Winning combination…

Well, the haze has been rather bad these last few days, and I thought I would just stay indoors as much as possible. So instead of going out for breakfast, I would just cook my own at home. After all, there are a few things in the freezer that have been there for months and it’s about time that I got rid of them.

For instance, there were these few slices of bacon…

Fusion breakfast 1

…that I bought sometime in May before my daughter came home for the mid-year break. Then, I also had a few slices of those homemade roti canai…

Fusion breakfast 2

I know it was a peculiar combination, some kind of East-West fusion…and I also cooked some scrambled eggs to go with the two…

Fusion breakfast 3

On the whole, it was not bad at all…but I still prefer my bacon and eggs with good ol’ toast and my roti canai with curry gravy (I don’t quite fancy the usual dhall dip that they give!).Β I guess it’s like that with people as well, say what you want about integration, tolerance and acceptance and what have you.

So this is what I have been doing lately – cleaning out my closet…Oops! I mean, my freezer! LOL!!!

Praise the Lord! Alleluia! It rained heavily last night, thunder and lightning and all, but I slept through all that. When I got up in the morning, it had stopped…but the ground was wet and I noticed that all the things that I had thrown into the drain (Don’t ask me what! Ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies! LOL!!) had been swept away. Then it started to drizzle and by around 9.00 a.m. it started to pour again…

Rain in Sibu 1

…and it went on and on till around noontime…

Rain in Sibu 2

Well, it has stopped now…and there’s no telling whether it will rain again or whether we’ll be going back to the hot, dry weather…and the dreaded haze all over again. Lord have mercy…

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23 thoughts on “Winning combination…”

  1. Wow… what a combination. It finally rained in Kuching last night… “phew”. But its still hazy this morning. oh well, at least its a bit cooler. Must have been the cloud seeding… it gives a strange lightning effect to the skies.

    Ya…it rained here too. I’ve added an update in my post in that…

  2. Yalor! What a combination! Yup! I prefer the fish/chicken/mutton curry for roti canai to the dhal. But most roti canai here only served with dhal. I like those in West Malaysia where the mamak would ask which type of curry you want.

    It fake-rained last night after they seed the cloud at 4 something in the evening. Nice seed. Hahahha!!! πŸ˜›

    The Muslim stall at that Sg Merah coffee shop – that one serves canai with curry gravy. Very nice! Ya, the newspaper said they’ll do the cloud seeding in Sibu today…but it already rained last night and the whole of this morning…

  3. Nice breakfast you have there! I like Bacon but it is expensive. You bought it from Ta Kiong or Delta Mall? Your breakfast is like those American breakfast served in hotel. Only the red bean become roti canai. Fusion food is the in thing now. Hehe.

    Ya…bacon’s expensive. I only bought that cos my daughter was coming home and she loves ham, bacon, sausages…for breakfast. I usually go to Delta Mall these days – no need to drive all the way to town, plus more choices there. Red beans?…You mean, the baked beans? LOL!!! I don’t really care for those – sweet and soggy. I have had some of those fusion stuff here and there…but I do not think it’s such a great idea. Prefer things as they are – to each his own!

  4. Strange breakfast combination… fusion brought to another level… if you added maple syrup to the canai, you can call it Malaysian Pancake.. HAHAHAHA

    Ya, I think it was at Jambu where I had lamb chop with midin on the side…and I did not think it was a match made in Heaven. I would prefer the authentic, not the fusion.

  5. What a way to eat! East meets West… i tot i saw wrongly, roti canai or toasted bread, i was thinking.. have to read to confirm…lol… roti canai with scrambled eggs, might shock the roti canai fella.. lol… anyway, as long as u enjoy it, who cares! Ok, going for my breakfast now… i think i will order a roti telur… suddenly craving for roti-s… πŸ™‚

    Hahahaha!!! Quite unusual eh? That’s usually the case – I will just see what’s been sitting in the freezer for too long and try to cook something out of them. My missus likes to buy and stuff everything in but somehow, she doesn’t get round to cook what she has bought.

  6. yeah its also hazardous here, and that H1NI flu makes people feel safer to stay at home. Your cooking really can be called East meets West. I love scrambled eggs but never tried to cook myself I think, err actually I am so not good at cooking at all, I bet your freezer must have a lot of stock

    Sigh! My missus loves buying but she doesn’t always get round to cooking…so usually I will have to see what I can do with whatever’s in the freezer/fridge. To be honest, that’s the first time I managed to get the scrambled eggs right. Just nice, creamy! Even some hotels can’t get it right – and end up serving something like one messed-up omelette!!!

  7. remind me, i’d get u some of the good stuff (bacon lar) wen i come back end of the year.

    but too much bacon bad for the heart also lar.

    ps the last time i had a big fry brunch was 3 weeks ago. bacon, pork sausages, 3 sunny side up, grilled tomatoes, and portobello mushroom. nice!!

    Is that a hint that I can only expect a little? Hahahahahaha!!! Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers! 3 EGGS! You’ve used up your ration for 1 and half weeks – maximum two eggs a week! LOL!!! Not into cooked tomatoes, will only eat it raw…but the rest sounds yummy! Can cook and invite me over to your place for breakfast when you come back? πŸ˜€

  8. Yummy food!

    Thank God it is raining in Sibu this morning πŸ™‚

    Ya, I’ve just added an update in the post on this morning’s rain…

  9. I can see clearly now the rain is gone! I can see roti canai eaten with bacon, no wonder it has been raining n pouring! Better than the ribut combination STP!LOL!

    Hahahahaha!!! Not halal, you mean? πŸ˜€

  10. yeah it rained! so happy!
    when you are free, do come to Uncle Dom hahaahh
    it’s your student who run the business here πŸ˜€
    the kitchen is close from 3pm til 6pm ,hope to see u here yeahhh

    I might drop by tomorrow night for dinner. My student? Hey…better tell him/her I’m coming…and I can have dinner on the house! LMAO!!!

  11. the old bacon not taste funny? mine i had to give it to my dog who eat it happily. fried of course πŸ˜€

    No leh? Bacon is preserved – that’s why salty. Can keep for a long time. Aiyor…your dog’s so fortunate. Bacon is so expensive! Who said they’ve a dog’s life? LOL!!!

  12. Interesting combination! Have not had bacon nor scambled eggs for a while. The latest shipment of free range eggs are really tiny, just slightly bigger than quail eggs, so you can imagine how many I will need to have a decent portion!

    Am still very much a bread person, so don’t think the roti canai will fly with me..hehe. Trying out a “potato rosemary bread” today. Hope it will turn out okay.

    Ya…I wouldn’t have used roti canai but didn’t want to leave it sitting in the fridge. Never a fan of it either…just semadi nothing to eat! LOL!!! I heard about those eggs – VERY tiny. Probably the eggs of those so-called Philippine chickens – my friend’s father in Serian rears those and he sometimes brings the eggs for my mum.

  13. War…the haze is really bad huh! I can see it from the last picture. Hopefully it will go away soon. Here in Malacca the condition is getting better.

    War…home-made roti-canai? Really? Care to teach me how to do it. LOL πŸ˜›

  14. tekkaus:
    Not haze lah! Rain, HEAVY rain this morning, so today nice and cool and fresh air. The canai made at home by other people lah. I buy and fry myself, much cheaper. My daughter likes, me not really into canai.

  15. The roti canai looks quite crispy. Lately I prefer thosai – unfortunately I’m not the sort to take pictures of food everywhere I go. I introduce it to my daughter who now likes it too. I would definitely like my roti canai with dhall or chicken curry.

    My daughter loves thosai – must have that every time she comes back. I’m just ok with it – same as canai but some people don’t like the fermented taste.

  16. …I’ll huff and puff…. and the little pig replied, ” I’ll sneeze in your face!”
    STP stop killing the fishes with your butt!!!

  17. gundot:
    It’s biodegradable – fibre and leftover tobacco. Other things like detergent, bleach, insecticides and pesticides etc…even acid rain – all go into the drain. Amazingly, they survive. Lots of little fish in the drain! Probably mutants! LOL!

  18. of coz can. brunch tho, i can’t wake up 7am and make breakfast ahahah.

    huh? why only 2 eggs a week? if that’s the case, anne probably uses up like a month’s ration in 2 days lol.

    Lazy bone!…Gosh! She eats so many eggs? And she’s going to be a doctor? Hahahaha!!! Bet she has very good teeth, lots of calcium!

  19. Hahaha… i love your breakfast combination.. always adventurous eh ? I think the photos somewhat looks like the breakfast you get in McD.. forgotten what it’s call.. gonna try that this Saturday.. muahaha.. yeah, my mum’s been calling me and telling about the drought period in Sarawak now.. praise the lord for the rain XD

    It rained yesterday morning, that’s all! Pretty cook the rest of the day, fresh air but VERY hot again today, so I guess the haze will be back pretty soon. The McD’s breakfast – if it’s the same as the one I had at KLIa…eyew!!! Scrambled omelette!!! Not nice at all…and a sausage, I think – no bacon.

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