Green green…

Well, I most certainly do not have green fingers. If you drop by my house and take a look at the plants in my garden, you will know exactly what I mean.

I used to have a helper who would go out to the back of my garden, dig up a miserable-looking plot and plant some vegetable seeds and yet, what she planted would grow surprisingly well. I did not have to buy vegetable all that time when she was in my employment.

Presently, my parents have an Indonesian maid. She took the stems of the cangkok manis that I was cooking one day and stuck them in some flower pots…and the seeds from the chillies that I gave her to eat and planted those too.

Green fingers 1

Now we can have sayur rebus anytime and just go out into the garden to pluck the chillies whenever we need any.

Green fingers 2

Not too long ago, I bought some kangkong for RM1.00 and fried the leaves. She took the stalks from me and planted those…and I hear they have had fried kangkong three times already and there is still some more…

Green fingers 3

My father bought some papayas…and yes, you’ve guessed it right! She went out and planted the seeds…

Green fingers 4

Well, what about you? Do you have green fingers?