Makes me wonder…

The other day, I dropped by my regular Bandong stall and bought a packet of Mee Jawa (RM2.50) for breakfast…

Mee Jawa 1

It tasted delicious but was somewhat cold – just a minute in the microwave would go a long way to enhance the overall satisfaction, I’m sure. A few days earlier, I had a plate of Mee Singapore at Balkis but it was a real disappointment. It was just some fried noodles with bits of beef and I think they got it a bit burnt. I have tasted better at a lot of other places.

Anyway, all these names make me wonder as to whether those dishes actually originate from the places in their names or not. Sarawak aka Kuching Laksa originates from Kuching/Sarawak, that’s for sure…and Laksa Penang likewise…or Kajang Satay for that matter. In this same way, Mee Jawa is originally an Indonesian delicacy…but I read in somebody’s blog that Mee Bandung is in no way connected to Bandung or Indonesia. It seems that it actually originated from Muar, Johore. Perhaps, those of you in the know would like to provide further details regarding this?

Well, back to the Mee Jawa, because it was so nice, yesterday, I decided to go back and buy two packets – one for me and one for my daughter – for lunch…but the doting grandfather went and bought this char siew kampua and shrimp wanton (from Lot 10 kopitiam, Ramin Way) for my daughter…

Char siew kampua with shrimp wanton

…so I had no choice but to eat both packets of the Mee Jawa myself…

Mee Jawa 2

Sure am glad that this doesn’t happen every day…but then again, I guess it wouldn’t make much of a difference to my figure, would it? LOL!!!

Now, this has nothing to do with the post, but it so happened that IΒ stumbled upon a cover of one of my favourite P. Ramlee songs – Madu Tiga by some guy called Muhammad Dhani…

Maybe I’m biased but I think his rendition of the song is kinda flat in places and lacks the appeal of the simplicity and sincerity of the original. As for the video clip, I have to say that it is sheer crap, plus it is an insult to people who are horizontally-challenged! It certainly makes me wonder why at this ultra-modern day and age, they seem to lack the creativity and imagination to come up with something that can be more entertaining and is not an insult to one’s intelligence…

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28 thoughts on “Makes me wonder…”

  1. Haha πŸ˜€ Kesian you have you eat both the mee jawa by yourself. But the wan ton mee does look tastier. Hehe.

    By the way you are the FC in my post. Do you have any avatar I can use? πŸ˜€ Please inform me on my blog. Thank you and Good morning.

    Yes, I do agree that the char siew noodles with wantan tasted much nicer… LOL!!!

  2. Went to this place called Casa Tropicana in PJ (I think) called Mee Jawa for, no prize for guessing, mee Jawa. I still find those I have eaten in Sibu taste better than anywhere else that I’ve tried. Don’t know why also.

    I have never tried mee jawa elsewhere…other than those not really nice ones at hotel buffets, so not in a position to make comparisons.

    1. Your 1st jawa mee must be in Sibu ya( if not ..I dunno also)..and your brain registered that as The Standard.
      p/s..only for food though..LOL.

      Nope! I had it once at the shop – same block as MAS office here (left end – some claim the nasi lemak is the best in town). Friends said it was very nice so I went to try – the gravy was sort of pinkish orange, heard they used sweet potatoes to make, and it wasn’t too bad. I haven’t tried at other places but I had some at hotels’ buffet breakfasts and buka puasa buffets. Was never really crazy about it.

      1. The ‘p/s’. Law-eya will always be law-eya. Hahahaha!!! Have to put disclaimer summore

        Still not get it! Takes one to know one, I guess! LOL!!!

  3. I like my mee jawa wif satay. Somehow the satay sauce blends extremely well with it. Sure you didnt buy two packets for yourself? heheheh
    The kampua looks like kolo mee… must be from the place we bumped into your dad during our last trip to Sibu.

    Yup! That’s the kopitiam – Lot 10, that my dad frequents every day!

    1. I think the two packets of Mee Jawa would be just enough for your breakfast.

      KNB: yes.. the kampua was at the coffee shop we bumped into STP’s dad on our last trip..

      Well, I must say that the portion is a bit too small for RM2.50…especially when compared to kampua or Foochow fried noodles. Yup…that’s the shop all right!

  4. Never like mee jawa … i prefer the char siew kampua anytime, it looks good …

    It IS good…one of the better places in town. The mee jawa was nice, don’t mind having it once in a while for a change but I would think kampua is nicer, especially with char siew and shrimp wantan… Drool! Hahahahahaha!

    1. And it still Make Me to equate taste with looks..and I borrow this word*faint*.

      It looks good…may make something more appetising mah! Presentation very important! But sometimes, may not taste good actually… Humans also like that bah!

      1. Humans can be eaten meh??? LOL

        Now you are getting on my nerves! Some people try too hard to be funny…and eventually, it gets very boring and irritating!

        People come in all sincerity to post comments, be they slightly off tangent or perhaps they make slips in the use of the language…but they do not make a nuisance of themselves and purposely comment to attack and annoy and antagonise others. What on earth are you people thinking? I have put up with this nonsense long enough and that goes for you too, Clare! I will just delete all such comments from now on!

  5. I don’t know why but I never like the yellow noodles like mee jawa or rebus. I avoid taking them. I think it’s an accquired taste for people to like mee jawa or rebus…

    Not as bad as Penang laksa…but not really that great either. The yellow noodles here are not so yellow and softer – I’m usually somewhat uneasy about the yellow noodles over your side – so yellow and “tougher”.

  6. Should take video of you doing a rendition of Madu Tiga and post. Oh.. I bought quite a number of P Ramlee’s movie and Sam loves them.

    Ya…they were simple, unpretentious, not overdone…unlike the Malay comedies today! I don’t find them funny at all.

  7. wah, new layout! loong time didnt drop by already…
    there’s one stall selling really nice mee jawa in malacca…im missing it…

    Only one? Here, almost every Malay shop/stall selling…but this is the second one that I’ve tried. Nice…but there are other nicer options. Ya…haven’t seen you around for some time… Welcome back!

    1. Isn’t there always one stall selling really nice whatever/everything in Malacca?

      Nope…no kampua there, that’s for sure! LOL!!!

  8. Both packets of Mee Jawa? πŸ˜› Hmm, the last time I had my Mee Jawa was in the 1996 I think. When I was working part time with this one warehouse, we went to Pusa to deliver things and stopped by this one Malay restaurant and I ordered Mee Jawa. Tasty!

    Been feeding my daughter since she came back – not skin and bone anymore…but sadly, I’ve been expanding too… Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. mee bandung a bit heavy for breakfast rite?

    Not the portion you get for RM2.50 at this stall… Not the typical Foochow serving size! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. Hi Pacik S: Wow, just dropped by saw yr lovely new make-over! Jia yew! And will definitely try yr mashed potato loaf… I’ve only got a mini oven. Hope it can work!

    Thanks for the compliment. Loaf? It’s better not to make it to thick…and after baking, the top becomes crusty…and that makes it nicer. Inside, it’s like any mashed potatoes that you can find around…

    1. HAHAHAHAHA x100 !!! STP, I fainted on the ‘jia yew’ part because I read that in Hokkien context. Then the mashing up your potato loaf almost killed me and now I died twice (died, resurrected and died again) at the ‘hope u can work’!!!

      Edited already lah!…You’re too free and over-imaginative! She’s going to try cooking mashed potatoes my way lah – the one I featured in another post. Peteformation already did and he had a post on it – everybody loved it!!! Nice! Well, what do you expect – when it’s from STP? LOL!!!

  11. the Mee Jawa in Miri also not bad, especially the gravy. But I’m more interested with the Shrimp Wanton. Is that nice? Cos I never tasted any nice Shrimp Wanton in Sibu leh

    At Lot 10 Kopitiam, Ramin Way… Ask ur darling to take you there. They’ve just started the stall not too long ago…but I think it’s quite pricey – around 80-90 sen each!

  12. Wah, STP very ‘terror’, can eat 3 packets of Jawa Mee in one day lorrr! ha ha! LOL

    Two only lah! I bought one to try a few days earlier! But the portions very little actually… πŸ˜€

  13. Have tried Mee Siam,not Jawa. Tonite cooked Penang Prawn noodles using bottled sauce. But no matter what, it is always A\’s to S\’wak laksa,kampua/kolo, n \’dianmingu\’ ! Have tried JB\’s chicken rice,so-so only,New Capital ones still the best,apart from the hainanese chicken rice I have eaten in various places. πŸ™‚

    Mee Siam – used to have that when I was in Singapore in the 70s. Family friend – auntie cooked really very delicious! Maybe I’ll try one day… I actually have not tried New Capitol’s chicken rice but people say it is nice. The mother’s chicken rice was famous around the 60s when the restaurant was located in the block behind the Sibu Post Office.

  14. nyam2..mee jawa..same as bong, it’s been years since the last time I had one..even though my dad’s jawa, but yeah..jawa murtad..
    ckp jawa pun xtau..

    This must be orang jawa sesat then… Hahahahaha!

  15. never had any kampua with shrimp before .. always had the one with babi only .. he he he. :p

    I’ve tried bakso, but not mee jawa though.

    First it was spam, and now it’s moderation. I really wonder what’s going on! What on earth is “bakso”? It’s not the kampua lah… It’s the wantan or what looks like “shui chiao” and they put in shrimps as in “ha kau”. Everyday eat vegetables, you also get tired bah! Sometimes you would want to have meat for a change…

  16. wow. ive never been to Lot 10 but the kampua sure looks good. i must go when i go back. and talkin about indo food, i was talking to my indo friends the other day about how we missed the food back home and they say most of the malay food from msia are actually stolen from indonesia..they call us the malingsia.. LOL!! maling means pirate. *sighs*

    Well, not this time, I guess. I gather from your sis that you are spending your holidays with her in Sydney. Have fun there! Well, not just from Indonesia…but from the India too. But with the number of Indon maids making kampua at the stalls here, don’t be surprised that it will be available all over Indonesia pretty soon…

  17. You know what, if and when I have no appetite but wish to eat, I think I just have to browse through some of your posts and I’ll immediately want to eat. Looking at the char siew kampua is making me think of dinner now! πŸ˜†

    LOL!!! I’m bad for your diet programme, eh? Well, I haven’t had a food post for two posts now… Will resume tomorrow!

    1. Well, I still have to eat even if I want to get fit. πŸ˜†

      Ok next craving I’ll be coming to read your coming post πŸ˜›

      Well, not something that you can’t get at your end…so I bet the craving wouldn’t be so bad! LOL!!!

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