I miss you…

Here I am, still in Penang…relaxing in my hotel room and enjoying the breathtaking view from my window…

Cititel seaview

…and indulging in all the delicious food all around. But, the other day, I suddenly realised that we had not had rice for a number of days and I was beginning to miss it…and since it was raining, my daughter and I could only venture as far as the corner coffee shop for lunch. We had rice…

Chicken rice

…and this plate of mixed meat – roast duck and chicken, roast pork, char siew and braised eggs…

Mixed meat platter

…but truth be told, I think we have places in Sibu that serve much nicer stuff than this. That night for our dinner (at Red Garden, where else?), my daughter ordered the mutton bryani rice…

Mutton bryani

…while I had the salted fish fried rice…

Salted fish fried rice

This one is one helluva bomb, I tell you. The fried rice with the fragrance of salted fish is simply out of this world…and if you add the belacan dip that came with it, believe you me…you’ll be transported to seventh heaven, that’s for sure! I’d give a double thumbs up for this one! Really, really nice!

So, that was the day when we had rice…rice and more rice!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “I miss you…”

  1. oohhh…. fried rice, my favourite. I still claim that the best fried rice is the one i fry myself. hehehe. Probably because its suited to my own taste.
    The mutton bryani looks interesting… never seen it served in such a pot before.

    Never judge a book by its cover! It was too strong with all the (Indian) spices and herbs…and the meat was mostly tendon – real tough. The salted fish fried rice may not look that attractive but it was really nice – finished to the last grain!

  2. haha..i tot u r missing yr wife in sibu while looking out of the window.. so it was rice instead… maybe u r thinking of the home cooked rice at home.. 🙂
    ok back to serious note, i think we asians will miss rice if we dont have it for a few days, i m one of them too. if u ask me to choose western or eastern, i prefer eastern/asian food anytime…
    btw, i like the way they deco the meat… so neatly done.. the roasted duck looks good too!

    Ya…we’re typically Asian. Rice lovers… After not eating for a few days, you feel incomplete – like you haven’t eaten a decent meal. Missing my wife? ROTFLMAO!!!!

  3. Indeed breathtaking huh the view from your hotel. Just look at the clouds! War…you didn’t have rice for a few days? I can’t do that. I’ll be starved…Haha 😀

    I just had salted fish fried rice 2 days ago…but of course not as yummy as yours.

    Enjoy your holidays Suituapui! 🙂

    Another rice person, eh?…I must make a trip to Malacca one of these days to enjoy the food there, and I’m sure you can be my guide… Right or not? LOL!!!

  4. Ohhh……i miss it too….the mix-roast meats with rice, that is…..yum!

    Hahahahaha!!! So kesian over there….and overseas pork stinks like hell! LOL!!!

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