Pearly shells…

Well, people get pearls from oysters and they also eat them – the oysters, I mean. I, for one, have not acquired the taste for raw/uncooked fresh oysters with a squeeze of lime and the only way that I like them is as or chian (oyster omelette).

This is one of my favourite hawker delicacy in Penang and according to my friends in the island republic, when it comes to hawker food, one would find the best at the stalls in the oldest, darkest, not very pleasant looking coffee shops like this one…

Old Penang hotel & coffee shop

It was Eugene who took us here where there was this man…

Penang oyster omelette 1

…who, according to Eugene, cooked the best or chian in town…

Penang oyster omelette 2

It was nice and in fact, they ordered a second plate after we were through with this one…

Penang oyster omelette 3

I felt it was fine but somehow, I was not really crazy over it. Probably it was because he had taken us for Hailam lor mee not too long before that…so I was still quite full at the time. As for the Hailam lor mee, it was pretty good, but I prefer the one at the stall I usually patronise here in  Sibu which definitely had little or no Hainanese influence and the gravy was not so thick or gooey…

Penang Hailam lor mee

Anyway, back to the or chian, my friend, Eng, took us to this place called Northam Court and among the many things he ordered for us to relish was this…

Penang oyster omelette 4

Again, it was pretty good but somehow it did not drive me crazy either, despite the size of the oysters.

All in all, I think the or chian that I liked the most was the one at Red Garden, the hawker centre somewhere across the road from Cititel Penang where I was staying…

Penang oyster omelette 5

I think it tasted better…and I loved the chilli dip that came with the dish.

Anyway, as always, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” and unlike what the English proverb says, what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Pearly shells…”

  1. Food!Glorious food! Pls sir can I have some more??! Love oysters steamed,raw,kilpatrick.. orchien,.the ‘hampalang’… but don’t fancy mussels,not even NZ green ones……

    LMAO!!! Don’t worry! There’ll be lots of food posts coming up…and after all the drooling, all of you would wish I would go back and use my hp camera and the not-so-appetising photos I used to have. I don’t quite like mussels either – don’t like its unique smell…but ok with it once in a while.

  2. Yes, though i m not crazy about the chian too, but i still eat a bit here and there.. this town hotel one looks a bit different… i prefer the smaller oysters than the big ones… not so “geli”.. lol… i took only once, ie at the New World, it was not that nice too…

    I love or chian…but not raw fresh oysters!…Gee! People love them big, the bigger the better! ROTFLMAO!…You’d better contact Eugene the next time you go to Penang and he can bring you to the BEST places to eat those yummy delicacies, instead of going to those tourist traps…and eating the second-rate stuff!

  3. Yum.. yum… or chian! Wonder whether they sell or chian for breakfast.. drool..

    LOL!!! Maybe PJ side… But dunno KL or chian good or not. Seems that most of the things are not as nice as in Penang…

    1. I agree! ..Even very much expensive than in Penang or Kuching.. one plate of RM10 only got very few tiny little “oyster”… Found any delicious or chian in Sibu?

      No or chian in Sibu, some pale imitations in Kuching…but they do have a nice different type at Buntal (Santubong). Crispy and also very nice!

  4. Oooohhh…Nice pictures you have there! So clear and enticing the orh chien. Hahahaha!!! I love Penang-style orh chien. Different from Kuching-style, crispy wok-shaped wan. But I like both, so long as the orh chien is fresh *drool drool*

    Look at how you have to suffer looking at the photos now that I’ve a decent camera. More to come… The Buntal crispy or chian is nice…but others that I have had elsewhere – not really great.

  5. omg!! the oh chian looks to die for! look so fresh! yummmy!! or maybe the photo makes it look better? haha..

    anyway, fresh oyster with lime at Sunway Hotel & Convention Centre is so nice….

    Hahahahaha!!! They look good in the photos, don’t they? Generally, all nice…but I like the last one best. Not into fresh oysters…which is a blessing, in fact, as they’re so expensive!

  6. Am not quite a fan of this type or chian.. prefer the Kuching style… the Lo mee looks super thick.. as in the gravy..

    Actually I prefer this type…but the Buntal or chian is also nice. Didn’t like the other places in the city proper where I have tried the or chian… Not really worth having!

  7. War…the fried oyster looks really yummy. The portion is big too huh! 😀

    We were sharing…but the last one only RM6.00 (small) – just right for two, my daughter and me…

  8. Hailam lor mee? I have never tried that. There is no such mee in Malacca. *sob*

    Ya…I can’t really recall anything nice that I had in Malacca – just the nyonya food at Mako, and the cendol there was out of this world! The best I’ve ever had…

  9. yummy!!! The Kuching or chian is crispy but I like both. Raw oysters all the more!!! Had a great time eating all the food I miss in Kuching.

    Hah!…I heard that you went back to Kuching during the hols! Must have enjoyed all the good food there! How many kgs added? LOL!!

    1. She’s the lucky few that never put on any weight….!

      The few who have managed to inherit some gene sesat! LOL!!!

      1. Eeee…that gene sesat I want….42 yrs late!!! ahahahahhahah!

        Too bad you’re not one of the selected few…but like me, you’re among the horizontally-challenged majority! LOL!!!

  10. Wai, brother, why are you so different from me… know why? you promote me in your blog, but nobody seems to visit me via your blog.. but when i promoted you via my blog, wah wah wah, you claimed that there were lot of ladies visitng you one? hahahah.
    Looks like same bloggers.. different fate…sigh…siang lang boh siang miah.

    Now i dont care, next time if you use my name, make sure i want to see the good on ROI.
    take care my friend…..back to the grind liao?

    But they came once only…and never came again! Kind of a one night stand! But you do get comments from people who went over from my blog e.g. Superman…who’s CK in my blog. Same person! CK = Clark Kent! LOL!!! Well, will mention your name a few more times in the next few posts – hopefully some will click the link and hop over…

  11. wow.. food food food.. next time go Penang must meet Eugene la, since he will bring me go for good food… 🙂 and shall look forward for you KL posting too..

    Hahahahaha!!! Looks like Eugene’s now the official food guide in Penang! LMAO!!! And welcome to you, Cynthia – will link you. Do come again… KL posts coming soon!

  12. Or chian! I like! But so sad, can’t find any in Sibu…

    I had my first loh mee in Penang in 1993 during an overnight solo trip, after a post-SPM TNB scholarship interview in KL. It cost RM1.30 only, at looked exactly like the one in your pic. Yummy!

    Now it’s RM3.50…and I think that’s about the cheapest in Penang. Aren’t you glad things are a lot cheaper in Sibu? And we do have our own nice stuff too…

  13. first ever encounter with oysters- not a pleasant one.

    i was 4 or 5 years old, at singapore, one of the hotel’s buffet. had 2 oysters (raw ones, squeeze lemons’ on em and gulp).

    30 mins later, was puking at the roadside.

    everytime i haf raw oysters i’d puke. That’s why i love o jian. down 2 plates still good. wahahahha.

    i’m gona find some oysters and cook my own o jian this weekend!!

    Me too! First time I saw them at a hotel buffet spread, I took a lot…together with the slices of lemon but after I had tried one, I decided to put the rest back…. LOL!!! You can cook or chian? Gee!!! I’m amazed…. Hahahahahaha!!!

  14. The lor mee looks good. I like the one in Sibu opposite Star Cineplex though.

    BTW, about the gift, it’s standard hotel procedure. I had to sign a form to give a LKR 1,000 tip to the housekeeping staff too. 🙂

    Oh? But everytime I was somewhere during Chinese New Year, when they came to clean up the room, I would give them an ang pao… I did not have to sign anything then. I’m not really into lor mee…but I quite like the one at Kin Coffee Hut at Pusat Tanahwang. Btw, I was in KL over the weekend…but I heard from eiling that you were away in Sri Lanka or something… I guess when you were there, you were the fairest of them all! LMAO!!!

  15. Oooh. Ochien, if prepared well, taste nice. Do you like it gooey or well cooked?

    Don’t like it gooey…the way they do it at Venue in Kuching, not nice!

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