Every day…

Well, actually it wasn’t exactly every day but I did go to Choon Seng coffee shop here two days in a row. I wanted to buy the egg-wrapped Ah Tor char kway teow for my mum on Monday morning but the stall was not open. In the end, I decided to try the nasi lemak at the Malay stall at that shop…

Choon Seng's nasi lemak

It was quite nice except for the ikan bilis (anchovies) which were hard and black! The rice had the rich fragrance of santan (coconut milk) but I would prefer it to be a bit softer plus the fried egg was overdone.

I decided to buy some bak moi (meat porridge) or chook for my mum instead from the kampua stall in the front portion of the shop…

Choon Seng's kampua stall

She could not finish the whole lot, so I helped her with the egg and the liver and a little bit of the porridge…

Choon Seng's chook 1

…and I was amazed as to how delicious it was. I have had meat porridge here and there before but never had I eaten one that I thought was so very nice that I had to have it again. So yesterday, I went back to the coffee shop and had their special for only RM2.50…

Choon Seng's chook 2

Unfortunately, the lady broke the egg which I would very much prefer to remain intact…but that made no difference to the taste. Ooooo…it was nice and I loved the slices of liver, the intestines and the minced meat. Yum! Yum! Rest assured that I’ll be going back there again soon… LOL!!!

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26 thoughts on “Every day…”

  1. i like the porridge with the crunchy deep fried intestine .. best .. he he he

    Got kah? Sure it’s not the crackle from melted fat?

  2. Yummy! I like non-intact egg like that! Hmm…long time no eat moi already. Not a fan of moi so didn’t bother to try any. Hahahah!!!

    Usually not a fan of bak moi also, sometimes can’t finish even…especially when somewhat bland. But this one IS nice…

    1. But, in any case, I’ll take porridge and nasi lemak over Gardenia bread *grimace* any time! So, if the world ran out of food and there’s only Gardenia bread available, I’d rather starve to death! Like, seriously!

      Hahahahaha!!! Only annant likes it! Yucks!!! I’ve bought the buns for early morning breakfast at hotel before going to KLIA, last time flight to Sibu so early, 5 something have to be on the way…and I actually threw it away after a bite or two! I’m never the type to waste…but it was smelly! Worse than the sambal ikan bilis in cans! Not nice at all!!!

      1. i have never tried gardenia’s buns, so no comment on that…other than that, all are nice what!!!

        Naw!!! NCAA (No class at all!)!!! Btw, my friend used to buy me these huge giant buns – size of bowling ball…and inside, you can find a tray of yummy chicken curry, supposed to eat the bread dipped in the curry gravy. Oooo….so delicious!!! Saw that on AFC – they’ve got it in Singapore…and I think I saw in somebody’s blog that they’ve got that some place in Perak. Sigh!!! Don’t have in Sibu…but you can get it only in BINTULU!!! Coming to Sibu anytime? I want that!!!

      2. i really really likey gardenia! lalala… πŸ˜›

        If you say Secret Recipe…or even Breadstory, ok lah! Gardenia…yucks!!!

  3. ya, ya the porridge very nice…i had it b4. we can go together. i can wake up early and accompany you……hehehe

    Can. I wanna go back try the kampua – they said nice, last time beside the market and the towkay very grumpy one, and the kopi the best around…

  4. I’ve tasted many porridge before, but I think the best porridge I’ve ever tasted was Bubur Ayam at our college canteen in Section 18, Shah Alam in 1999. It was really a hit among students. Other stalls porridge are quite bland, I thought McD porridge are quite reasonable. Then again, taste is subjective πŸ˜€

    I’ve never tried McD’s porridge… I think I’ve heard my daughter or somebody say it’s not bad.

  5. If i take nasi lemak, i prefer the egg to be well done… πŸ™‚ and as for porridge, this one looks nice too… but i cannot take intestines, i prefer salted egg, century egg and minced pork, all in one.. oh, plus groundnuts too!

    Plus the salted fish, fried ikan bilis…and kangkong or salted veg, that’s Teochew porridge lah! Plain porridge! We’re talking about bak moi here – meat porridge! Duh!!!

  6. Is that all the sambal the seller gave you? Or there are some more hidden by the rice? I don’t think that little amount of sambal will be enough. πŸ™‚

    My opinion, the secret of delicious nasi lemak lies in the sambal, if the sambal sedap, then the whole thing also sedap…hehe…

    I’m not so fussy about the sambal. I’m more particular about the rice – must be really really lemak (can smell the santan and pandan), not too hard or too soft…and some have a strong smell of ginger, nit noce!!!

  7. Just had nasi lemak provided by the office this morning… nice. hehe
    Btw, anyone wants to buy RWMF tickets for Sunday? I have 4 available, and willing to let go below market price.

    Wah! Free meals at office? So nice!!! Big salary, makan free some more! No wonder money in bank minimbun!!! LOL!!! Wah…got complimentary swine plus sick leave and what not, you don’t wanna go kah? Hahahahaha!!!

    1. Hello…. me gabermen servant same like you last time mar. If my bank can minimbun, yours already menimbun a long long time ago lar. heheheh.
      Not going to RWMF… am helping my friend sell the tix.

      Me poor non-grad teacher, worked my fingers to the bone, salary so low…how to menimbun? So kesian… Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. ooO nice and healthy porridge, i like. SLURPS

    Hey! What took you so long? Been waiting for you to drop by! Hahahahahaha!!! Welcome and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll!

  9. so u ended up having porridge and rice for breakfast? or was this done in two separate meals?!!

    Nasi lemak one day…and I had a bit of the porridge I bought for my mum (the eggs and the liver – she doesn’t take those unhealthy food)…and went back for some more the next day! LOL!!!

  10. when you are in KL, lets go and eat moi in USJ 14, so many types for you to choose…famous with their crispy and crunchy deep friend intestine..we also can order char siew as the side order… yummy!!

    later at night we can go and eat nasi lemak antarabangsa…. πŸ™‚

    Oooo…can’t wait! Must get my daughter to join me there…to fatten her up! LOL!!!

  11. sure, sure…the more the merrier…
    oh Mel, welcome to the ”pui pui group”…

    That will be the day! She can eat a lot….and all that we can see would be she’s slightly less bony! Doesn’t grow fat one…not like me! Sigh! LOL!!!

  12. I am not into chook but my wifey likes it. So, no choice, have to cook also larrr! LOL

    Mine’s the opposite, doesn’t really like it…but my daughter an I do, so she will just have to eat! No choice! Hahahahaha!

  13. Wow… now i am hungry… i miss bak moi T.T.. have you tried the bak moi of a stall on top of the Central Market ? I’ve forgotten where’s the stall exactly since it’s been quite a while since i patronize that place, but the porridge is without a doubt excellent

    I’ve never been up there…as have to go up the stairs! Hahahahahaha!!! Dunno the lift reliable or not, don’t wanna get stuck in it! And to park the car up there…have to pay money! I imagine the place must be very hot too!

  14. You should try the kopi-o there. It is very ‘kau’ and I guess you will like it. The fried bee hoon white at there is not bad also.

    Ya…the kopi-o was very famous when they were still at the old place, next to the market. They said it isn’t so nice now. Wah! You seem to like mihun so much – I usually don’t eat mihun. My daughter does, she likes it more than mee (noodles)…

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