Down Under…

Sorry…this isn’t going to be a post about Oz, neither am I going there – not in the near future, at least. It’s just that Stella and her hubby and Lucas came over to Sibu from Melbourne for a few days and so, I asked them out to dinner. However, Stella said she would rather have a simple meal at home and sit around to chat…as long as there’s midin and cangkuk manis. In the end, I decided to cook a few dishes myself.

My in-laws’ durian tree is flowering again (Gone crazy, I think! Just flowered the other day – but everytime, no fruits!)…and they gave us some of the flowers, so I fried those with dried prawn (sambal udang kering)…

Bunga durian masak sambal udang kering

…and since Stella wanted midin, I fried that too – also with dried prawns – same recipe, different veg…

Midin masak sambal udang kering

I could have fried it with ginger and Foochow red wine but I do not quite like it cooked that way…but for the midin, I added a bit of water, so it could be slightly different. For the cangkuk manis, I cooked freshwater prawns (udang galah) masak lemak (cooked with santan/coconut milk) and I added the cangkuk manis, as well as some sweet potatoes and bean curd sticks. I could have added baby corn, bits of cabbage and so on but I was too lazy to go out and buy…

Udang galah dan sayur campuran masak lemak

For the meat dish, I just bought some ayam masak merah from my regular Bandong stall…

Bandong's ayam masak merah

…and I also bought some Foochow fried noodles and some charsiew (from the stall in the coffee shop opposite Public Bank) to add to it (kay liao or added ingredient) and I managed to get a few of the typically Sibu Foochow-style sio bee from the stall at Rejang Park. Lucas loved the sio bee, and the durian flowers too! Hmmm…must be the Foochow plus Kpg Nangka blood in him!

So that was the simple dinner that we had. Personally, I thought it was just so-so, not very nice…maybe because I was tired from cooking the whole day, so my taste buds were somewhat adversely affected. Ah well, as they always say, it’s the thought that counts!

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19 thoughts on “Down Under…”

  1. Looks yummy – when I go home to visit family and relatives, home-cooked meals such as these beat any upscale restaurants hands down. I am sure your friends feel the same.

    Me too. Prefer nice and simple home-cooked meals. Eating out no hassle, but not necessarily nicer and often not healthy – oily, salty and I seem more sensitive to msg these days – have to tell them to cut down on it…

  2. Eh? Still got durian flower meh? Chipmunk’s durian tree got fruit already. Waiting, waiting! Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

    That’s why I said the tree’s gone crazy. Just had flowers the other day, same as Chipmunk’s…and now flowering again!

  3. that is not simple! That’s a good meal… Ooh I love the midin – ze best!

    Still no plans to come over to Sibu? I can cook for you too… Hehehehehe!!!

  4. That was few centuries back that I had durian flowers! Did not know that we (or rather people) are still eating durian flowers until I read one post in Clare’s blog a while ago! Any eating place in Sibu cook this dish?

    You are certainly a great cook! And I am waiting to be invited leh..

    I had a post on that before Clare had hers…more recently. Well, she linked to all my old posts in hers. I dunno of any place serving this in Sibu but if in season, the Malay stalls like the one at Balkis…or the circular building near Premier may have some. You have already deserted us and gone off to KK, coming home on fleeting visits only…otherwise, I could have asked you to join us. My dining table for 8 persons…and there were only 5 of us! LOL!!!

  5. how many durian tree you have? i think u might need at least more than 1 tree for it to ‘cross-breeding’ or something, i forgot the terms..

    One! Maybe that’s why… Can’t get pregnant when you live alone, eh? Hahahahaha!!!

  6. War….if I were to visit you, will you cook so many dishes for me? All taste so yummy and certainly will be great for my tastebuds. Yummy!!!!! πŸ˜€

    I think the one I want the most is cangkuk manis! Must be very sweet aye! πŸ˜‰

    Of course! Always welcome. Just let me know when you wanna come. Any plans? Just email me…

  7. Simple meals cooked with love always tastes best!!

    That’s what I always say….and keep reminding my daughter. Things available outside, no matter how nice – money can buy but homecooked meals are always the best as they have that special ingredient – love…and that’s reserved for special people only!

  8. i guess lucas went hungry… :-[

    I don’t think so. He loved the Foochow fried mee and had a second helping, and the sio bee too, so he had a few, tried the durian flowers and loved that and ate quite a bit. He likes midin, tried that the last trip to Sibu…but I don’t think he took the masak merah – probably too spicy for him and I noticed he did not touch his individual serving of the masak lemak – maybe he didn’t like the lemon grass, tumeric…

  9. That Durian tree is going bananas.. hahahahahahahahahaha

    So… this was the reason that you were deprived of your beauty sleep! hahahaha

    Yalor! Even fruit trees get confused as to their orientation – like people! Hahahahahaha! Ya, didn’t have time to have a nap that day…plus I’m no spring chicken anymore unlike when I was younger and I loved to entertain friends at my house (to show off my culinary skills! LOL!!!)!

  10. can u cook 4 me?….i go to your house for dinner…hehehehe

    What’s the occasion? Your engagement? And you’re bringing your tunang to come and see me? Tak lah invite people for no reason one! LOL!!!

    1. Haha..
      You can cook and SING at my wedding too?

      Sing, no problem…but I don’t cater to such big functions. My dinner table only seats 8! LOL!!! Can call the kampong association – their kuali HUGE and they cook using oars!

  11. Wah, you sure can cook…….i must restart and rekindle my cooking skill liao…..

    Penang, no need to know how to cook – all the good food all over the island! LOL!!!

  12. I never try durian flower before. Like Yan said, where can we get durian flower dish in eating place in Sibu…the dishes you cooked looks nice. make me drooling now.

    I don’t know of any place selling durian flowers…but sometimes, they sell them at the jungle produce market RM1.00 for only a little. Too bad I don’t know who you are as you choose to remain anonymous, otherwise anytime I have something on, I can invite you too… You can email me your true identity and contact and I promise I won’t tell a single soul! Hahahahaha!

    1. sure. it will be a good idea. you can always email me if you have any activities and I will sure join if whenever possible. πŸ™‚

      LOL!!! But I don’t even know who you are…what you do… Eeee…kinda dangerous! They have often advised people not to meet with strangers that they’ve made friends with on the internet. Hahahahaha!!!

  13. i cannot find durian flowers at the tamu here – Gundot cooked really nice durian flowers dish when I was in Kuching. Another dish is the sweet potato leaf Lindy ordered in the restaurant-its vv nice too-this I can find in the market sometimes.
    Stella enjoyed the food-said so long did not taste this n that.. haha

    Glad she enjoyed the dinner. I had the leftovers the next day…and it all tasted nice! I must have been too tired that night, or my taste buds affected by all the tasting while cooking! LOL!!! Ya…I used to get sweet potato leaves very frequently from a friend. Loved it at first but eventually got tired of it… They say it’s good for health, better than kangkong.

  14. looking at all the pictures…”chui noah pun lau”….

    Never try the bunga durian…and Sir, wau respect sama lu betul betul boleh masak… semua nampak sedap…

    Am still hoping you and Zee will come over one day…and I can cook my best dishes for the two of you. She can’t get away, you can always come on your own – bring your Spore BF….No need to ask that budak Zul! Always says no time, no time…but can cabut to Bali for so many days! Humph!!!

  15. Hi STP! Thks for the beautiful and sumptous dinner! We all enjoyed it very much. Lucas can’t stop talking abt yr durian flowers,how nice it is and even told his great grandma. Great grandma also very keen and asked if you sell them or not,she wants to buy!LOL! Good thing u cooked the midin for us,our fav.,when we were invited out for dinner later, tried to order midin/paku,none was in stock,so ‘kamsia’ again!

    Most welcome. My pleasure…and glad you all liked my cooking. Lots of durian flowers in the fridge. Gave some to Helen-Ee yesterday…. We’ll do it again the next time you come to town. Will cook nicer things; couldn’t go to market Saturday morning as I had to babysit my mum…and Sunday morning, had to go to church. So just had to make do with what I had at home or could get from the nearby shops…

  16. See! That’s why don’t want to come to your blog! Always got picture of nice food. Make me miss Sarawak food nia. Haiz…

    Got pictures…but not nice ones! Hahahahaha!!! Welcome back! Long time no see!

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