Blue is my favourite colour…

People keep telling me that whenever I come to Penang, I can just forget about the restaurants and all those and must go for the hawker food only – cheap, so much to choose from and so mouth-wateringly yummy!!! But the other day, my niece BDQ and her boyfriend, Jon, took my daughter and me to this place for lunch…

Blue Reef 1

Blue Reef 2

My daughter had their fish and chips with their traditional beer batter…

Blue Reef 3

…which she did not quite like because she doesn’t drink and the batter had a strong beer taste, she said. Jon had a fish dish too…

Blue Reef 4

…and BDQ had pasta…

Blue Reef 5

I had their paprika chicken as I was intrigued by the mashed sweet potatoes that would come with it….

Blue Reef 6

Not bad…pretty nice, in fact! I think I can try and make my own when I go home to Sibu. It would be a welcome change from the usual mashed potatoes, that’s for sure. We had crème brûlée for dessert, orange….

Blue Reef 7

…and raspberry, I think…

Blue Reef 8

It certainly was a delightful lunch and I enjoyed it a good deal…but I still think visitors to Penang should just stick to the hawker stalls as they have so much to offer. I have so many photographs of so many different local delights that I really don’t know how I will ever be able to post all of them. As for Penangites and permanent residents, that’s a different story altogether, of course…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Blue is my favourite colour…”

  1. STP, where is this blue reef? dont mind eating fish… my girl will like it too.. i only tried the manhattan fish in queensbay mall.. expensive too.. hope u have a nice time eating all u turn will come this saturday.. i better go on diet these days…hahaha…

    I dunno where it is…somewhere in Batu Ferringhi, long, narrow and winding road…. I don’t like Manhattan fish and chips as sometimes so oily and soggy, no quality control. The seafood platter is nice though! Love the garlic rice!

  2. The Creme brulee not torched enough from the look of it lar. Hahaha! Yupe! I agree with you that when in Penang, better stick to the hawkers…

    It was ok…but I wouldn’t say I’d go crazy over it. Give me the Thai mango/durian with glutinous rice dessert or pulut hitam…or even cendol anytime!

    1. Clare, I have that torch….but have not used….it was one of those must-have gadgets…LOL!

      You can use it to torch prawns like what they do at Manhattan’s….

  3. You can do a special expose of your travels to Penang…. hahaha

    Not much to show…other than photos, photos and more photos…of the food! LOL!!!

  4. Hmm…fish and chips? The one here looks….not very enticing though. I prefer the one is Manhattan Fish Market! :p

    I didn’t sample, so no comment. Manhattan, the 1st time I went – it was really nice and I loved it a lot but the second time, it was so oily and the oil soaked into the batter, making it soggy…I felt like throwing up halfway and had to force myself to finish it. These franchise shops – no quality control. I’ve had better elsewhere e.g. at The Garden in Sibu. Cheaper too! And the fish fillet (breadcrumbs coated) at the Sugar Bun in Sibu is also very very nice!

  5. Aww…I missed Penang! The last time I went there was with my daddy, mommy, brother and wifey! =(

    That’s not too long ago, I guess. You’re in Malacca…so easy, can just hop in the car and drive over anytime!!! Poor us in East Malaysia, have to scrimp and save to pay for airfare and hotel and everything!

  6. It has been such a great pleasure to have met up with you, Arthur,i hope i did make you feel well treated……….if there was any inadequacy on my part, please pardon me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,next time i shall make it better,,,

  7. u look bigger in the photo….u must have put on a few kilos hahahaha but dont worry, its for a good cause……cheers!

  8. Louis J:
    Optical illusion. Everybody else is small, that’s why l look so big. If with you, l think we’ll look quite normal! LMAO!

    The food was nice but l would probably save it as a place for some special celebration…and l would think dinner would be more appropriate…but l guess the young kids have their own programmes at night… Wouldn’t want an old man tagging along, would they? LOL!

  9. The fish and chips are so nice. I love seafood! I like fish and chips to go with tartar sauce.

    Yes, don’t they always provide tartar sauce with fish and chips? But the die-hards may insist on the original – vinegar! Eyew…not for me!

  10. I would love the fish and chips with beer taste. My inlaws always marinade their meat with beer and I’ve always liked it – somehow there’s this difference to it but you can’t quite place it. I only discovered very recently that the trick is to add in beer.

    That’s interesting… They use all kinds of things these days even CocaCola!

  11. Come, i make some less-beery beer battered fish and chips next time. wahaha

    Ooooo…..can’t wait! I’ll be waiting, so make sure you cook for me when you come back on holiday, ya?

  12. Hi STP, it’s been a very long time. Just want to tell you that I’ve moved to a new website at:

    BTW pictures are quite big in this post. Upgraded your camera? 😀

    Oh? Why the change? OK…will drop by when I’m free…and I’ll change your link too! My pictures? See tomorrow’s post…and all will be revealed! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

  13. STP, it’s not that u look bigger in the photo. It’s because cameras add 10 pounds to human subject. That’s why lor! Anorexic models look just nice in photos but not in real life.

    ROTFLMAO!!! Are we trying to console ourselves here? Hahahahahahaha!!!

  14. Yum, yum, this weekend my turn to go back to Penang to makan….!

    You wanna meet up with Eugene. I can forward your number to him and ask him to call you. Sms me if you’re keen…and have the time to spare! Sigh!!! Running away from me…because I wanna go KL again and I said I wanna eat this and eat that, so you scared liao! Chao kau boi tit! Hahahahaha!!!!

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