What I go to school for…

Most people would regard me as an old SHS student but actually, I was in St Mary’s Primary School along Race Course Road (now Jalan Awang Ramli Amit) from Primary 1 to Primary 6. It was a co-ed school about half a mile from my house, so I would cycle to school or walk (and sometimes hitch a ride on somebody’s beca or trishaw).

Then I went to Sacred Heart Secondary School, an all-boys school, at its former location along the notorious Mission Road in the town, 1 and 1/2 miles from my house, so going on foot was out of the question. Then it moved to where it stands presently along Oya Road, another 1 and 1/2 miles from the town. Roughly, that would mean that I had to cycle 3 miles to go to school, one way – 6 miles a day and if we had to go back in the afternoon for something, that would be doubled.

I was not very active in the school. Being a boys’ school, the emphasis was on sports and games like rugby and hockey, and I was not into those things. Most of my friends then were from other schools, people who shared the same interests – radio-listening and requesting and going for parties and dances. I remember when I was in Form 2, I joined a singing competition in the school. I chose to sing the Rolling Stones’ “As tears go by”…but I was so nervous that I could not get a single note right and was unceremoniously booted out of the audition even before I finished the whole song! Poor me! My singing career ended before it even got off the ground! LOL!!! There was a Christmas concert and I was in the choir and also had a very small part in the play – “A Christmas Carol” and that was all.

The most memorable event was when a big group of us (led by Brother James, the rugby coach then) from the two Form 5 classes (yes, there were only two – one science and the other arts) went on a river cruise in a wooden motor launch to the Rejang Delta to trek to the Jerijeh Lighthouse (I never got there though! Stopped halfway! LOL!!!) – eating and sleeping and having a whole lot of fun on board.

Back in those days, only those in the science stream could stay in SHS for Form 6 while those in the arts stream had to go to Methodist Secondary School along Queensway (now Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg) and I was in this block for two years – Lower 6 and Upper 6, on the upper floor…

Old school

I was more active here and took part in debates, had a bigger role in a play that we staged for the Sibu-level drama festival and there were lots of outings, parties and dances like those organised by the Sixth Form Society…and being a co-ed school, there were girls!

I remember Ming Choo and her friends in Form 4; their classroom was in the block directly opposite mine and we all sat at the windows, making signals at one another while the lessons were going on. Hehehehehe!!!! When I was in Lower 6, the girls next door (Upper 6) were very friendly and a whole lot of fun, so I was hanging out with them most of the time, much to the disgust of the boys in their class. I remember towards the end of the year when the Higher School Certificate (HSC) Examination was drawing near, the girls were somewhat emotional about parting ways and were singing this song…

We were having our lesson next door and were quite distracted, so our teacher, Mr Johnson, went over and told the girls, “Very sweet, girls! Very sweet indeed! But we would like to concentrate on our lesson next door.” We had teachers from overseas then – two Americans, Mr Johnson (if I’m not mistaken, he came from the states) and Mr Funk and an Australian, Mr Gregory who taught us Economics.

Ah well…those were the days!

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15 thoughts on “What I go to school for…”

  1. Oooi why MJ die?

    Cardiac arrest, it seems. I’ve shared a song in his memory on Facebook. Despite his fame and wealth, don’t think he had a happy life… So sad.

  2. So you were a request fan…never know about that.Many in our batch were crazy about it too, including myself and Dato Clement. We had great fun meeting fans all over Sarawak.

    Hahahahaha!!! Yes…even smuggled a radio (At that time, they were NOT small!) to listen to the request programme 11.30 on Fridays – Permintaan Anekalagu, mixed Malay and English songs! Psst…I was not a goodie-goodie student!

    P.S.: That’s why I could catch a student listening to MP3 in my class. Lots of experience in that field. Nothing that I don’t already know – been there, done that! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. A ladies man eh? heheheh
    I guess you will always love your music and singing.

    Farewell MJ. I wonder who’ll inherit the monkeys.

    Ya…and the dancing too, if only I still could! Hahahahaha!!!

    P.S.: Did he buy the skeleton of the Elephant Man?

  4. Those were the days huh! πŸ˜€ Must be very nostalgic thinking about your old school right? I’ll have that same tingling sensation when I passed by my school too now and then. πŸ˜€

    Ouh…so you was once an aspiring singer~lar! You know what? It’s never too late to start again. I mean you could roll out your own album. Look what happened to Susan boyle? Perhaps you can have a shot too. πŸ™‚

    Hahahahaha!!! Never mind! I’m quite happy with how my life has turned out in the end. Can’t have everything, can we?…I went back to my old school last week as the young teachers asked for some advice with the choral speaking, so I went to give my two cents’ worth…and was glad that old building where I studied is still around, despite the massive changes the school has undergone!

  5. Ouh…so you used to kacau the more senior girls~lar. haha πŸ˜€ Anyway thanks for sharing…discovered a lot of stuff here.

    Ya, I was a fun guy – not one of those goodie-goodie bookworms. So now I can say that I had a good and happy life…

  6. That’s how philip married his significant other? – requesting songs! They were so famous, every radio shows had their names! Those were the sweet days, indeed!

    Did he? I wonder what her name is. They must be after my time – my era was the mid-60’s to the early 70s… How excited we were when we heard our names on the radio – cheap thrill!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. what moniker did you have? there was a suzi q…

    all those time you knew where to find ang lee, and yet didn’t pop into sarawak steamship, 2 doors up and said ‘hi’ to Rose Iwanaga,? tsk! tsk!

    Not telling u! Ya, there was a Susie-Q…met her when I went over to Kuching, small girl. Ya, Rose was at the Sarawak Steamship…and the father of the International Music House owner too, if I’m not mistaken. Wah Tat Bank was there too…and I did see ur cousin there a few times.

  8. Wah! So happening hor your teenagehood. I went to all girls’ school from primary school until Form 5. Went to SHS in Form 6 but where got fun like yours. Sigh! πŸ˜›

    That’s why when I look at young people today…I really wonder what kind of life they have. Tuition, exams… Mine was so full of fun…and I’ve no regrets at all at how everything turned out…all the way…

  9. “went on a river cruise in a wooden motor launch to the Rejang Delta to trek to the Jerijeh Lighthouse” muahahahahaha… That must have given the idea for the newly launched Pandaw River Cruise.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I wouldn’t mind going on it…but it’s so damn expensive! RM2,000 plus…and according to another source, it’s in USD!!! Pengsan! I’d rather jump in and float all the way like a big fat whale!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Yeah.. its USD 2000.00 full board.. and the whale thinggy is a good idea… tell me when you do and I can advise STB to package that as a new attraction.. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

      Get the NGOs too! Can have a major SAVE THE WHALE campaign! Hahahahaha!

  10. STP, ladies man….., post some of your ex girlfren’s pictures larrrr! LOL

    Cannot lah! Later the hubbies see, all get so jealous and wanna kill me how? Hahahahaha!!!

  11. reminds me of my good ol school days too! where earning for a living isn’t my worry.

    You had fun too? Good for you….many seem to miss out a lot on life, so miserable!

  12. Haiya….. i just went out this morning and bought a pair of pajama pants similar to the one MJ wore for his court appearance! Only found out after that he KO’d liao. Tsk!

    Gosh! Thought you went over with all that excess baggage…and you’re out shopping already? Hah…your news kinda late eh? Well, at least, there’s something to remind you! LOL!!!

  13. I under-estimated the winter here. The clothes I brought over may be warm for tropical weather, but not for winter here. Despite my layer of blubber. Bloody winter…..brrrr! Make sure Melissa has plenty of warm clothes when she’s in NZ. And don’t nag her if her winter electricity bills are high. I can’t live without my heater. How I wish for tropical weather…..(minus the haze)…

    Eh, Farrah Fawcett also passed away. How come no one said anything? Kesian….overshadowed by MJ’s passing….

    Yup…she died of cancer. That’s why I said – What a day! The passing of an (Charlie’s) angel and a fairy! Oops!!! …Ya, they say it’s very cold this year. Must be the global warming – extreme weather conditions. May get worse next year…

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