Yesterday, I went looking for the old lady who used to run the Muslim stall at the Happy Garden coffee shop at Sungai Antu here – the one whose mee goreng special and nasi lemak special were among the best around, and I ended up here…

Sunny Cafe 1

This was in the block behind Courts Mammoth (back to back) in the same one as Mr Bean, facing the former trans-Sarawak bus station. I noticed from the car that there were some ladies bertudung-tudung, so I thought that might be it. However, when I got there, I could not see the old lady anywhere around, so I reckoned this must be a totally different stall altogether.

Sunny Cafe 2

But since I was alreay there, I thought I might as well give it a try. Looking at the list of items on their menu, I was beginning to feel a bit apprehensive. It did not look in the least promising and had the same old things that one would get at any other Muslim stall. In the end, I settled for the mee jawa special…

Sunny Cafe's mee jawa special 1

The mee jawa itself was very nice with its very tasty gravy and lots of shredded chicken and half a hard-boiled egg. For the special, I got FIVE whole prawn fritters…

Sunny Cafe's mee jawa special 2

They were whole prawns, not like the ones at the restaurant below Louis J’s office – all batter with a tiny prawn and the tail sticking out at one end, and even the batter was limp and soft. This one was crispy and really delicious.

I think on a scale of 10, I would give this one an 8…because I would love a bigger serving but this much already cost RM4.00. Otherwise, it would get a 10 out of 10. LOL!!!

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24 thoughts on “Sunny…”

  1. melaka got one stall selling really nice mee jawa one…but it’s by da grave yards one…haha..
    and this stall is at sg. antu? haha

    But no graveyard around… Eyew, who would want to go and eat at a place like that?

    1. I refrain from doing a slam dunk 😛 Anyway, I used to like the mee jawa at this one coffee shop next to Paramount Hotel (served by a friendly transvestite). Don’t know whether the stall is still there or not. By the way, how about the mee jawa at a Malay stall at the coffee shop near WTK building? Have you tried? I heard it’s nice lor. Also the Briyani rice, only available on Saturdays. Heard that people queued up for the Briyani almost every Saturdays and it sold out very fast.

      Good! Good! Must have some self-control!!! Hahahahaha!!! Was around Paramount area this morning, will post on it soon…but didn’t see any pondan around. Never heard of the bryani next to WTK – just Balkis (next to old mosque) and Nur Islamic (next to Academic Books) and now the mamak shop next to Playboy. Will check it out one of these days…

  2. Sad… i am allergic to seafood. So prawn fritters are a BIG no-no to me T.T What’s mee jawa ? Never seen it before… Just look like noodles with curry. -.-

    What’s mee jawa? Hmmm…I was just talking about ignorant students who score strings of As…and dunno what’s right at their doorsteps! I rest my case. Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. It looks good but I think RM4 a bit pricey leh, more than some parts in KL.

    Ya, that’s why I gave it 8 out of 10…but the prawn fritters were big – the prawns thumb-sized and should cost at least 50sen to RM1 each at the Chinese restaurants…so RM1.50 for the mee jawa itself is actually very cheap. Tastewise, it was very very good.

  4. those prawn fritters are humongous!

    That’s what I told Pete in my reply to his comment – at least 50 sen each if at some Chinese makan place, so 5 of them = RM2.50…meaning the mee jawa is RM1.50 only. Cheap!

  5. thats the kopitiam i hv been telling u about…they also have mee hong kong which is very good. i go there 4 the mee hong kong. you can ask 4 extra prawn and they charge a bit more…we go there next time….

    I wonder what mee hongkong is… Will go and try one of these days!

  6. Mee jawa with so many prawns… *drools*. Okay I need to stop coming to read all the food posts.. LOL!

    Yalor…that’s why in a way, RM4.00 is pretty reasonable. Slurpssssss…must go back again one of these days! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Seriously…one look at it…and I lose all my appetite! haha 😀 Seriously the presentation alone is enough to put me off.

    Appearance can be deceptive! It is VERY nice…and I’m hoping to go back there again soon for a second round. Well, many would think that (Penang) assam laksa looks disgusting but even more would give and arm or a leg to eat that! To them, it tastes like Heaven!!! On the other hand, at some places, like hotels, the presentation may be very nice but the food may not be that great and even if it is, it is so very expensive…. Why pay for presentation??? Not a very smart thing to do, I would think…, don’t you agree?

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