Friendly persuasion…

I bet everyone agrees that when an SYT (sweet young thing) keeps persuading you, it is very difficult to say no. That was how I ended up at this new place in town – Uncle Dom Cafe…

Uncle Dom 1

…which is something like those Old Town Coffee outlets…

Uncle Dom 2

Sophia was in town and we stopped by the place for lunch…but it was almost 1 something when we got there, so there weren’t that many people around. I had this plate of char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles)…

Uncle Dom 3

…with a raw egg on top. I can’t for the life of me remember the name now but I was told that it was very popular among diners at the place and even though I was a bit apprehensive about that raw egg, I ordered it anyway. It turned out to be a good choice as it was really very good – much better than any char kway teow I have had anywhere else in the town.

Sophia had the fried mee sua (Foochow longevity noodles)…

Uncle Dom 4

…but she did not say anything about it nor did she complain, so I guess it was just all right, nothing to shout about. Her friend, also from Kuching, had the chao chai hung ngang – some kind of thick mihun cooked with preserved vegetables and fish…

Uncle Dom 4

They used tapah which is very good fish and definitely more expensive. However, she was not too impressed by it as it was not sour enough to her liking.

All in all, I would say that the place with its nice decor, prompt and friendly service and all…is very nice, appropriate for some special celebration or if you have visitors in town but considering that the kway teow and the mee sua cost RM7.90 each and the hung ngang was RM11.90, I would think twice about going there regularly. The Ipoh kopi-o-peng (iced back coffee) that I had was very thick and nice though, no complaint about that.

The boss, a handsome and friendly young man, was very nice and treated us to this special cake made by his wife…

Uncle Dom 5

I think it is called Victoria something (Not Beckham, excuse me! LOL!!!). Good grief! I’m really hopeless at remembering names these days, it seems. Anyway, the cake was very light, not sweet…probably one of those they make without egg yolk or butter, ideal for those who are very figure conscious, not me! I like my cakes rich and creamy…and sinfully fattening Β Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

Incidentally, I wonder how many people still remember the “Long Chiew Apek” – an old rubber tapper in the DOM Benedictine advertisement that they used to show in the cinemas prior to the screening of the movie proper during those days when I was a kid, and how he used to draw laughter from the audience everytime he shrugged after drinking a glass of the liquor. People used to give a bottle of that to mothers in confinement, either that or a bottle of Wincarnis.

Well, I have always wondered what DOM stands for. Perhaps it is just the name or something but anyway, I’ve googled “Uncle Dom” and found that it is actually the name of some chain of Italian restaurants. Phew! What a relief! For a while, I thought it might mean Dirty Old Man! ROTFLMAO!!!

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23 thoughts on “Friendly persuasion…”

  1. Yay! I am the First Commenter! Ha πŸ˜€

    Yes, you are….again! Teachers are very free hor? Hahahahahaha!!! Or perhaps they are the few who have to wake up real early….

  2. Uncle Dom cafe? Huh? There has been a lot these cafes mushrooming in town right now. πŸ˜€ War….raw egg on it? Can eat meh? πŸ™‚

    Victoria cake?

    Can’t remember the name of the cake. It’s Victoria something…and not Victoria’s Secret either! LOL!!! Ya…raw egg’s good for you! Fresh ones though! Makes you strong like a lion… Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. I enjoy going to Old Town Coffee,the coffee n toast with soft boiled eggs just yumm….!!! Bet the young towkay looks like David Beckham then or maybe a fan of Posh! Lol!

    Another Old Town fan! I went to the one in Sg Petani but wasn’t crazy over what I had. Can’t even remember what it was! My daughter loves the hor fun…and has been going back there for more.

  4. I eat raw eggs all the time so I’m more man than you.. But when it comes to dirty old man I dowan challen :oP

    Ooooo…you must be one helluva man! Hahahahaha!!! They say it’s good for the voice too – singers take them raw all the time. Do you sing, by any chance? Hahahahaha!!! Ya, you’re not old yet…so you’re a DYMM…dirty young Malaysian man. LOL!!!

  5. I m now trying to recall where I eaten that raw egg koay teow.. i remember posting about it in my blog.. if given a choice, i would ask them to minus the egg or cook it well done for me.. once was enough! lol…

    It was ok… Once mixed with the kway teow, one could hardly taste it anymore… But the eggs must be fresh for fear of salmonella!

  6. raw eggie ewww…half-boiled’s yummo tho πŸ˜€
    another old town wannabe haha…
    i wish cafe mushrooms here in bint-ulu! not that i can afford to patronize everyday la, just that, it will make bint-ulu more canggih u know πŸ˜›

    I saw photos of some really nice places in your blog…and that restaurant at Everly was very nice, dunno. I liked the open-kitchen concept…and at one time, the servings were really huge!

  7. My friend had that last week when we went for a drink. It really look nice and smell nice. But I just had my dinner and if not, I will order that char kuey teow also. They call it “Moon In The City” (direct translation from Chinese name). Nice name.

    It was really nice. You should try it if you go there again. Better than kway teow I have had elsewhere… I think the English name’s Moonlight something… That egg yolk probably symbolises the moon, it seems!

  8. I had claypot ngiao choo hoon (they call it ngar po lor shi fun in Cantonese) with raw egg where you stir the whole thing once the pot reach your table in KL. The heat from the ngiao choo hoon will cook the egg. Very nice ler.

    I also like my chao chai hung ngang to be sour. I normally had mine at Merry Food Court at Foochow Road-Sekama. Got one time they cooked it not sour enough. I went to tell the cook and he char zhu a small bowl of chao chai with vinegar for me. Just speak Foochow with the fella and he’s happy liao. Hahaha! πŸ˜€

    I don’t like chao chai hung ngang…but my daughter does. Wah! You can speak Foochow…mine is real half-past six one, tak boleh pakai!!! Hahahahaha….

  9. hmmm.. is it me or you seem to have a fascination with Kueh Tiaw.. HAHAHAHA

    D.O.M.. hahaha.. yes.. Dirty Old Man indeed… but in actual fact it stands for Deo Optimo Maximo… To God the Most Great….

    Omigawd! The contrast between the two! LOL!!! I wonder if the Benedictine refers to the monks that brew the wine?…Ya, I’m now looking for the best kway teow in town, now that we’ve got the best kampua, the best laksa etc etc etc…. So far, this one wins hands down!

    1. Yup.. Benedictine is brewed by the Benedictine monks.. thus the name..

      Gee! I’m quite smart, after all eh…??? Hahahahaha!!!

  10. wheres this place? shud ask my lil sis go try, she loves kuay teow.

    Uncle Dom is in the new block of shophouses…opposite the original Sushi Tie and the dim sum place – Mitsu Tea House is just around the corner. She should go and try – it is very nice!

  11. The colour combination is exactly like Old Town Cafe! Haha.. I still think DOM should still represent Dirty Old Man! No wonder the Benedictine DOM is the best sellers at the duty free outlets.

    Ya…I guess it has the same concept…but it’s not part of the franchise! That way, no need to pay mah! I hear it’s VERY expensive. DOM Benedictine seems very popular these days – the champagne too…but somehow it brings to mine that old rubber tapper in the advertisement – the long chiew apek! I guess only the older readers would be able to recall that guy!

  12. Thanks for the write up. I saw this shop the other day, and i told my wife we will only go if stp recommends it. Heh…

    No wonder they’re THAT keen on getting me there! Hahahahaha!!! When are you going? I tag along…and I don’t mind having the kway teow again! πŸ˜€

  13. hey thanks for this post πŸ˜€
    the cake is called Victoria sponge cake πŸ™‚
    and the kuey teow with raw egg is Moonlight Kuey Teow
    glad that you like it LOL
    do come again hehehe

    Welcome… Sure, will drop by again sometime.

  14. Mana itu cafe? is it facing the river?

    Nope…that’s not the one but I think I know which one you have in mind. This one is in the area behind the Rejang Medical Centre – lots of food outlets there…

  15. Uncle Dom actually stands for Uncle Dominic…probably the handsome boss you mentioned in yr blog. He was an ex SHS student too. I was introduced to his cafe by an elder sister of his KL’s wife.

    Not sure. I only know that my ex-student’s name is Ah Kiong but he was not around that afternoon when we went. I met the brother-in-law, married to Ah Kiong’s sister and was based in Limbang before he came here…

  16. wah… food! i’m still enjoying msia food and still kenot finish the list of food i wanna eat!!

    Slowly… Why do you have to eat it all at one go? LOL!!!

  17. Well, Dominic Tiong was my classmates. He has a Bac. of Education but opt not to be a teacher. You might not know him as he was in SHS from 1980 -1987.

    Wise…very wise! Why suffer as a teacher when you can do this and watch the money rolling in?…He’s that old? Can’t possibly be my student then. Didn’t get to meet him, just the brother-in-law…but he said I used to call him “Stupid idiot”. LOL!!! Poor fella…

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