Baby, now that I’ve found you…

Actually, I went to the Sungai Antu shops the other day because I wanted to go back to that Sunny Cafe to try the Mee Hongkong that Louis J says was very nice. Unfortunately, it was not open – on a Wednesday. Good grief! My friend, Ben, went on a Sunday after seeing my post on it and it was closed on that day too! Exactly how many times do they close in a week, I wonder?

Anyway, I decided to go to Peter Cafe – the one directly opposite Courts Mammoth. I had been there once before, also on a Wednesday and it was their laksa day, so I had their Sarawak laksa with freshwater prawns (udang galah). But when I got there, the people at the stall looked kind of different. I was too lazy to go elsewhere, so I just ordered a plate of their kampua noodles with piansip (kiaw/wantan)…

Peter Cafe's kampua 1

I must say that it was very nice, the taste coming quite close to one of my favourites – the kampua noodles at Soon Hock Coffee Shop at the Delta Commercial Centre, though I would prefer it a little bit softer. Another plus point was that the noodles were only RM2.00 a plate – RM2.20 or more elsewhere and the coffee was RM1.00 a glass compared to RM1.20 or more elsewhere.

Peter Cafe kampua 2

The soup reminds me of what I used to have as a kid when I went for Ah Kow’s kampua noodles at that Kiaw Siong Coffee Shop opposite the Sibu Fire Station at the time – plain, VERY plain with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions and yet, it tasted so nice. Truth be told, though I really like the noodles at Soon Hock’s, I have never touched the soup as I think it has some kind of replusive smell to it.

I had just taken my seat at one of the tables, after having placed my orders, when I spotted this stall at the back…

Peter Cafe's muslim stall

Lo and behold! It was that lady who used to run the Muslim food stall at Happy Garden, the coffee shop across the road – the one that I had been looking for.

Well, it was just too bad that I had already ordered the kampua noodles but since I had not eaten her mee goreng Melayu (fried noodles Malay-style) for sometime, I got myself one packet of that to eat later for lunch…

Peter Cafe's mee goreng Melayu

For RM3.00, I got a substantial amount or the noodles with a bit of her delicious beef rendang…instead of her usual daging masak hitam that she used to give in the past. I also bought a packet for my mum and she liked it too.

So, here at Peter Cafe, you have a choice of the kampua noodles or the mee goreng Melayu (among other things) and pay a lot less and enjoy a lot more compared to that 4-ringgit American breakfast that I featured in my post a couple of days ago. But if these are not to your fancy, perhaps you can head to the Fortune Commercial Centre (behind Rejang Medical Centre) and have the beef noodles at the Loke Ming Yuen Cafe (opposite Mitsu Tea House) for only RM4.00…

Loke Ming Yuen Cafe's beef noodles

Well, the weekend’s here and it’s Saturday today. Going some place to eat, anybody? Hope you’ll enjoy yourselves and do have a great weekend!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Baby, now that I’ve found you…”

  1. Haha 😀 Yeah! How many times is it closed per week? Perhaps the boss is rich already?

    Ouh…so you already found the lady lar? Gewd for you. My you really ate a lot huh! Haha 😀

    Dunno, drove past this morning and it was open but I already had breakfast at home. Ya…glad I found her – nice noodles and her nasi lemak also good! Me? Eat a lot? Where got? These stuff are just for breakfast and tea breaks… Hahahahahaha!

  2. That’s a lot of noodles? what are you trying to do? Stuff your readers with so much food on a sat?

    No lah…just share ideas. We often hear people sigh, “Haiz! I really dunno what to eat!” So these are just some suggestions… I’m so nice and helpful bah! Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. Awww… now i am seriously hungry. Went jogging with my friends at 7.30 a.m. this morning and had breakfast at McD’s. And now, you’re making me hungry again -.-.. No beef noodle here T.T sniff

    Hehehehe!!! Got lah, everywhere got! You try those Chinese coffee shops with lots of hawker stalls! McDs? Eyew…. Btw, I bought the Korean noodles since you said they’re nice. Will try and post on that soon…

  4. The wind is howling,my tummy is growling for kampua. Cooked ‘bak-kut teh’ for tea tonite but tomoro having dinner with friends. You are really diligent in delivering new post in yr blog everyday,so I applaud u for that!Kampua thots are with u! 🙂

    Make your own, use egg noodles. No “chio-cheng”, use soy sauce or Bovril and msg. Make your own fried onions, use the oil to “kiaw” with mee, spring onions Oz got (giant ones like NZ or not?) and add char siew… NICE!!! Well, must have self-discipline…and time management…and good planning. Got posts ready for the next two days liao! Btw, Kongkay’s back here already. Dropped by my house yesterday!

  5. From Peter Cafe sure nice one! ha ha ha! Wah you really good leh, can hunt down your favourite Mee Goreng lady.
    Everytime you post kampua, I will think of my ‘curly hair’ comment in your previous post….I think it is about the hawker with long hair……..ROLF!

    Ewek! Perasan…I know you were going to say that! Hahahahaha!!!! Ya, curly hair, you notty notty!!! I think I already mentioned that she cut her hair short already and these days, her two or three Indon maids would make the kampua, she would just supervise! Hey! You haven’t gone to try the kampua at Puchong?

  6. So Kongkay is home sweet home. Brought u anything authentic like possum,joey and hopefully not guinea pig ?! ….LOL!

    You will have to wait for the post… Hahahahaha!!!

  7. Yummm…the kampua looks delish…looks almost like kolok mee. *Stomach growling*

    Hah!!! You never like kampua… LOL!!! The beef noodles perhaps…

  8. mmmmmm…..when are we going there STP? we should go around town on weekends and try all those tasty kampua, mee goreng and beef noodles… till we drop…..hahahahaha

    Went there this morning for nasi lemak. Didn’t know you were keen on going for breakfast! Hehehehehehehehe!

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