Liquid dreams…

A long, long time ago, my wife and I used to spend our holidays abroad every year and when we came back, we would buy the duty-free liquor – a bottle each…and keep. After that, I stopped buying as I do not drink and there isn’t much space left in the pantry to keep my liquid assets.

I still have two bottles of XO…

Liquid assets 1

…cognac or brandy. I used to have more…but mostly VSOP or Martell Cordon Bleu. An uncle of mine used to give me a bottle for Chinese New Year every year but I think we’ve used most of it for cooking or to soak the raisins for our Christmas pudding.

I also have a number of bottles of whisky…

Liquid assets 2

…two Chivas Regal, one Willam Grant’s, one J & B…and as you can see, we’ve been using that bottle of Bell’s for our cooking, now that we’re out of VSOP brandy…and I have a bottle of Label 5 that my students gave me on my retirement. Frankly, I have never heard of that brand before but the last time when I was in Limbang, I overheard some of the teachers buying that – among all the bootleg whisky that they were carting home for the Gawai festival that year.

At one time, I might buy a bottle of wine or two at the KK International Airport, but they do not allow it anymore…and a brother-in-law of mine would often give me a bottle every Chinese New Year. I still have an unfinished bottle of Baileys’ Irish Cream in the fridge and these…

Liquid assets 3

I am not an expert in wines, so I do not know whether these are any good or not. There should be a lot more than these but obviously, somebody in the house has been drinking… LOL!!!

There you have it, my liquid assets! Actually, I really wonder what I am keeping them for as I do not drink anymore myself. Perhaps I can take them all out for everybody to finish at one go at my 60th birthday bash. Anybody care to join the party? ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Liquid dreams…”

  1. tekkaus i beat u this time…IM FIRST yay! πŸ˜›

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Saw him hogging Facebook! Will be pulling his janggut off when he sees that you’ve beaten him…..

    1. Yerrr….all his Suituapui’s fault lar. He was slow with this post. If not I would have won. You have not seen the last of me….

      I will be back…

      Hahahahahaha!!! Try again tomorrow!…And don’t blame me! You were hogging Facebook at the time – post after post after post…about you drinking Nescafe and what not! There!!! Not my fault leh!

  2. i thought red wine is good for health in moderate amount la..

    It is good…even beer! But I come down with gout even after a mug of beer, so I’ve stopped drinking altogether…almost! LOL!!!

  3. Speaking of which, I also have an unfinished bottle of Irish cream in the fridge! Hahahaha!!! You should see the last time I tried bringing in 5 bottles of liquor from Labuan πŸ˜› – 2-3 vodkas, a limited edition Johnnie Walker, a black label, what else ar…can’t remember.

    All that for pai sui nia because I cannot appreciate liquor. Hahahaha!!! Well, I’d love to use some for cooking but not everyone knows the magic of liquor in cooking. πŸ˜‰

    I had a Johnnie Walker black label too… Dunno where it has disappeared to! LOL!!! 5 bottles…only two persons! Ooi…you big-time smuggler kah? Hahahahahahaha!!! Mine not displayed…just keep in undisclosed cabinet. Manyak mahal boh….

    1. Err…actually it was only me alone, not 2 persons πŸ˜› Hahahahhaha!!! Shhhhhh…………

      Omigawd!!! Big-time smuggler! Oops!! Shhhhh….. Hahahahaha!!!

  4. those are expensive!!!!
    Go to Labuan and buy , its very cheap πŸ™‚
    Anyway this is my new link, previous one being hacked 😦

    Ya…or Langkawi. but no opportunity to go to those places. At KK airport, they used to allow you to buy. The girl said, “Encik nak beli seluruh kedai pun boleh…asal dapat angkat dan simpan dalam beg!!!” Not anymore though! So sad!

    Aduh! Why would anyone go and hack your blog? Ok…I’ll change ur link later…

    1. i also dunno why they hack me 😦
      i took my laptop for them to delete virus then the next day i cant log in. msn, fb all gone 😦

      Maybe they reformatted…or rebooted…and everything got lost. I dunno these things either. I think if that happens to me, I’ll just stop…give up!

  5. wow..looks like u can have a grand auction sale going on here.. like u, my husband and i used to buy those days and keep them…
    so..when is your 60th birthday? got free ticket for me to attend your party or not? πŸ™‚

    Free ticket to party, no problem…other tickets, you buy your own! Hahahahahaha!!!! My 60th…still 3 years to go, so ample time for you to start saving your money for big, big ang pao!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  6. Can keep for your daughter’s wedding next time mar…. hehehe

    Well, hopefully she wouldn’t be like you people…taking your sweet time! I think I can save the XO…and then I’ll go from table to table flashing the bottle and insisting on pouring into everybody’s glass…and they all hold on to their glasses tightly and say, “Nei! Nei!!!” Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Maybe he’ll just grab one from the cabinet to YOUR wedding! Hahahahaha!!!

      Precisely!!! Good one, Clare! I could bring over a bottle…or even two!!! No problem at all!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. I will join you in your 60th birthday bash! When? I have to buy my ticket early!

    It used to be this way – the house of everybody who is somebody must have a display cabinet for wine, wine only! Later somebody who is also somebody suggested to turn the wine display cabinets into book shelf. And I have seen many keep books now! What a good change!

    My 60th? 3 years to go…but wanna confirm this! Chinese usually celebrate a year earlier – so on 59th birthday, right? Following Chinese age or not? If Chinese one, it will be next year!!! Aduhai…I”m so old liao!!! Hahahahahaha! I don’t display them…nor all the books in the house. My daughter’s books will fill the whole living room – sometimes I feel like giving them away but she still reads some over and over again! Dunno why!

    1. I’ll join your 60th birthday bash too! πŸ˜€ Announce early, though. Have to book cheap tickets, apply leave, think of which liquor to grab from the cabinet, etc… πŸ˜›

      Sure…will let everyone know as the time draws near! Let’s see who will be left standing in the end…you or KNB or TOC…or even Gundot! Be forewarned, these Jackfruit Villagers (from Kpg Nangka) drink like a fish… Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Ha, Clare, the liquor into your handbag too?

        No wonder I see girls carrying HUGE bags these days…like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag!!! Hahahahaaha!!!!

      2. Cannot fit in. Hahahah! I need a bigger handbag! πŸ˜›

        Don’t worry! They’re in fashion. No one will suspect a thing! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. You can count me in for any parties with wines and whisky! Thanks!

    Still long way to go…three years! LOL!!! Hey! You’re supposed to tell me whether the wine’s any good or not, or do you need to taste before you can give your verdict?

  9. You have quite a collection of these liquor huh! I have one bottle in my home. It is from wedding. Not mine of course. Ha πŸ˜€ Ouh so sometimes you use these “hard” drinks for cooking. I have never tried that though. :p

    Just add a couple of spoonfuls to steamed fish…or ginger chicken soup!!! Yummy!!!

  10. I bet you are still crazy after all these years, cant imagine one having a good collection of liquor and not drinking them, wish i could be there to help you out, or wip them out>LOL

    i reckon some of your collection has appreciated in value,can sell few off to see how much they have really appreciated in value..

    take care bro

    Indeed…so crazy! Stocking up and yet I don’t drink!!! Ya…they must have at least tripled or quadrupled in price by now. If I sell to the shops, I’m sure I’ll make a BIG profit. Well, you can always hop over to Sibu…and you can enjoy what you want! Everyone can fly…..

  11. Good morning sir ! Muahaha… felt so alive after drinking a cup of steaming hot ‘teh qi’ to wash down e cafe’s laksa.. haha.. oh .. i love liquor, especially when they are used as part of the ingredients for longevity noodles. There was once i went to an officer’s house for the Bridal Shower and he swore my face turned red after eating mee sua with some XO in it

    You love being home, don’t you? Laksa at e-cafe must be like heaven compared to what’s in Shah Alam. Ooi…I thought bridal showers for the bride and her female friends only? Or were you tagging along with your mum…to enjoy the free food? Hahahaha!!! Guess it’s some Asian/Chinese traditional thing and not strictly a bridal shower in the true sense of the word…nor a stag party either! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. wah…..banyaknya minuman keras…..expensive ones some more….u can give some of them to me since you dont drink…sayang kalau tak di minum LOL! jangan membazir hehehe…your 60th b’day is not that far away…dont forget me ah? hehehe

    Want to buy… Follow today’s market price. Hehehehehehe!!! Ya…2012!!! You’ll be inviting me to your wedding first! LOL!!!

  13. Emm…. TOC’s sister on the next flight out and she can be Dayang Lembu!

    Apu…that one! Throw in Sophia’s sister…and what I have will not be enough liao! LOL!!!

  14. Oh… I forgot…..bdq also following…………

    Oh? She drinks too?…Thank goodness you warned me! Must remember not to go with her to a pub when I go to Penang! LOL!!!

  15. Those are hard to find now. It will be just nice to drink those…I would like to join the party as well! Do I need to register earlier? Hehe. πŸ™‚

    Hang around for the next three years…and sure you’ll be invited! Hope I’ll get to know who you are long before then! Hahahahaha!

  16. I prefer wine to hard liquor,beer occassionally. Drinking on a daily basis is also taxing on the liver,so for me it is once a week in moderation or special celebrations. Fyi,I think people don’t celebrate 59th but 60th in chinese which is 61 in english. but when it comes to the later stage of ages, i think the women celebrated for eg. 69th in chinese n men 70th in chinese,or could be the opposite,not sure. 59th for a small celebration is ok but not for big ones.

    I would think drinks like wine…or Bacardi or Campari…are more feminine than beer! Ooi…you’ve got it the wrong way round lah! Chinese age a year older – like I’m 57 now but 58 according to my Chinese age. OK…so just a small celebration then – will have to put all the wine and liquor in cold storage till I reach 70! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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