Pieces (2)…

I love fish and chips…but what I have had at some places are not really nice while at other places, they may be good but can be very expensive and the portions vary – sometimes, one plate may not be enough for me.

Well, I stumbled upon this at The Marketplace – the supermarket at Delta Mall here…

Fish fillet 1

Yes, it’s fish fillet as in actual or real fish and not one of those boxes of some breaded rubbery slices that they claim to be fish. Inside, you get five huge pieces…

Fish fillet 2

No, you do not need to defrost them; just heat up the oil in a wok and fry them till golden brown…

Fish fillet 3

Of course, if you want them exactly like in the hotel restaurants, you will have to fry your own chips and make your own coleslaw and tartar sauce. The best part is that each fillet is only RM2.00 plus as one whole box costs around RM10.00 or so which is definitely not enough for one plate of that outside where you have to pay much more for just one piece!

They also have a box of mixed terrayaki seafood with prawns, cuttlefish, fish and scallops. I bought one of that when my daughter was home and fried the whole lot for her. She loved it. I tried a bit and thought it was nice too! This one’s slightly more expensive…but only by a ringgit or two. In fact, my daughter took some photographs, but unfortunately, she never got round to posting them in her blog.

And talking about pieces, I’ve always loved Three Dog Night’s “Pieces of April”…and I came across this version by Dave Loggins who actually wrote the song and recorded it later…TWICE but never made it big with it…

Personally, I still prefer Three Dog Night’s version…and all the memories linked to the song that go all the way back to 1973… Sigh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Pieces (2)…”

  1. how was it? some ready made fillet are sometimes very “tepung” in a way. this one looks decent. Oh, ya. Just had my “Dory Fillet” at London fish tales yesterday. :p

    How much did you pay?…I didn’t check but I think this one’s made in Japan. No, not all tepung….just like those in restaurant cafes…but I would prefer breadcrumb coating, not batter.

  2. is this dorry fish? actually all fish look da same to me =.=

    I dunno if it’s dory or what…but the fish is ok, no strong fishy smell unlike canned tuna!

  3. Like Sugarbun wan or not? 😀

    I still prefer Sugar Bun’s with its breadcrumb coating…and the fish is slightly nicer too, but these are so much cheaper – at least half the price or more…

  4. It is quite cheap compared to the fresh fish fillets in the market, i think they r dory fish, right? I tried making sweet sour with these frozen fish before, fried first then put tomato sauce… as u said, if not lazy, fried some pototo chips and make some salad, it look more appetizing…

    Yeah…and nicer too. I had fish and chips at the Ark once and I dunno what fresh fish they used – I had to force myself to finish! Tasted ghastly…and it was over RM10 a plate! These are ok, nice…and very cheap!

  5. Yummy… i’m hungry… i don’t think i will be able to find any fish fillet here or any western food parlours, for that matters. the only place i get to enjoy such treats would be in a hotel, and that cost an arm and a leg here !

    Ah! You’re connected! And no longer the fly in the house, eh? Hahahahaha!!! Don’t worry! If I get to go to KL, you can come out to meet me and I’ll treat you to all the you wanna eat!!!

  6. wow.. the end result really look appetizing.. coming from you, i must remember this and go buy it someday *drooling*

    ps : eh.. why its written Kiddie fillet? was it small?

    Not really. Usual size when you have fish and chips in the cafes… These are nice enough and cheap some more – worth the money!

  7. wow you can fry very well.. are you going to fry some for us too?!! haha

    When you come to Sibu….. Come, fly 6.30 pm MAS on Friday transit Kuching arriving around 10 pm. and go back 7 am Monday morning, transit Kuching too arriving KLIA 10 am.

  8. Fishy…. so.. you prefer you fish covered in breadcrumbs and not the batter type.. personally, I prefer those batter type… its puffed up and all…. (yes.. please do pervert that) hahahaha

    Yup…I like the breadcrumb coating… You should go for the prawn fritter at A Plus then… It’s ALL batter…with a prawn tail! Or at least the prawn is so small you hardly notice its presence. That goes to tell you that not all things huge and all puffed up are good! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Looks good. Any fishy smell? Some of the frozen fish fingers we get here smells so fishy that I feel sick after eating them. Can’t afford fresh fish mah – a kg of tenggiri (spanish mackerel) cost $21.95 here. Wonder why seafood here is so expensive when we’re on an island!

    Nope, no fishy smell… I bought a mackerel in England and the smell was so strong I had to drown it using lots of black beans, soy sauce and ginger… And I thought our tongkoi had a strong smell! Give me our tenggiri, kembong and the like, bawal hitam anytime…

  10. the fish looks nice…must be tasty..im going to buy them soon. ca you cook them 4 us? hehe the prawn fritter at A plus are getting smaller…i think. though its just beneath my office i seldom eat there…hehehe getting expensive nowdays.

    Ya, expensive…and not so nice anymore. I hear the regular chef has left!!! You buy and I cook? No problem at all…RM10 service charge per fillet! You think I’m ur maid kah?…Even maids don’t do for free! You have to pay every month! LOL!!!

  11. I love fish and chips too. Yeah! If we were to dine at the cafes and restaurants…it is extremely expensive…sometimes. But I don’t like to cook it myself…because it tasted really weird. Ha 😀 Maybe I’m not good with it. 😀

    Good grief! These are so easy to cook! Just heat up the oil in a wok and once it’s hot enough, just throw them in and fry till golden brown… Doesn’t need an expert at cooking to do that. Of course, the serious more discerning chefs would prefer to prepare their own fresh fish fillet and their own batter – this would not be good enough for the likes of them, but I’m ok with it – not so fussy…

  12. Never see this brand before. Wonder if they have it here.

    Can ask Tom to buy home…or better still, good excuse to come to Sibu! LOL!!!

  13. The box says ‘Kiddie White Fillet’, ha ha for little big Daddy! LOL

    Hahahahaha!!! Dunno why it’s called that. The pieces are big, but the ones in the mixed seafood boxes are smaller, maybe 2 sq. inches only or a bit smaller…

  14. I wan fish fillet!!! Huhuhuhuhu…..

    The box was in the freezer when you were home. Didn’t get to fry it for you… Fried the mixed seafood instead. Maybe you can get it at TESCO foodcourt? Or go to one of the hotels…like Seri Malaysia.🙂

  15. just bought a box from the supermarket RM7.99 exp OCT 2009.. will cook for dinner tomorrow.

    Wow! That’s cheap!!! Here, the supermarket is having regular sales, but I’m not bothered to squeeze in with the crowd.

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