Breakfast in America…

I had this album on cassette tape sometime ago by a group called Supertramp – Breakfast in America…and that was one of the songs in it…

I won’t be surprised if you’ve never heard the song before and yet you thought it sounded familiar. Recently, there was this group called the Gym Class Heroes that incorporated it into their song: “Cupid’s Chokehold“. But personally, on that Supertramp album, I prefer “The Logical Song“.

Anyway, I was just wondering whether the Americans have something like this for breakfast…

American breakfast 1

Well, when you order an American breakfast breakfast here, this is more or less what you will get. It is RM4.00 at Thomson Corner, opposite Sacred Heart School but if you go at certain times in the morning on Monday to Friday, there is a discounted price of RM3.50.

I had to send my car to some place nearby last Saturday morning for the air conditioner to be serviced, so while waiting, I decided to give it a try…

American breakfast 2

Nothing great, and I particularly did not care much for the sausages they used. I think there are far better ones available at the supermarkets around here but then again, I guess they are probably more expensive. For RM4.00, I would much sooner have something else at the same place or elsewhere.

And talking about breakfast, if you may recall, Stella brought me some condensed milk all the way from Australia – one can of it and some more in a tube. I received a call later that same Saturday from a reporter-friend from the Borneo Post asking for permission to reproduce that particular post of mine in their newspaper. Of course, I gave him the green light…and a while later, he called again saying that there was a problem with the photographs owing to their low resolution. I told him that they were taken using my cheap, old handphone, so if they could not make do with those, then they would just have to look for something else elsewhere…

But they did manage somehow and it came out in the newspaper on Monday morning…

From the Blogging World

Good grief! They printed everything as it was in my post. I do wish they had edited it and removed the irrelevant parts, for instance where I digressed from the condensed milk to talk about the XXXL shirt that Stella bought me. It was all there!!! Anyway, what’s done cannot be undone, so I guess I’ll just have to let it be.

So what did you all have for breakfast today?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Breakfast in America…”

  1. So what is my commission for the condensed milk printout?LOL! Ha2x to the 3xl shirt,now everyone knows what size to buy 4 u. BIG advantage! Me like supertramp logical song also. Yrs ago when we visited the States, our biggest THRILL is breakfast in IHOP n Danny’s . (pathetic right!) but their serving is so big, for 2 meals,we can feed a family of five n to this day our family is still talking abt their breakfasts,really motivated us to get out of bed early for their breakfast serves till 10.30am only. The hashbrown,yumm…!!!

    I did not get any payment for that, so no commission. LOL!!! Yalor…and those who do not know me would be guessing – which commentator would that be, which church…. Oh dear! Don’t like hashbrowns – love ham, bacon, sausages…. That’s why I love the English breakfast at their B&Bs…

    1. wah.. now newspaper used new tactic to fill up their spaces ah.. instead of paying free-lancer, now they just ask permission to use blogger’s post, at no cost aha!

      hehe.. kidding..

      Actually, when they asked me the 1st time, they did offer a token payment…but I told them to help themselves, no need. But if they ask me to write stuff exclusively for publication in their paper, then that’s a different story.

  2. My kids love american breakfast but not me… prefer asian anytime…
    STP, better cut out that clipping and keep inside your closet for rememberance …lol…. next few years, take it out again and post it here for all the new bloggers to read… so honoured to have your blog printed in the newspaper… congratulations!

    Me too! Asian for me as well!…No big deal really lah! The local newspaper here features posts of various bloggers from around this region – once a week, every Monday.

  3. Kaahhah….. so the general public’s conclusion from that article will be drinking condensed milk = wearing XXXL shirts.

    Your sausage looks terrible, limp and keredut ….lol.

    Hahahahaha!!! Must be old sausages, eh? LOL!!! Ya, that’s bad advertising! But then I did mention in the post that I don’t usually take condensed milk, so it’s ok!

  4. Those two “sausages” are the saddest looking ones I’ve seen. I think they’re called frankfurters, not sausages but nobody here really cares for the different name I guess..hehe..longish looking meat = sausage, period.

    A friend kindly bought me 2 cans of condensed milk from singapore, to make up for the ones that were confiscated in Changi. There was an article in today’s BP business section where F&N Dairies reported they make “sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk”. I do hope they actually meant milk, and not creamer. I am going to ring up and clarify later.

    From your pic, I think the only thing that resembles american breakfast is the egg…the rest have been “customised to suit local preferences”..hehe.

    Ya, there are better looking ones around! Must be those really cheap ones…Even the colour puts me off! Nope…people here call them “hot dog” (no plural form)! LOL!!! I didn’t notice the article till you mentioned it. I only look at that section to see the current rate of the NZ$. Not bad, going up!

  5. eh stp, do you have the online link for the newspaper? i mean the one wrote about your post. i’d like to read it.

    i think its kinda expensive too for a plate of that and cost rm4. its expensive when i think i can make something exactly like this at home too. its not expensive when i can’t make it by myself. hehe.

    Why would you want to do that? You can just click the link and read the post. They reproduced it exactly as it is – the same! Ya…I think I can cook that kind of breakfast at home for half the price…and with nicer sausages!

  6. I also wonder why they call it American breakfast as I think in U.S, they don’t take those for breakfast. Most of them go for cereal than sausages. this morning I took porridge for breakfast as per your recommendation not long ago. The porridge is not bad and I finished the whole bowl! Nice for your post to be published in the paper. great work.

    I had the McD’s breakfast at KLIA once – I think they only gave toast and sausage, don’t think there was an egg. It wasn’t much better and probably more expensive too! You went for the porridge at Sg Merah! Gosh! Where do you live? Would be quite a distance if you’re not staying around our part of town…

  7. borneo post?

    anyway did they even consult you before putting your blog post in the papers?

    Yup, they called me. But I know the columnist at a national daily will just help herself to people’s food posts in their blogs without asking for permission first. Many bloggers fuming mad at her!

  8. oh sorry i didn’t read properly. They did. Paiseh la.

    Hah! One of those hit-and-run readers….simple read a bit and comment liao!

  9. ooooooh…. someone turning into a celebrity blogger? Do I have to issue you free pass and media seats for next year’s RWMF? hahahahahahaha

    Air ticket, food and hotel included? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. Hahaha! I love KNB’s witty comment. How appropriate indeed! No,not the sausage part…..LOL!

    Liar! Bet that’s the part that you love the most! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. Update: Spoke to F&N (I was not kidding!), and they said sweetened condensed milk (filled milk) has been discontinued for several years, and IS NOW only produced when there is a “government tender”…can you believe it? The spokesperson also mentioned that it’s a price-controlled item, and that there are plans to re-introduce this to the market later this year, as per Nette’s info earlier.

    I also indicated that their press release was misleading, that they should say “creamer”, not “milk”, as the latter is not currently available, and NO, they are not the same.

    My guess is since it’s a controlled item, they just change the name…and since the new name is not listed, they are free to jack up the price! As for it being watered down, not so thick, rich and milky and creamy, and sweeter and even the colour is lighter, what’s new? The quality of everything these days seems to be going that way – DOWN! Malaysia boleh!

  12. Gerrie…..kampung kids still survive on what they thought is milk!!!!!!
    STP, I still have the Supertramp LP, in super condition!

    Dunno where all my tapes are now. The players are all not working anymore and I never bother to get them repaired since I don’t play them at all…

  13. i had brunch…..nasi campur hehehe us hould ask BP 2 pay u 4 writing the article…

    No lah…not that it is anything that special! If they ask me to write specially for them, that’s another story!

  14. Luckily they did not have your photo wearing the flintstoned Tshirt but then … would be great to see you appearing in the newspaper, ha ha ha! LOL
    I had baked potatoes again this morning. RM4 for the American breakfast is real good price!

    Me in the papers! My photo would occupy one whole page- so fat!…Hahahahahaha!!! Good price? Eeeee….I feel it’s expensive and not worth it – would rather have something else, and may be cheaper too!

  15. American breakfast? I don’t fancy it. Maybe because it’s too ordinary to my liking. I prefer roti canai and tea…or wan tan mee. hahaha 😀

    Yup, me too! Not really into those western breakfast…

  16. Wow! Your photos and post are published in newspaper! OMG! Awesome. I wonder when mine will be up there. LOL 😛

    Well, if you post on all the nice, nice food, you may get spotted by that reporter from one of the national dailies. Her column’s on Sunday….featuring posts on food and food outlets in blogs.

  17. Hahaha! Getting more famous as I can see!

    Hey! Don’t you think that I am already famous, very famous…way before this??? LOL!!!

    1. Really? Have a stranger come up to you and say “Can I have your autograph? My friend says you are FAMOUS!” Haha.

      And I do remember attending the debate in Universiti Malaya when your team faced the Royal Military College team. I was impressed by their 1st speaker. We Sarawakians were there to provide ‘noisy’ support!

      Were you there? Gosh! You’re so young? Hahahahaha!!! Ah yes! Can’t remember his name now. The very flamboyant fella! He was good, a natural! That was my 1st year coaching…and we didn’t know a thing and yet managed to go all the way. Hard to believe! Well…I have had strangers coming up to me asking, “Are you Suituapui?” Scary…. LOL!!!

      1. Strangers asking about your Suituapui? Haha. That’s even better! Wait until they ‘belanja’ you. ;-0

        Premier invited me once to do a review of their new dishes…but I didn’t go. Shy lah! Other people with their huge cameras and me with my miserable handphone!

        And other people did give me a treat, if you bother to read my earlier posts carefully – this restuarant in town (that has fallen out of grace since owing to the ever-rising prices when business improved by leaps and bounds, this takeaway that had since closed down since the boss moved to KK…and no more kacang ma for me…and the lady at the stall at Bandong wanted to send some ayam penyet to my house to try but I gracefully turned it down.

  18. So, RT contacted you for the post! Thank you for your permission to print that in BP. Can send you a pdf of the page, if you need to keep in your computer 🙂

    Welcome and no thanks. That’s one thing about me…I never keep my stuff. Just throw somewhere and out of the blue, I may stumble upon them one fine day…or never ever again!

  19. wah fehmes! at least they did ask for your permission. it should be that way because it’s your writing.

    Yes, they did. Even between bloggers, when we want to use extracts or their photos, we should ask. Just plain courtesy…unlike this columnist at one of the national dailies!

  20. American breakfast seems fine to me although most of the time i eat kampua for breakfast. easily available

    Around here, that is… Virtually every coffee shop in Sibu has a kampua stall and every shop block has at least one or two coffee shops!

  21. Congratz for being featured in the newspaper ! Hahaha… did the Borneo pay any royalties to you ? You should be proud, you know, not everyone is as fortunate a good writer as you are

    Thank you, thank you…you’re not bad yourself too! Nope, not a sen from them, but never mind lah! It’s not always about money…

  22. u should copyright your!then sue them…aha

    No lah! They called to ask for permission mah!!!…Teachers stealing things from my workbooks – they are the ones who should be sued! LOL!!!

  23. VERY COOL that your blog post ended up in the newspaper!! a tad hilarious they didn’t proof it before running it but ah, well. glory’s still glory! hehehe.

    That was a long time ago… 😉 I guess today, I’m as stale as yesterday’s news already. 😦

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