Stuck with you…

I went to the Master Bakery Cafe at Rejang Park here yesterday as I had not had their butter pastry for a while now. It seems that for reasons known only to them, they call them butter biscuits and they must be very popular as they now have them pre-packed like this…

Master Bakery Cafe's butter pastry

They are still selling them at RM1.00 each, so a pack of five like that would cost RM5.00. I think there are smaller packs of 3 or 4 in some very nice plastic bags.

While I was there, I saw that they now have these ham rolls…

Master Bakery Cafe's ham rolls 1

I love those sold in Kuching at this place in Padungan round the corner from the fire station. If I remember correctly it is named Xiao Pao Wang which also sells very nice char siew pao. Like the ones in Kuching, they also come in pairs, stuck together like this…

Master Bakery Cafe's ham rolls 2

They’re selling them at RM1.50 per pair, so I bought two pairs to try. I found that despite the fact that the rolls were slightly bigger, they were not as generous with the slice of ham and the sour cream but on the whole, I felt that they tasted good enough and I certainly would not mind having them again. As they say, beggars cannot be choosers…

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24 thoughts on “Stuck with you…”

  1. i think they pack in fives just for you… you don’t stop at one!

    You know me so well…! LOL!!! Btw, you’re back in Kuching yet?

    1. your georgie boy, ah chan, says i cannot come home. i’m staying put for a while!

      Since when have you become so obedient? Good excuse to stay longer Down Under, I’m sure… Missing the kampua and the kolo mee and the laksa yet? Drool! Hahahahaha!

  2. Speaking of Xiao Pao Wang, it’s been a long time since I eat the pao and the ham rolls there. Traffic around that place is hell, never mind finding a parking.

    So nice in Kuching…got all the nice things to eat, and eat people there not bothered. Can always stop outside and ask Chipmunk to go in and buy mah…!

  3. my roomie just brought back some gardenia for me! ❤

    Nah!!! Gardenia’s nothing to shout about. The muffins are just ok, not great…. The sambal/curry buns are horrible! The other similar brands all the same.

  4. Clare…. you’ll find more parking behind xiao pao wang. And besides, ur office is not too far, can walk. hehehe.
    STP… those butter biscuits are nice, but cant eat too much.. will get lejuk cos its too rich. Not sure why the ham rolls are so popular…ok ok only lar, dont really like the sour cream. But the char siew pao is still the best…yumyum.

    Nice…especially if there’a a THICK slice of ham and lots of sour cream. Can heat in oven to make the bun a bit crusty! Yum! Yum!…Maybe next time I buy, I add my own bacon… LOL!!! The butter biscuits are fine, not as bad as too much cheese cake!

    1. Actually hor, I lazy want to put parking coupon for that few minutes of parking. Yes, can put up one wiper but parking attendants in Kuching can be real bitch at times (I’ve seen a lot). Hehehehe! Wah, walk there ar?! In high heels?! Can die wei! LOL!!! So, if you happened to buy char siew pao from xiao pao wang, tumpang a few pao for me can? Saves me all the trouble 😛

      Where’s chipmunk? What are BFs for? Aiyor….before kahwin already so hard to ask, can;t imagine after kahwin liao! Hahahahaha!!! Bet he’ll go running after this…

      1. I dont bring char siew pau to the office lar… not Halal. Later my staff refuse to touch any of my documents. hehehe.

        Tell them it’s char siew chicken…. Hahahahaha!

      2. My colleague and me ate kolo mee the other day and she answered the phone after that. When she went to the washroom, the other colleagues spray the whole receiver of the phone with sanitizer. The other colleague went to the reception area where we ate the kolo mee, came back in and said she’s got headache from the smell of the pork we had earlier. WTF?!

        Sometimes I purposely burped to pollute the air just to see if they really fainted. Well, the myth is busted! ROTFL!!!

        Can’t beat the time when one old SHS principal bought a microwave for the airconditioned staff room…and one teacher used it to heat her baked charsiew pao everyday…and the smell would stay in the staffroom the whole day. Those teachers eventually lodged a complaint…and in this case, I think they hed every right to do so… Some people can be so inconsiderate!

  5. Ouh….I love ham rolls. Haha 😀 Well…I love everything with ham actually. 😛 In Malacca we seldom have this kind of bread.

    You don’t? Don’t you have the popular chains of bakeries like Breadstory there? Maybe you’re not so much into food, so you don;t go food hunting all over like me… 😀

  6. very near my house……..u 1 delivery service? hehehehe

    Free delivery ok? Later have to pay service charge 50% mampus saya! Hahahahahaha!!! Btw, have you tried? The yam puffs are also very nice…. Heard the hospital nurses merebut to buy, sold at their canteen, said it’s halal as it’s chicken. Hmmmm……I wonder! LOL!!!

  7. The Freshly heated butter biscuits is yummy.. but as KNB said.. can’t eat a lot of it… a piece in a space of 30 minutes perhaps? HAHAHAHA

    Yes, hot from the oven with the fragrance of melting butter! Oooo…so nice! I usually take two…ummmm, sometimes 3 at one sitting – not all 5 lah! LOL!!!

    1. Reminds me of my mother’s friend who told her son not to eat all the butter cookies, to just eat one by one. After a while, she noticed the empty tin…son said ” i didn’t eat all at the same, i ate one by one…”

      Must be a small tin…. Can’t imagine finishing the whole big tin in one sitting! LOL!!! That reminds me…Haven’t had that for a long time liao! Must go Ta Kiong one of these days! Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. I love butter taste. Some use margerine…not good and not nice. The ham rolls made me hungry, now have to go for second round of breakfast before lunch! LOL!

    Never mind! You’re so thin…can have several rounds of breakfast before lunch! LOL!!!

  9. Yum! I like those butter pia. But only the butter ones – don’t like the other flavours they have. I also agree that it’s very rich though – once I brought 2 pieces to work – after 1 1/2 piece, I felt so sick. Had to throw away the remainder.

    Don’t like those ham rolls. I think they’d be nicer without the yucky mayo.

    Ya…I know you’re not into mayo. Don’t you get a lot of that over there? Here we ulam with belacan…while there, you’ll have your salad with mayo! Kesian! LOL!!!

  10. eat roti can diet rite>

    Depends on how much you eat – all the carbohydrates can also make you fat! Try fruits and veg! LOL!!!

  11. Tom likes the cha sio pau from Xiao Pau Wang. Bought for him once to bekal for dinner in the bus and now he always buy from there.

    Nice! I like the filling…like got wine and not the typical dim sum char siew pao taste. Yum! Yum!

  12. Please…please… no more torture… haha… all those food… and to think i only have mamak stalls if i wanna go for dinner… haiz..

    Oh, me going online, it’s a rare treat. The reason i can go online today is because i borrowed my friend’s broadband and she’s not in residential college. The school connection line is also not very good, so it’s very hard

    Same as my daughter! That’s why tearing her hair out over my pics of fish fillet in the previous post! LOL!!! You haven’t got your external broadband modem yet?

  13. next time just add the extra ham in it yourself! so no complains!

    Yes…will do that, or bacon and put in the oven to heat it up for the fat to melt and the extra flavour in the roll… YUM! YUM! LOL!!!

  14. This is one of my favourite if I go to bakery.. with the sour cream.. Argghhhh!

    The ones in Padungan, Kuching are nicer – more ham and more sour cream but these aren’t too bad! Can’t complain – no choice! LOL!!!

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