The search is over…

Somebody told me about hot-screensaver’s post (which eventually got featured in the Borneo Post) and I quickly sent Cibol an sms to let him know. The following weekend or was it the weekend after, he was there…with Drumsticks and Daniel and he had a post about it. Not wanting to be left out, Jing went and if I remember correctly, he too posted about it, but on Facebook.

Now, what was the fuss or excitement all about? Well, if you click the links, you will find that their search is over. They have finally found a place that sells authentic Sibu kampua noodles somewhere in Puchong. Somehow or other, people from around here have this craving for the noodles especially when they have been away for a while. I remember once when I joined a tour of the Far East with a group of people from around here, believe it or not, on the flight back, they were already planning a pit stop on the way to have a plate of kampua before going back to their homes.

I am not THAT crazy about kampua but I do have my favourites – Soon Hock and Rasa Sayang. But I did stop by this coffee shop the other day…

World Cafe

World! LOL!!! Don’t worry! I don’t think it has got anything to do with that Malay singer, not at all. I think it has got something to do with the World Cup – football, that is…as they had some football match on tv the whole time I was there. Don’t ask me who were playing or whether it was a live telecast as I am not in the least interested in the game, so I did not even give the television screen a second glance.

I had the kampua noodles…

World Cafe's kampua

…which was all right, but I’m still sticking to my favourites which incidentally, are cheaper by 10 sen per plate. Maybe this shop is in the vicinity of the town centre, so it is more expensive – RM2.30 but that is still a whole lot cheaper than the kampua at Puchong – Rm4.00 (small) and RM4.50 (large), I gather!

I loved the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) though. It came out frothy and was to my liking because it was kau (thick) enough…

World Cafe's kopi-o-peng kau

A couple of days later, I went to this coffee shop…

You How Cafe

It certainly sounds like something in broken English – “You how?” instead of “How are you?” but I think in Chinese, it means that good things are in store. Perhaps those of you who can read the Chinese characters can confirm that?

It turned out that the lady was one who had a stall in one of the coffee shops opposite Sacred Heart School when I was still teaching there but I did not think much of her kampua then…

You How Cafe 2

…Well, since I was already there, I decided to give it another try…

You How's kampua 1

It wasn’t too bad…

You How's kampua 2

…and from my personal point of view, the one at World Cafe is a bit better but both are nicer than what many claim to be the best kampua noodles in town – the one in the Selemo area. Ah well, as they always say, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “The search is over…”

  1. Sunday, So , it seems I am the first one to comment! All the Sibu guys must have gone to “kampua” while those in Kuching to “laksa” and KL? Bergerking? The Chinese words “you” which means excellent, “hao” means good. You are not wrong, and I like that – something good is in store!

    Still sleeping perhaps, after the closing of the BCF last night…or out for breakfast somewhere. Just go back from church and breakfast myself…and gosh! The coffee shops were packed! Well, I thought “you” means “got” or “have”…so “you how” means got/have good things. Well, not bad – at least 50%, can pass liao! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. I still think Tiger Beer is one of the best I have ever tasted. U may say Huh! why is this relevant to the topic? The photo u put up lah!LOL! I like the kampua at the coffee shop opp. the Wisma Seng Ling. Donno know the shop’s name. Now I am off to see Ice Age 3D,hope it is good! Happy Sunday to u,STP!

    And the same to you. I heard from Mel that Ice Age 3 is good, better than 2…and as good as 1. Wisma Seng Ling? I wonder where that is? You’re talking about the char siew kampua at Lot 10? Not bad…but I find Rasa Sayang’s better.

  3. I don’t know why I feel like missing your old template. Maybe that was the first time I read your blog with the blue color template which I think was cute.

    I have read her blog and I think she got interesting way with the food temptation 🙂

    Enough to make me hungry.

    Is there any Kampua noodle in Penang? If yes, is it halal?

    Hmmm…resistant to change, are you? And what’s with the name? And the Daniel on Facebook?…..Her? You’re talking about hot-screensaver? I think he’s a guy… Dunno if there’s any in Penang but we do have halal ones in Sibu – the ones at my regular kuih-muih stall are nice…like the real thing! Some Malay stalls selling the noodles – quite disastrous! LOL!!!

  4. the two guys said the kampua in puchong is considered authentic, but not the best they have tasted. honestly, i prefer sarawak kolo mee.. the ones they have here in pj is not bad..

    Me too! Personally I prefer kolo mee – but that’s Kuching’s signature dish! I’ve eaten at two places over there – some popular hawker food centres…but they’re nothing like the real thing. Pale imitations!

    1. i dun like kolo mee … namind, you can consider moving to kuching .. he he he

      You macam Foochow! My college days, all the Foochows did not like kolo mee and they hated the Kuching fried noodles – deep fried and drowned with tomato sauce gravy! How they longed for kampua and Foochow fried noodles! I like!!! Oooo….long time, haven’t eaten that! LOL!!!

  5. Woah, kampua in Puchong?!
    Pass sibu’s standards?
    I must tell my dearie in KL. Been craving for kampua, poor thing. Hehe…

    p/s: You don’t like football too? Same here. And yet, I had to be the emcee for a football match. Die lah!

    You can click the links to see the verdicts. I think it’s passable – same as Sibu kampua but not as good as some of those we have around here. The man’s from Sibu. Aiyor…every holiday, you went over you did not tapao for him meh?….LOL!!! You won’t believe it! Once I had to emcee…this football match – final, for primary school students (Can anything be more boring than that?) with TYT in attendance….and I had to do it in BM. Had to prepare the script and send to Kuching for approval…

    1. I did. Every time surely tapao 2-4 bungkus.
      Haha, can imagine how bored you were then.
      Last nite heard some ppl ‘howling’ during the karaoke session, was thinking “could someone please put that fella out of his misery?” *puke*

      You didn’t call me…. I sing baru best!!! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. must save best for last bah…
        save you for my ‘day’..LOL!

        Baby, make it soon….. Any special requests! Let me know, and if I can manage, I must practise…practise…practise… Like that, baru best! Hahahahaha!!!

  6. A kampua for a nice sunday morning? Nope, I didn’t get Kampua this morning but fried Bee Hoon instead at one of the coffee shop in Rejang Park. The fried bee hoon is not nice. Next week should go World Cafe to try the kampua. looks nice and dry.

    Which one did you go to? I’m not into mihun…but the Foochow fried mee (with gravy) at the coffee shop opposite the cinema is good – the one next to the Chinese pharmacy. Last time, the kampua at the coffee shop next to the post office was nice…but not since somebody else took over.

    1. I went to the “Xing Xing” coffee shop. Will try the foochow fried mee next time.

      Where is that? At Rejang Park?…I’m hopeless at names…

  7. World Cafe? We have one cafe by the name of World Cafe in Kuching too. It serves one of the best Chicken Rice in Kuching. Beng Beng ate the chicken rice at that cafe before.
    I like Kampua too. When I visited Sibu, that was the only food I ordered.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do… I would only eat kolo mee in Kuching, no kampua for me! I had “Sarawak mee” in KL twice (not in KL actually – once in USJ, near Summit Hotel and I dunno the other place – my friend brought me there, very far – past 1 Utama, as he insisted they’ve got kolo me there too. Nice…but not the same!

  8. the kampua at the You How cost rm 2.5 if not mistaken. i think the price a bit higher than other place. It taste quite ok though but without the usual pork oil. 😦

    Is that so? I didn’t notice…just paid RM10 for drink and kampua and didn’t take note of the change. So expensive kah! Humph! Not going there anymore…not so nice, a bit wet (can’t see in pic). If Rasa Sayang, maybe worth it!

  9. I read in somebody blog about this stall at Puchong. M stayed around Puchong area – just bought a link house there expected to be completed next yr end– maybe we moved over and open another stall kampua mee stall-hoho.

    Or we can sell Foochow fried noodles since somebody already selling kampua, and Hock Chiew mee sua too!!! Sure fatt chai one! LOL!!!

  10. Wow, that Kopi o peng really kau, foaming some more leh! Are you sure that is not Guinness Stout? Yam Seng lorrr!

    You should see the one at the restaurant that I used to go regularly – they use a blender and the froth at least two inches thick! Really looks like Guiness Stout! Coffee here also nicer than any that I’ve drunk in West Malaysia…but then again, it may depend on the shops – which one you go to.

  11. War…you guys are so crazy about Kampua? So is your search over suituapui? Hahaha :p

    Not me…but Sarawak people in West Malaysia or other places in the world. Craving for kampua like pregnant women! Well, the search is over for those in KL (dan kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya) – they have found one place selling authentic Sibu kampua in Puchong!

  12. i agree that the kampua at Rasa Sayang is the better 1 so far….have not try the Lot 10 kampua….i dont really prefer the Selemo kampua i also like the kampua at Up 2 U cafe near the library…it is run by the family that used 2 sell kampua at Kok Chen. the kampua the coffee shop next to the balai bomba also not bad….i have try them alll….i reserved my opinion on which 1 is the best in sibu…another kopitiam might pop up 2moro and they sell another tasty plate of kampua….happy kampua hunting!

    I used to go to the Kok Cheng one when I was younger…and the bomba one – it was the favourite in town when the father was running the business. Have not eaten for a long, long time – even before the father retired, so I dunno if it’s still any good. Going to try the Sg Merah one one of these days!

  13. Hi there, update your maps..

    There are 2 branches now. Beryll branch moved already.

    1 is at Strawberry’s Cafe Bandar Puteri Puchong (Behind Alliance Bank & Hotel Sri Puchong)

    2 is at One six Five (165) Cafe Jalan Kenari Puchong Jaya (Beside Public Bank)
    Opens 7.30 to 6.00pm Mon – Sat, 7.30 – 3.00pm Sun


    Thanks for the info, whoever you may be. Bet all kampua lovers in and around the vicinity would be delighted to hear the good news!

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