Every day I love you…

I’ve always loved yong tau fu – all the fish balls, the ladies fingers, brinjal stuffed with fish ball, the tofu also stuffed with the same, the dried bean curd and so on and so forth served in refreshing clear soup…

Yong tau fu 1

But lately it has become very expensive. The above, with a few selected items came up to RM11.00. Good grief! This is getting to become as bad as eating at those daylight robbers’ place – the nasi kandar shops! This plate of nasi bryani with one salted egg, one piece of beef liver and one sotong (cuttlefish) came up to RM8.90 and actually, this can be considered very cheap already as normally, it would go up to over RM10.00…

Nasi kandar lunch

The saving grace was the cucumber was free and so was this plate of pappadums, unlike in one shop in Sungai Petani where they were sold at RM1.00 a piece……

Penang pappadums

I don’t know when my daughter got to acquire a liking for yong tau fu for as I can remember, she never liked fish balls or whatever that has anything to do with it…and I can’t recall her ever eating tung hoon either. Sigh! My little girl is growing up…and I am not around to watch her change. Well, these were her selections, with tung hoon (glass noodles) – also adding up to a whooping RM11.00…

Yong tau fu 2

And believe it or not, she wanted it again the following night…

Yong tau fu 3

This was fairly cheaper – RM8.00 only…and when she wanted it again the next night, I didn’t want to take any more photographs of the stuff anymore as basically, they all look the same. Anyone that crazy over yong tau fu too?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Every day I love you…”

  1. Good morning STP… just to sign in here as FC first.. now i go off and come back later to comment… can ah, like that?

    Morning to you! LOL!!! I wonder what the attraction is – being FC! Other than depriving tekkaus of the chance and making him pull out all the hair on his chinny-chin chin!!!! 😀

  2. Hi again STP… ok, now in office, lega a bit, no need to hurry hurry like just now.
    Coming back to yong tau foo, yes, penang serves differently from IPOH, they have all sorts, including those seaweed, vege, the canned mushrooms… and extremely expensive too.. wow.. RM11…in IPOH for that amount, can have a lot of “liews” in certain stalls already, esp the one under the big tree trunk…
    The other day i shared one plate of nasi bryani with my colleague, it came to 12rm.. i posted it in my food blog… it is not cheap, man… and i dont really like it.. prefer chinese dishes anytime.. lol…

    Ya…the food at the nasi kandar shops is very colourful, looks attractive but doesn’t taste as good as it seems. I find the delicacies at my kampung stall a lot more delicious. Btw, how come they NEVER cover the food…and yet there are NO flies??? Don’t tell me that the food’s so bad even the flies are not attracted!

  3. i can imagine the soup is very nice. i love soup too, cos i’m the type who don’t like drinking plain water.

    We can be a gang then! I love light, clear soup…not really into the thick starchy ones.

  4. The rice dish looks tempting, I must admit…. and I gather you are now uploading photos with your “new” camera? hahahaha…

    It was ok…nothing to shout about! The beef liver was hard and the sotong – I’ve had better elsewhere…and salted eggs are salted eggs, nothing more nothing less! LOL!!! Yup, all photos now from the inherited/hand-me-down camera…

  5. One whole salted egg? ish ish ish..hehhe. Not a fan of yong tau fu…. or anything thats soft and soupy.

    I love eggs….in whatever form! Hahahahahahaha!!! Ya…I remember when you were small, you didn’t like steamboat as you did not like soup nor vegetables!

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Not a fan of anything soft and soupy…OMG!!! Excuse me while I LMAO, this statement made my otherwise boring day! Yea, I read it in another connotation…anyway…have a nice day! 😀

      LMAO!!! Trust you to let your imagination run wild!!! Soft, I can understand but soupy????

  6. helloo!! I FOUND YOUR BLOG!!!!!! can’t believe you’re actively blogging lol..

    your blog makes me hungry!! I’ve to read it near meal time only or else i’ll be super super super FAT for having multiple meals!


    Aiyor…where have you been? I thought everybody knows about my blog by now! LOL!!! Well, welcome, anyway…and do come often! I guess after looking at all the food, you would not have the appetite to eat…and then you’ll slim down! Otherwise, picture me in your mind! Sure to put you off food, I tell you!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. Sigh…your girl is really growing up. Maybe she’s tired of the oily food in college?

    I like your food posts. Keep them coming 🙂


    Not easy to get Chinese food where she is at the moment. No transport and all around the vicinity of the college, only Malay food…and not very nice some more!!!

  8. the yong tau fu you had is in Penang one? Look different from KL one. Your food look yummy, make me so hungry now, soup soup and the nasi bryani ….

    More or less like the yong tau fu I used to have at Jalan Alor – also very expensive as they charge by the item, and you tend to want everything! LOL!!! Ya, many people say that my blog makes them all so hungry… Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. Consider cheap liao. I was having YTF in Singapore and every piece is SGD0.80 and I paid SGD10 for my breakfast of weird dry noodles and fried YTF. Do you know that they fry everything there? Even the fishballs and lady fingers!

    Of course! Everything is SO expensive in Singapore. RM250, you stay in some small lousy hotel – i.e. around S$100. In Malaysia, you can stay in a comfortable, not-too-bad hotel already with that kind of money. And breakfast S$20 may not be enough…and that’s almost RM50!!! I love Singapore…but for that kind of money, I think I’d just give it a pass…

  10. totally agree wif u, daylight robbery nasi kandar mamak shop… u wont kno hw much u hv to pay until they cm n write d bill…. D only thg to do is dun look at d bill 1st, eat then only look at d bill….

    Ya…and the thing is I wonder how they can manage to stay in business. I’m sure everybody knows they are like that and will avoid going to eat there as far as possible….

  11. I like Yong Tau Fu. But can never get a nice one here. Maybe someone should open one and we all can go there and eat.

    There’s a stall at that corner coffee shop opposite Enjoy (behind Rejang Medical Centre)! You order sets and they’re served bowl by bowl. For one thing, they’re cheaper – RM6, I think…enough for two to share, and very nice also!!!

  12. i love yong tau fu….come to think of it i like good delicious food hahahahaha is there any shop in sibu that serve yong tau fu? STP u must look 4 it…i will look around 2 hehehehe

    See reply to CK’s comment. That shop, they’ve konlou homemade noodles with roast meat – char siew or roast chicken/duck/pork…also very nice! I had a post on it before….

  13. hey sorry i posted under the wrong topic.

    Oh…it doesn’t matter! Normally I only have one post a day…but I’ve so many things to post, that’s why I’m having two per day at the moment…

  14. I love yong tau fu too. But I love it fried. Ha 😀 I believe it is more delicious when it is fried. Hmm…soupy yong tau fu is still ok lor!

    Fried? Something like lor bak?….Not impressed by what I’ve been having here. The best is still Peterson’s in Kuching – with his hay pnia (prawn fritters), fried tau kua, sweet potatoes…. Yum! Yum!

  15. Ya, my little girl grew up too. So many things about her that I do not know now. When she came back she looked for chili sauce for her food. That item used to sit in the fridge waiting for its expiry date.

    Well, guess that’s part of life… She hasn’t been home for ages, right? Going back for Hari Raya, I’m sure? Mine will be back…so I’ll get to see her again pretty soon.

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