We are Singapore…

I don’t know if they still do it but I know that at one time, every year for its National Day on the 9th of August, they would have a special song for the occasion. One particular year, they had this one that I liked a lot…

I was in Singapore on holiday that year and they were playing it everywhere and because I liked it so much, I even went and bought the cassette tape. One of the tracks was the minus-one instrumental version which I could use for my students to sing at those annual school concerts in one of my former schools – just change the lyrics a bit! LOL!!!

Well, this post is not going to be about “We are Singapore…Singaporeans” but “We are Singapore…Singapore Chicken Rice”! Why, they even have the Merlion as their logo!!! ROTFLMAO!!!


They have just opened a new outlet at the Lot 9 commercial area – directly opposite Delta Mall or Sugar Bun in the Delta Commercial Centre along Jalan Pedada here (but because of the road divider, you will have to go all the way up to the Selemo Roundabout to get to the other side of the road). This is the 3rd one, if I’m not mistaken – other than the one in the Tunku Osman area behind HSBC and another one in the TanahMas area directly opposite Premier Hotel.

This new one looks pretty nice inside…


Image blurred in the interest of those concerned. LOL!!!

You can have their chicken rice at RM3.40, steamed…


…or roasted…


…and that comes with a plate of chicken rice and a small bowl of complimentary clear soup. There are side orders as well, such as these fried wantons (RM4.80)…


…or this plate of seafood kailan (RM4.00)…


There are other choices too, even western food such as chicken chop or fish and chips. We did not have those the other day; guess I’ll just have to go back there again another time to see if they’re any good.

All in all, inclusive of drinks, the bill came up to RM21.80 for two persons…which I would think was pretty all right, considering that the place is nice and comfortable and airconditioned. However, they got the drink orders mixed up…and the chicken rice came VERY fast, almost instantly and even before the drinks, plus it was somewhat cold…and we had almost finished that when the side orders FINALLY came. Taking that in consideration, if you are in a hurry and on a short lunch break, you should just forget about the side orders and just stick to the chicken rice.

Tastewise, everything was not bad at all. I think it is something along the same line as The Chicken Rice Shop which I’ve tried – once in KL (Berjaya Times Square) and again in Sungai Petani, Kedah (The Village Mall). Nice…but I would not say it’s sensational. Go ahead, give it a try…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “We are Singapore…”

  1. Am I the first commenter? Yay! Hahahaha πŸ˜€

    Yes…and I’m FC in yours too, if I’m not mistaken. LOL!!! Everybody must be sleeping late today…

  2. I think it is pretty expensive esp that plate of kailan .. RM4? or have u eaten half then only u remember to snap it? lol…. there are many chicken rice stalls in IPOH but so far, I only found 2 or 3 shops that really give the aroma taste of the real chicken rice.. the others only just so so only…

    Ya…I also thought it was expensive. No, it came like that – small portion and ONE fish ball cut into many bits and pieces! Based on taste alone, I still prefer (Chopsticks formerly Johore Chicken Rice)…just that this place is nicer and airconditioned. I hear there are a few other places in town that are nicer too but I’m not really into chicken rice.

    1. me too.. not into chicken rice too.. unless really really hungry.. then no choice.. hahaha…

      Ya…nothing to shout about. Dunno why it’s such a craze! Lots of other nicer things to eat.

  3. I have just listened to the whole song! It is an inspiring song…albeit easy. Hahaha πŸ˜€ I love this song too, especially the excerpt where they sing “we did it”! πŸ˜€

    I like this one the most among all the songs they have for National Day every year… I think such songs should be easy to sing so people can sing along and it will stick in their heads…and they should be inspiring and motivating too.

  4. I think it’s relatively affordable. The portion is ok too. And the chicken looks really tasty!…and oily…just the way I love it. πŸ˜€

    Tastewise, it is ok…but cold and the side orders took quite a while to come out. Nothing great, but an option should anyone be looking for something different for a change.

  5. My son loves the chicken rice of SCR. We drop by the outlet near my office. At one time, we said, Singapore is here, Hong Kong (Hong Kong Art) is next, where else we need to go?

    And what else did we have? London Cafe…Peking/Beijing Restaurant…Hawaii Tailor…Hollywood East…Paris Room! Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. if i m nt mistaken there is another outlet somewhere opposite sacred heart school…. shall go n check it out soon…..

    I thought there was one there but it’s “Nasi Ayam Singapura”, not in any way connected to SCR. Maybe they had an outlet there but decided to discontinue it, so somebody else took over. I’m quite positive it was SCR long ago when it first opened.

  7. The place is crowded since it open for business. Went there once but had a very bad experience with it. My mum fall down before enter the shop as the floor is not even. Luckily my mum is ok and not hurt much. Then we enter the place and the worker at the front door ask us how many person. Then we told him 3 person. Then he straight away tell us no seats available. Why he need to ask us how many person in the first place and then tell us no seats in the next second??? He should tell us once we enter the shop! This shop is in my banned list already.

    Ya, the service was not very good. The waiters/waitresses did not seem very smart and got our drink orders all mixed up…and even though we tried to sort it out a couple of times, when they finally came, they were still wrong! Gosh! Glad to hear that your mum was ok despite the fall… Old people have to be more careful…and we have to be extra careful with them too when we take them out!

  8. Used to like SCR last time but when I ate there a couple of years ago, it wasn’t that nice anymore and the portion shrunk! We have a lot of SCR Express in Kuching, supposedly more high class than SCR and maybe faster (?) due to the word ‘Express’, I don’t know.

    Well, it’s been a long time since I last been to SCR. I prefer to have my chicken rice elsewhere. Like Swan (or Suan) Chicken Rice behind my office (next to Maybank TAR), chicken rice or char sio behind Hock Lee Center, Fried Chicken Rice with curry at 3rd mile (below snookerium Watana), etc.

    The Suan one seems very popular, always quite a lot of people – that’s the one near Pizza Hut, right? I don’t think SCR’s that great – just ok, not some place that I would be longing to go again…but I may drop by again to try the other things they have on the menu, not the chicken rice. Wow! You certainly know your way around all the food joints in Kuching now, eh? LOL!!!

  9. I get my chicken rice at the RM2.00 stall at the lone block of shophouses beside the Pahlawan bus terminal. I think the shop is 2nd from the left, below the Lanang bus office.

    I usually tapau steamed chicken drumstick rice, and it costs RM2.70. No cucumber slices, though. Cheap! But not very filling, be forewarned.

    I know that block – they have a Mr Bean there! Why RM2.00 and yet you have to pay RM2.70…not very filling and no cucumber some more? SCR…you can have drumstick (like what we had), steamed or roasted…and you get cucumber and clear soup…and the rice is quite substantial – RM3.40…just 70 sen extra and eat in nice, aircon comfort some more! LOL!!!

  10. Reasonable price to pay for the ambient dining environment. Kailan has lots of gravy, but RM4 is ok!

    Wah! KL people kaya…! LOL!!! I would think RM3 is more appropriate!

  11. the place is nice and very comfortable……they need 2 improve on their service though…

    Ya…and it was not even crowded. Imagine when it’s packed, bet it will be so kelam-kabut!

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