Let’s dance…

Well, the Borneo Cultural Festival is here again. I did not go at all last year…and I don’t think I will be going again this year. I dropped by a couple of times before but that was just to buy some of the local delicacies on sale at some of the stalls e.g. the ayam pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo).

My ex-student cum blogger-friend, Victor, was there and he took a lot of very beautiful photographs which he shared on Facebook. I don’t know why his blog has been inactive since the middle of March, so I guess if you’re not connected with him on FB, you will not get to see these…




Thanks a lot, Victor, for giving me your blessings to post a few of your photographs here. I’m sure everyone will agree that they are really very nice and will entice anybody to come to Sibu and be part of the festival. Sorry, no photos of the food though…but I guess if you go blog-hopping, there will be some Sibu bloggers who would have posted some of those in their blogs.

For one thing, I can’t stand the heat…and I hate walking around especially in crowded places and with the current piggy flu pandemic, I guess it’s best to be careful.  So wearing a mask when going to the venue of the festival may be a pretty good idea and be sure to make a run for it should you happen to see somebody looking like this…

(Pic from Gundot via email; original source unknown)

As “that fella” said in yesterday’s BP, it is better to be safe than sorry… LOL!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Let’s dance…”

  1. haiya…i should have drop by sibu to watch it since i have one wk hol….no more now..class starts tomorrow T-T

    One week!!! Aiyor…should have come over and eat all the nice food and meet all your nice blogger friends here!!! Once you’ve gone back to Melaka, I don’t think you’ll ever come this way again… Stlll got classes meh? Thought you finished liao?

  2. lmao hahahahahaha

    with regards to the BCF… looks interesting.
    As for the other fella… we have come to the conclussion that its actually a spat between school teacher and him.. he’s not happy that school teacher announced that the show must go on… sigh! the normal political plots and intrigues

    Ya…looks nice in photos, I guess…but not when you’ve to stand (for hours) in the crowd and heat, oozing sweat from every pore. LOL!!! Oh? The other one a school teacher – the non-Chinese guy?

    1. nope.. school teacher Sibu… he’s the one who started it by saying.. the festival will go on.. HAHAHAHA

      Oh…my teacher, the school principal! I guess if lots of people sick…more business for the anak? LOL!!!

  3. admiring the colourful photos la… this Victor’s camera seems very canggih… so u wore a mask and went? can breathe comfortably or not? last time when i wore it, i couldn’t breathe comfortably… sigh…

    He’s got a DLSR…and pretty good skill. Others may have the equipment but the photos suck! It’s like playing the piano – there’s a difference between playing the notes and playing the music. Well, if you had read the post carefully, you would know that I did not go – and I did not go last year either! I’ve worn the masks before – the simple one as well as the cup type when I had to go to KL during the SARS outbreak…and it was ok leh? What mask did you use? LOL!!!

  4. Ha ha ha, cute piggy….lets roast it! LOL!

    Bad, bad Pete!….But I do love roast piglet, the crispy skin, the juicy meat… Drool! Drool! Drool! Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. If I were there I’d definitely take a look at least. Don’t care whatever so-called pandemic. 😀

    I guess many don’t either. In my case, it’s not so much the pandemic but the crowd, the heat and having to walk and stand… All that put me off! Wow! Seldom see you around and when you come, you come with an avalanche of comments! Hahahahahaha!!! As they say, it never rains…it pours! LOL!!!

  6. Borneo Cultural Festival? Hmm…this time my first time heard about this. It’s very interesting to know about this event. 😀

    It’s in July every year. A good time to come to Sibu, otherwise nothing much really happens here besides Chinese New Year…or the Gawai Festival on June 1st. Any plans to hop over?

  7. What’s with the last picture? 😀

    Just a dash of humour for an otherwise boring weekend…but it does resemble someone with a very bad flu – teary eyed, red runny nose and all… LOL!!!

    1. Huh? It looks like a creature from a fantasy realm. Ha 😀 Very weird. Then again it looks like a baby.

      I thought it looks like that character in Star Wars…

  8. BCF not too bad as it attracts mostly locals. I fear the Rainforest Festival! Imagine from world wide.

    Doesn’t matter…we’re not going! TOC saying in FB that they must sanitise their hands with alcohol. People these days hug-hug kiss-kiss…where got touch hands anymore? LOL!!!

  9. i wish to be there. last year huaibin was like crazy keep blogging and blogging about the bcf. this year who’s turn?

    Dunno…definitely not me? Your darling maybe… Hehehehehehe!!! Btw, I saw that ur darling’s friend has opened a new makan place. Will go try one of these days and post on it… Hungry Joe or something!

  10. The friend Victor takes good photo!

    Yes, he does…I selected the three that I like best, actually he shared a lot more on Facebook. Btw, welcome and thanks for dropping by! Do come again!

  11. for years, i didnt bother much abt festivals in sibu but Sat, nite was a bit crowded so i didnt dare to go near as afraid of cars blockage.. so drove away lOL but at least i saw some pics from ur blog..

    Txs. n cheers! n good work!

    Welcome. Looks like you’re like me… I also hate these things especially when there’s a jam and you’ll be stuck in the midst, or you have a nice place to park to go and see…but when it’s over, you can’t get out – double/triple parking everywhere….

  12. All the stalls basically are the same as last year or the year before last year. Nothing much to see or do except…Food! Hehe. The photos from Victor is nice. He sure have a nice camera with him.

    I suppose so…every year, more or less the same. Ya, Victor’s photos are nice…some, at least! I think he’s got the artistic talent and with more practice, can go professional. Some may have very good equipment but the photos – though good technically…are quite dead! No ooomph!!! This thing must come from within!

  13. I heard SMC spent tens of thousands on the Borneo Cultural Fest this year ? So sad i can’t attend. Ah well… Oh my god ! What a horrendous photo.. i’m so not going to touch another piece of pork for the rest of my life

    I don’t know…but looks pretty good from the photos that I’ve seen. …..No? Hahahahaha!!!! Keep you in the porkless environment for a month or two and you’ll be craving for it like nobody’s business! Hahahahaha!

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