Too much…

I went for lunch at a restuarant that I choose not to name (anymore), just two of us and we had a plate of beef, one dish of fish fillet and a veg – cangkuk manis, as well as a huge bowl of cream corn soup. No doubt there was way too much for two persons but in the first place, they did not have to cook so much. They could have smaller servings and reduce the total amount in the bill – ย RM35.oo inclusive of rice and drinks. That would make it RM17.50 per head! Phew!!!

In comparison, I went with my missus and my mother-in-law for brunch at Chopsticks (formerly Johore Chicken Rice) at the Delta Commercial Centre here after the church service last Sunday and we had this…

Chopsticks brunch 1

…and this…

Chopsticks brunch 2

…and this…

Chopsticks brunch 3

…and each of us had a plate of this…

Chopsticks brunch 4

…and together with our drinks, it only came up to RM22.00, and that would break down to around RM7.00 per head.

And the other day, I went to my regular Bandong stall to buy a few items for dinner, and got this fish curry (kari ikan bawal hitam) for RM6.00…

Bandong's fish curry

…and this sambal timun (cucumber) for RM2.00…

Bandong's sambal timbun

…and also RM2.00 worth of pumpkin and cangkuk manis cooked in santan/coconut milk)…

Bandong's sayur masak lemak

…making a total of RM10.00, that is RM5.00 per person, excluding rice and drinks.

All things considered, I am sure there can be no disputing that RM35.00 for a lunch for two persons is way too expensive. What do you all think?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Too much…”

  1. Yay! I’m first commenter! ๐Ÿ˜€ Am I? Good morning Suituapui!

    Ya…and I was first in your blog too! The early bird catches the worm… LOL!!!

  2. Wow! RM17.50 per person. The owner really knows how to “cheat” huh! By giving you guys “too much” which indeed you guys didn’t want to..then you guys have to pay “too much” too. LOL ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyway I love all the food you showed today! Salivating….

    I think I will stop going there from now on. Prices too unreasonable…and getting bored of the food too! Ya…come to Sibu, and you can get to enjoy all that! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

    1. War…sounds like Sibu got so many Yummy food wor! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yes, yummy and cheap…and that does not include those special dishes that I cook at home! Drool! Drool! Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. if it’s not an air cond restaurant or a lavish dining place I’d say given the fact that it’s in sibu – that’s very expensive already. Even here in KL I don’t eat lunch for 17.50

    You’ve been there – aircon but nothing fancy! I think I could have gone to the much nicer Garden Hotel Cafe…and spend less that that!

  4. cikgu – u hv fish n beef – i think its reasonable..
    I love the pumpkin with cangkuk manis lemak -will put in my next week menu.
    btw– where is Kpenyu???

    Fish fillet!!! Cheap lah! Beef maybe…but the serving so big! For two persons, half already enough…at half the price! I think if three persons, the serving the same but the price will be much more! Simply cut throat one! Kpenyu’s around, not commenting anymore… LOL!!! Btw, any plans to go to KK? His birthday coming…. He doesn’t invite also don’t care…we just invite ourselves!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. The chicken rice and egg in chopstick is not bad. I like that also. The gravy is nice also but long time didn’t go there as always full with people at lunch time.

    These days, not so crowded – no longer like before. Economic recession, I guess… But still quite a lot of people – service VERY fast though!

  6. Name the restaurant lah,,, so that others will be not be cheated as well.
    i really despise those restaurant operators who know only to make money at the expense of making customers pay for more and not getting more

    great weakened.. bro

    “weakened”…I can imagine what you’ll be doing all weekend to get you in that state, bro! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Well, I guess those who have been following my blog would know which restaurant I’m talking about…one that I used to promote for its very delicious and yet very cheap fare, but things have changed. I guess they will blame the economic recession – best excuse for anything and everything….

  7. Hey, cook at home! Don’t waste the talents God has given you ๐Ÿ™‚

    LOL!!! Very lazy!…Especially when my girl’s not at home, I really lack the motivation. Hehehehehe!!!

  8. Some restaurant really know how to ‘ketuk’, overcharging customer. This restaurant must have thought that his raw beef is damm expensive! Nowadays imported beef are very cheap!

    Is it cheap? Australian beef?…I didn’t know that. Here, we can’t get fresh beef and imported ones may be smelly while the good ones from Australia or New Zealand can be more expensive. But there was enough for 4 – could have cooked half and charged less…

  9. wah few days din come, i see all the pics… damn hungry d.. now need to go cook maggie mee.. sigh..

    Yalor…so sombong, doctor liao…throw stones (buang batu)! Hahahahaha!!! Any plans to come to Sibu, just let me know! Will feed you till fat-fat like me! LOL!!!

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