Start of something new (2)…

I went to town yesterday and saw the construction going on at the former SMC (Sibu Municipal Council) building. I hear that they are converting it into a food court…

Former SMC building

It looks like it’s going to be a nice, big one…and I certainly hope they will have some nice food to offer at reasonable prices. I went down Wong Nai Siong Road and this was the glimpse of Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sibu, from the vicinity of the Sarawak Hotel…

Wisma Sanyan, Sibu

I stopped at a corner coffee shop at the junction of Cross Road and Central Road, next to the Playboy Departmental Store (where the Rex Cinema and later, Dua Puluh Sen Store formerly were) and opposite the Standard Chartered Bank…

Sibu's mamak cafe

This Mamak (Indian Muslim) guy came from Selangor. According to him, he was in the scrap metal business but the price nosedived…so he decided to set up some food stalls instead at the open piece of land near Sg Antu, opposite the army camy (the former naval base) that he had originally rented for his scrap metal business. He even managed to get a license from the municipal council but after spending some RM25,000 constructing the nice stalls, he was informed that he was not allowed to operate the business there. I wonder why all those other people concerned are allowed to run their food stalls full swing all along the kampung roads – sprouting all over like mushrooms after the rain, but not him.  Anyway, in view of the situation, he had to find a place in the town…and ended up here.

I already had lunch, so I thought I would try something that was not too heavy. In the end, I thought I would just give his rojak mamak a try and got this…

Rojak mamak

Gosh! The serving was HUGE and there was one whole hard-boiled egg. The cucur (fried fritters) was not as nice as Rojak Udin/Kassim’s and I prefer the satay dip-like gravy that Udin or Kassim uses. I don’t know about Kassim in Kuching but for RM3.00, Udin does not give you an egg and the serving is probably half of this one only. Yes, this plate of rojak mamak is only RM3.00 and it is quite nice really, not bad at all.  Should I be in the area again anytime, I wouldn’t mind stopping by for that again.

The guy did say that he sells nasi bryani too – chicken, and mutton only on Fridays. I certainly would love to go there and try one day. Anybody interested in tagging along with me?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Start of something new (2)…”

  1. Yay, First Comment!!!!.
    1)Good la, got new place to eat and blog about soon(or some time later).
    2)Wisma Sanyan is also the tallest in Sarawak.
    3)Poor fella….
    4)Kassim’s rojak is nice, but priced at RM3.50(I Think) and portion has been decreasing lately…

    Wah! So early you wake up? It’s the weekend… Soon? You’re coming to Sibu? Come! Come!…Ya, same with Udin. RM3.00 so little, you can just use a saucer! And no egg…very little potatoes… I only like the cucur and the gravy.

  2. Last time the ministers said want to change former SMC building into a opera house and now change to food court? Really cannot believe what those politicians is saying. sigh…

    I don’t know how true my info was… Somebody told me they’re turning it into a food court. An opera house? Gee whiz!!! Sibu people so cultured kah? ROTFLMAO!!!

  3. so what does the “playboy departmental store” sells?

    Sorry, no bunnies… This local departmental store has been around for a long time, since the 70s, I think. Business doesn’t look good at all, but somehow it has survived.

  4. Hi, STP! Why so long never drop by my blog oredy? Make me also forget to drop by yours! : )

    Wisma Sanyan is the tallest building in Sibu? How many stories is that?

    Wow! HUGE serving of the rojak! Must be nice for you! : )

    Stories? Dunno…but there are 28 storeys, if I’m not mistaken! Hahahahaha!!! I haven’t been blog-hopping as the connection has been very poor since the June school hols – gets disconnected, can’t log in here and there…. Lately I only go to the blogs of those who post comments here and even then, it can be quite a hassle. At times, may be able to drop by…but may not be able to comment. All this certainly isn’t good for my bP!!! LOL!!!

    1. Americans use the spelling stories, but British use storeys. am I right? Sorry about the poor internet connection!

      Yes, the Yankees try to simplify the British spelling but with this one, it can get confusing as the root word becomes “story” and just adding an “s” is not much of a problem. They should have left this one alone. The connection is not too bad around now 5-7.00 a.m. and then it starts being problematic for the rest of the day… Sometimes when I run out of patience, I just give up. It wastes a lot of time.

  5. well….the rojak look nice…will certainly give it a try…..anyway, i wouldnt mind to tag along for the nasi bryani if the treat is on u, SIR. 🙂

    Good grief! You have a sensor or something to detect rojaks? Everytime I’ve a post on rojak, you appear. Hahahahaha! Of course, no problem at all…but unfortunately, I don’t even know who you are. Come, email me your true identity and contact number, so I can arrange a nasi bryani date with you! LOL!!!

  6. anyway, for the SMC building, i heard the contract to renovate it worth millions of RM and if not mistaken the design project was undertaken by a company in kch. if they jus turn it into a food courts…..i wonder where the money goes to…..

    Aiyor…I asked and found out that to resurface my cement car porch, it would need RM100,000…or does it include a new gate as well? Can’t remember liao…but since I can’t afford it, just let it be lah! Got roof over my head, enough already – never mind that the house is the worst looking in the whole neighbourhood! Hahahahaha!!! Let’s see how nice it will be when it’s finished since it’s going to cost millions!

  7. the rojak looks nice!! RM3.00 is ok…here RM3.50 baru separuh from that plate nia..ok next time when im there…don’t forget to bring me there to try ya!! maybe we also can try the nasi bryani… yummy!!

    Cakap only! I’m still waiting for the news. When are you coming?

  8. omg a scrap metal mamak now in food business..haha.. last time i know a mamak – a rubbish collector early in the morning-saw him riding on the lorry around my housing area n in the afternoon he sell roti canai-vv good business- never eat at his stall again .haha.

    No wonder those rubbish collectors wear a hood with their eyes showing only! Don’t want people to recognise them when they’re doing their daytime job!…I’m sure he bathes and washed his hands – roti canai, somebody was telling me not to go to those stalls where the canai man wears a big ring with some intricate designs… I wonder why? Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. i go with you to the mamak stall but friday you dont take meat…..the rojak looks nice. always pass by that place, quite a lot of people went there. i told you about the place a few weeks ago didnt i? its good that you try…at least i know its good. btw, the old SMC will be a food court & one of the tenants would be a guy whom i think makes the best lamb chop in town. he is taking a rest now but i met him recently and he told me that he would be running one of the shops there went the things starts to operate by end of the year. at least i know where i’ll be every night when he opens, i was at his old place almost every night before he close down the old place. u should know him STP. i will inform you when it opens….

    Ah! The Village guy (not one of the Village People though! Hahahahaha!)? Good…I’ve been missing his grilled lamb chops. Hope he opens his outlet soon. Ya…I vaguely remembered you mentioning this mamak place but I can’t remember what you said is nice. Ah well…if got people belanja, I can always make an exception for ONE Friday! LOL!!!

  10. *raises hand enthusiastically and jumping at the same time*

    “me, me, me!”


    Call me next time you’re in town. Trouble is you work eight days a week… Poor thing! Hahahaha!

  11. But how about no-meat Friday? LOL!!! 😛

    Never mind! Do other forms of penance…like park the car far far away and walk all the way, dripping in sweat! Hahahahahaha!!! Many sins already, one more won’t make a difference! ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. I thought that you always say meat is off the menu on Friday. Never mind, you can have the rojak on that day and I have the nasi brayani. hahaha….

    No problem at all… Should I insist on resisting the temptation, I can have the rojak…or the canai…or the nasi leamk – many other options.

  13. Hmmm, are mamak stalls common in Sarawak?

    Not in Sibu… I think two hands more than enough to count the number of Indians around! LOL!!!

  14. That is the problem with our authorities, one day say this one day say that, this one can, this one cannot. No direction… business also susah!
    I love Indian Rojak too. Next round I bring you to eat good one in PJ!

    PJ again?…Gee! Next time I go KL, I think I’d better stay in a hotel around PJ side…but hey, NO!!! Not at Lisa de Inn!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Sibu municipal council building to food court ? You sure ? Definitely not an opera house, i can’t imagine sibu people lining up to buy tickets for the Phatom of Opera or any shakespeare plays.. They’d say watching Astro is better at home. FOC somemore ! Haha

    Yalor…and even if it’s some Chinese or Hokkien drama, I don’t think they’ll be interested! Just how many here will be willing to fork out RM100 or more to see Mamma Mia the musical? Not enough for ONE show, I bet! Food’s the sure winner here!

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