and I did sound it out to him on Facebook that I hope I could get to meet him, but he seemed kinda evasive. So be it, since he’s not interested… Watch out for tomorrow’s post! I’ll be meeting a blogger-friend in KL…

  9. Delicious, i just had it two weeks ago too!! This delicious outlet is at KL city centre??

    Yes…this is the one in KL city centre, around the Bukit Bintang and Sultan Ismail area – dunno the exact location. I just followed blindly…

  10. wow jacklyn victor right in-front of you!
    din get autograph? haha..
    and the food certainly burned a hole in the wallet =P

    Naw, no pen and paper…so I could not get her autograph! LOL!!! But I got her photos… The cost of all that for dinner inclusive of some drinks that the boys had and I had coffee, came up to around RM150, I think….not really expensive, quite normal for places like that!

  11. Guztyne looks really familiar. Was he an active person in Penang Coordinating COuncil back in 2005?

    Probably that was him. He was in USM, if I’m not mistaken…and I guess he should be active in the Catholic students’ group. He’s on Facebook…so you can add him there. Btw, your first time, cyril? Welcome, thanks for coming…and do drop by and comment often. 🙂

  12. Not really my first time, been reading a while, but didn’t have the urge to comment ;D

    Yep, if he’s from USM, thats him.. Wahh.. He’s already a dad!! And he went to to France in 2003.. How time flies..

    He went in 2003? Gee! First half of this year, he was in the UK and he took the chance to travel all over Europe. Lucky fella! He’s got a blog too…

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