Sugar, sugar (2)…

Nope, this is not going to be a post on the current sugar shortage in some of the states in the country but on our very own Sarawak’s franchise – the Sugar Bun fast food chain.

Sugar Bun Pedada 1

I saw in their advertisement in the local daily that they have two new items – smoked beef cheese burger and smoked chicken cheese burger. Smoked? Did somebody say smoked? Ooo…I love anything that’s smoked – smoked ham, smoked cheese, smoked barbecue sauce…and what more to say our local salai ikan (smoked fish), salai babi hutan (smoked wild boar meat)… Yum! Yum! So I made my way to the branch near my house…

Sugar Bun Pedada 2

It used to be a place where teenagers hang out and I loved the jukebox where I could play some of the songs that I loved (not that I was a teenager then), but lately, it seems that it has become more of a family restaurant with a children play area on the other side.

I had the smoked beef cheese burger…

Sugar Bun smoked beef cheese burger 1

…which turned out to be a beef burger with a slice of smoked cheese and a slice of smoked beef bacon…

Sugar Bun smoked beef cheese burger 2

It certainly looked quite messy but I actually found it very nice. The taste of the smoked bacon certainly enhanced the taste of the beef burger but at RM5.90 each, I would think twice about going there too often…not with what I’m getting for my measly pension! LOL!!!

I also ordered what they call “peach ice cream” (RM3.50) and got this…

Sugar Bun peach ice cream

I do not like chocolate ice cream nor sweet corn. The other flavour – paddle pop or something was fine by me. I would prefer vanilla or raspberry ripple or rum and raisin…or even the soft ice cream that we get at McDonald’s…instead of these three scoops with a few thin slices of canned peach, a sprinkling of raisins and some tiny bits of jelly.

The bill came up to RM9.87 with the 5% government tax. Ah well…I guess I deserve to pamper myself once in a while, don’t you think so? LOL!!!

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14 thoughts on “Sugar, sugar (2)…”

  1. Once awhile on this type of meal is also fine with me… come to think of it, its been a long while since i last had my last burger… hahhaa… even KFC meal was a long way back…
    when it comes to ice cream, i love the McD one….cheap and nice.. for a ringgit and 10 sen, we get a cone ice cream… not bad huh?

    Morning, claire! You’re early today! FC!!!…..I don’t usually go for such things, not really crazy about them…just that I don’t mind having it once in a while – unlike the younger generation today. I love the McD’s soft ice cream though. In my younger days, one American guy brought in the machine and was making it at a coffee shop in town. We loved it so much! We called it “American ice cream”! I like it a lot more than those in tubs…and those expensive branded ones.

    1. Teacher, apa makna FC?

      You don’t know?…Some bloggers seem to be fighting tooth and claw to be FC – First Commenter…and there is a First Commenter’s Club or something.

      1. oh really? hahaha…so….. any prize for being FC? i m sure everyone will wait up for your post … including me of course…

        Dunno what’s it all about! They seem to get very excited about it in other blogs. Maybe somebody can explain to us… Where got people waiting lah? Sometimes half a day, no comment. So kesian! Hahahahaha!

  2. Noooooooooooooo…. claire beat me to giving the first comment *stare at claire grudgingly* haha.. hmm.. doesn’t seem like the semenanjung people know what sugarbun is and they don’t have any outlets here. been quite a while since i been to SB.. guess i’m going there to try out the smoked thingy this coming mid sem break XD

    Well, just a week or so to go!…Ya, there used to be a few outlets here and there in KL but they’re all closed now, I think. I saw one once in some older Malay drama movie on TV. Hahahahaha!!!! I think I stumbled upon one somewhere in the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman area…but that was in 1984! LMAO!!!

    P.S. Hey! You’ve got a blog now!!! Nice one too, love it! Hope this one lasts a lot longer than the previous one! LMAO!!!

  3. I dislike the playing area in Sugarbun (and McD too) and would stay very far away from it if I were to eat in either one of them. The screaming kids are so irritating that sometimes I feel like going over to the kids and smack them with their shoes 😛 Killed my appetite only the annoying high decibel noise.

    Anyway, I found that burgers at KFC and McD’s have shrunken in size since the last time I ate them a number of years back. What happened?! I had to eat 2 burgers baru enough… Hehehehe!!!

    Yeah, I saw the advertisement of the smoked burgers too! Might try them one of these days 😀

    Gee!!! And to think that you will get married soon (?) and have kids of your own!!! Bet they will drive you crazy then! Hahahahahaha!!!! I never liked the burger at Sugar Bun, just the fish sandwich…but this one’s pretty good! Can give it a try.

  4. War…so many people commented already? Smoked boar? That’s new. I don’t think we have this fast food chain Malacca. Malacca very lousy ler. 😛

    Yes…salai babi hutan, very nice! Like the dried meat/beef you can buy from places like Kiew Brothers…only that it is a lot nicer!!! LOL!!! Well, I am sure annant will disagree with you…regarding Malacca! LOL!!!

  5. But RM5.90 for a burger with bacon is acceptable. It sure looked messy and the ice-cream looked pathetic lo with the 2 slices of peach. and how could they serve peach with chocolate ice-cream?!! Eew…

    Ya…I think the slice of smoked cheese was overmelted…but it tasted good though! Not supposed to open it up anyway! LOL!!!….Ya, the ice cream was a disappointment and it was not even served in a glass or porcelain bowl. Plastic, plus a miserable plastic spoon!!!…NCAA (No class at all!!!)

  6. The only item on Sugarbun menu that I actually do go for is the Fish Burger…. its still the best…

    Ya, I still like the fish sandwich better…but this isn’t too bad for a change and for people who are not into fish!!!

  7. i had the smoked beef cheese burger in miri at SB Imperial Mall….yes…its damn good….im going back for more hehehehe…STP i belanja u d burger when i get back from Betong….Cheers!

    Gosh! Don’t tell me you had it on Saturday afternoon!!! The two of us eating the same thing at the same time but at different places. Eyeeeewwwww…….. LMAO!!!

  8. Don’t like burgers at all unless I have no choice. Come to think of it,Hungry’s Jack Ocean Catch burger was quite good but no longer in the menu. U pampering yourself once in a while…..from your food blog I reckon is it almost every other day! 🙂

    Hahahahaha!!!! Other days, I go for the cheap stuff mah!!! That is not pampering, that is survival! Eating such expensive stuff, now that, I would say, is pampering! LOL!!!

    P.S.: Received a duplicate of this comment with your name. I approved it at first. Turned out to be SPAM from lookyounger[dot]com!!! Had to delegate to spam quickly and delete! Grrrrrrr……

  9. Saw the advertisement on the newspaper too but yet to try it. Never tried smoked beef with smoked cheese before. Will it be too smoky in this period of time as the hazy haze is getting worse? LOL!

    It’s pre-smoked lah… They don’t smoke it at the outlet. Gives it an extra-nice flavour. Of course, smoked cheddar is more expensive that the ordinary ones…

  10. Wah, this one last time the stock price can ‘fly’ one leh……’keng’!

    You mean it was listed in the share market? Ya…it used to do much better. Today it is just thriving…in some places.

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