Leaves that are green…

“A tree is beautiful, but what’s more, it has a right to life; like water, the sun and the stars, it is essential. Life on earth is inconceivable without trees. Forests create climate, climate influences peoples’ character, and so on and so forth. There can be neither civilization nor happiness if forests crash down under the axe, if the climate is harsh and severe, if people are also harsh and severe…. What a terrible future!”

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)
“Letter to A.S. Suvorin”
October 18, 1888

My father gave me a rambutan tree which I planted at the back of the house. I published two posts on it sometime ago- here and another one, here. And my father also gave me this tree…

Tree 1

It was less than a metre high when I planted it beside the house. Like the rambutan tree, it did not grow any bigger for a very long time. Time passed and yet it remained the same size – but it did not die. Some people told me that it was because the ground was too hard. I had bought the house second-hand, so I guess the soil had settled and hardened over the years.

Then suddenly, it grew…and grew. Today, it is very big and though it isn’t much to look at, at least, it provides shade from the afternoon/evening sun and ever so often, it would flower…

Tree 2

– little white flowers with petals so delicate that should you try to cut the stems, all of them would drop off instantly. So sticking them in a vase for display to beautify the house is out of the question. But the flowers give out a very pleasant fragrance that fills the air that may be detected even from far.

Ever so often, I would see little bees and insects fluttering from flower to flower and on more than one occasion, I have found some dried, deserted bird’s nests among the branches.

Tree 3

All things considered, it may not be like one of those impressive and attractive plants but it has its own purposes being there – providing shade against the hot sun, giving food to the bees and shelter to the birds…and above all that, it contributes to the conservation of our environment as it helps balance the eco-system by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen.

Yan quoted this African proverb in her recent post:
“When you plant a tree, never plant only one. Plant three – one for shade, one for fruit, one for beauty.”
So, in a way, my father had given me a tree for shade and one for fruit. He did give me a pomegranate (buah delima) tree too and like the other two trees, it struggled to survive. It did not die either – the leaves were sparse and yet ever so often, it would flower – beautiful red flowers and then, it would bear fruit. We did not like to eat the fruits, so they would just ripen and rot and drop to the ground eventually. However, it looked so miserably scrawny and pathetic that in the end, my missus got rid of it…Sigh!

Anyway, talking about trees reminds me of this old Chinese favourite of mine. I used to know how to play the chords on the guitar:

Happy listening, and do have a great week ahead!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Leaves that are green…”

  1. we have lotsa fruit trees at our old house. now only left a few. we did plant new ones at the new house but the soil seems to be not so fertile. yes, for years the trees had provide shades for us, now at the new house we only have blinds to shade us from the sun. he he he

    Must be the soil they used to fill up the land to build the houses, not good. We had big quinee trees last time, could make a few hundred ringgit from the fruits every time…but in the end, way too big and swarmed by bees, so I had to get them removed.

  2. One more advantage of planting trees is that they r soothing to our eyes, especially after a long day at work, looking at this square box almost whole day, the trees and the greenery are a soothing sight…. So don’t cut off anymore… since u r spending a lot of time here too.. 🙂

    I don’t cut or remove any of the plants around the house…As long as they do not disturb me, I will not disturb them.

  3. Aww….so sweet of your dad to gave you the plant right? Look..now it’s all grown up. With a little bit more of patience and love, it has..against all odds grown taller to provide you with some shade. 😀 I wish I had one too.

    No plants around your house? You live in a condo??…Modern living exclusively for the rich! LOL!!!

  4. our mango tree used to fruit annually one…very juicy and sweet…
    i think it’s old and infertile already 😦 …now i have to pay buck to eat mango 😦

    Can always plant new trees… My guinee was a nuisance as a lot of leaves to sweep and get rid of and my neighbour was not happy too…as some would drop on her side of the fence. She never complained about the fruits though – when on her side, she just took happily!!!

  5. Thanks for quoting me! I thought the MC of the 5K dinner made the time spent there worthwhile. He is really a no-nonsense and learned MC, or he prepared his lesson before he went on stage. And your dad – wise and thoughtful!

    “Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth…” – Desiderata

  6. suituapui!!!!!!! i love this song hahahahaha!

    hmm, one thing that i love about sarawak is the trees. everytime i touch down, coming back after a long period away from home… i can always feel the soothing atmosphere looking at the trees.. the green leaves, beautiful shades.

    that’s why i REALLY ANGRY and PISSED OFF to see some idiots at municipal landscape department chopping the trees and replacing it with some stupid looking ‘trees’. one that cannot provide shade.. and need regular maintenance (which then the contractor will make more money!)

    You love the song/ The movie was a hit – I love the songs, but most people went head over heels over the actress – Hu Yin Mong…but she wasn’t the one who sang it! Chi:yi’s the original singer and she has some nice English songs too. Weren’t you surprised I could find the video clip on youtube – since I dunno the language? LOL!!!

    Sibu’s much better now… At one time, they were cutting down the trees for roads, development…but the last council chairman had all the trees planted – all big and nice now.

  7. Your father is a very wise man. I wish I have space for trees that bear fruits… maybe like a durian tree?!! but too bad there’s no space. You’re lucky!

    You need a big compound for a durian tree unless you plant a stunted hybrid! LOL!!! You live in an exclusive expensive condo too? LOL!!!

  8. At least u have trees….. all the trees in kch chopped down by Uncle Ting! hahahaha

    Our Uncle Lau, the previous council chairman, planted a whole lot of trees around town. They’re big and nice now – maybe I should go round taking photos and post on it…but at the time, a lot unhappy, cutting them or even burning them down or pouring kerosene around the roots – probably has something to do with blocking their feng shui. Yunno how some people believe in stuff like this! Or some stole the nice plants to plant in their own compound! LOL!!!

  9. Wah, u never told me you could play the guitar 😉
    What other instruments do you play?

    Other instruments that I play?…I refrain from answering that, Ben! Bwahahahahaha!!! I could play some simple chords and accompany myself in singing some simple songs…but then with karaoke, I stopped playing. Why sing to a guitar when one can have the whole band/orchestra? LOL!!!

  10. We have a lemon tree in our backyard n it has given us lots of lemons to make belachan sauce for laksa!Yum! Once we had a landscaper over to help do our garden n when I wanted to plant some apple trees,she advised I need to have male n female apple trees or it won’t bear fruits,so I heed her instructions n my apple trees do bear fruits, but before we can eat them, the possums got to the trees first. I used to love that song u posted though i know no s**** what it means, but if u listened carefully,a lot of vulgar hokkien language in it. hehehe!!!

    LOL!!! It’s all in your head! I think if you watch the video on youtube, they give the English translation under “more info” – nothing vulgar, that’s for sure. Wah! Your compound got landscaping lah? Must be very nice…. Haiz!!! When I first moved in, I tried doing it myself…and it turned out looking like a Malay cemetery! I’ve given up since! LOL!!!

  11. It’s so hard for me to go online nowadays .. hurmph… -.-.. hehe… Ah.. i wish we have such beautiful scenery here.. but you will only find buildings after buildings here in my place.. it’s so boring…

    No waterfall and mushrooms? I thought those are prominent features in the landscaping at Malaysian institutions of higher learning? So symbolic! Represent their mentality – lembap and berkulat! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Hello, Suituapui.. you indeed can write so well.. no lah, where got scary of me knowing you but u dont know me .. just like your chinese song today? dont ask where am i or soever… hehehe.. no wonder your mother-in-law also boasts about how well you can write OOO 🙂

    My MIL? Didn’t know that she knows that I write… Scary lah! Every time I go out and I see people looking at me as if they know me, I would think to myself – that must be apektau…or superman…or rojaklover. Feel so exposed, so vulnerable… People know me but I dunno them.

  13. Hello, Suituapui.. you indeed can write so well.. no lah, where got scary of me knowing you but u dont know me .. just like your chinese song today? dont ask where am i or soever… hehehe..

    Duplicate comment. What happened? Changed your mind about my MIL? Hahahahaha!

  14. Nice little white flowers! I have one custard apple tree at my back yard…..as skinny as me, ha ha. LOL!

    I don’t really care for custard apples, same as in the case of buah delima…but then again, I’m not really into most fruits! LOL!!! You must be too busy making money to take care of your tree…

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