I’m stoned in love with you…

I bought this t-shirt from one of those souvenir shops along Regent Street in London way back in 1994…so that would make it 15 years old by now.

Flintstoned t-shirt

I was rummaging through my closet the other day and found it stuffed in a corner. I remember how I used to love it. It was very comfortable and I loved the cartoon.

Unfortunately, everybody missed the whole idea. Everytime I wore it, they would just harp on the resemblance – between Fred and me…like a repeating groove on an old broken-down record. I thought the play on the word “stoned” was kind of cute – “stoned” as in being high on drugs which should be pretty obvious from the expression on Fred’s face. LOL!!!

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17 thoughts on “I’m stoned in love with you…”

  1. ha ha ha .. love the cartoon. Stoned!

    Ya…so cute hor! That’s why I bought it, not that I was crazy over the Flintstones! LOL!!!

  2. Love the cartoon too. It takes people who can understand the language to appreciate it. Without PPSMI now you better don’t wear the shirt. Hmmmm….. can still wear?????

    Can! It’s VERY elastic…so no problem at all, except that all my curves will be showing….at all the wrong places! Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. haha….antique tshirt? i bet u have many offers.. anyway 1994 not too long ago… i went in 1984… i still have some souvenirs.. changed colour though.. πŸ™‚

    Somehow, this one still looks good… 1984? You were a teenager then? Or you went on your honeymoon?

    1. that time just blossom…hahhaa… i was in my early 20s.. my parents and i went there to attend my brother’s graduation…

      20s… Ah! That would make you more or less, around my age! Hahahahahaha!!!

  4. Note on your previous post : So bad la T.T.. haha…

    Hmm… interesting… you and Stone… haha… i think Flintstone is quite a bad influence on the children nowadays… too much violence and i heard there’s some ‘not suppose to be there’ elements inside the series… haha…

    LOL!!! Not the 1st time you’re saying I’m so bad!!! ;D People today read too much into these things – even nursery rhymes!!! Everybody claims to be politically correct – all hypocrites!

  5. Er, the resemblance is uncanny! hahahahahaha! You still can wear this shirt?

    See my reply to Gundot! What resemblance? Grrrrrrrr!!!!! 😦 Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. wow.. new look lols

    Good grief! Just about shows how long you have not been around! How are you doing? Just great, I hope… Gee! Next month…it would be a year already since the time we met in KK.

  7. Flintstone? Hahaha πŸ˜€ Wow! The shirt must be priceless since it is like…15 years old? Maybe if you keep it in good condition for another few dacades…you might get to auction it. LOL πŸ˜›

    I like Flintstone cartoon. Used to watch when I was younger! Ya-be-da-be-do! πŸ˜€

    Hahahahaha! You sure know your cartoons! Ya…will keep it as long as I can! It’s still in good condition – can be used, just that I’ve outgrown it! πŸ˜€

  8. The Stylistics, wah so long didn’t hear this name already! Ha Ha, should wear Rambo T’shirt, see what they say! ROLF!

    You know the Stylistics? Gee! You’re not THAT young after all!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Ya…or the Incredible Hulk! LOL!!!

  9. Someone can brag he has a vintage shirt huh!LOL! Speaking of languages, am loving watching chinese dvd’s with english subtitles recently. Laughing my head off when reading the subs, not that the movies are funny!

    Even those English movie dvds with subtitles….like when I watched Mamma Mia, I was so confused because the subtitles different from what the characters said and sometimes could not be understood!

  10. I remember I used to like the shirt also. Ya, it reminded me that you look like Fred Flintstone. At the end of the cartoon series, he was locked out of the house by Dino. Hahaha.

    Eeeee….you too! LOL!!! Ya, you loved the Flintstones or any cartoon for that matter! I can imagine Fred locked out and he would holler, “WHILMA!!!!!” Hahahahahaha!

  11. So you got stoned at Warner Bros in Regent? heheh.
    I bought a Tasmanian Devil T-shirt there… had an interesting caption too, but i cant remember what it was. Must be koyak-rabak in the store room somewhere by now. haha.

    Nope…didn’t get that at Warner Bros – some chap souvenir stall or shop. But I did get one at Planet Hollywood, Piccadilly…. Too bad I burnt a hole in it when I was drying it on a lamp in some hotel room! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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