When the ship comes in…

When my daughter came back for the holidays previously – that was in December, I think, she helped her aunt, my sister-in-law, to make some lokan and on this trip back, she was hoping to make some on her own. Unfortunately, for some reason or other, that did not happen…so I decided to take her here…

Fisherman Restaurant 1

This restaurant has been in business for years and was formerly somewhere along Brooke Drive until a couple of years back when they shifted to Jalan Chew Geok Lin (formerly Old Street), a stone’s throw away from the Sibu pagoda (Chinese temple). Well, it looks like Tunku Maria Sabri of “Jalan jalan cari makan” had been here too…

Fisherman Restaurant 2

This is their table setting for four persons; they have bigger tables for groups of 10 or more…

Fisherman Restaurant 3

Once seated, you will be served this basket of Sarawak’s own giant keropok (prawn crackers), probably from Mukah…

Fisherman Restaurant - keropok

…but do be forewarned that they do not come free! That was RM2.00 for four pieces, 50 sen each…so if you do not really care for such stuff, you should ask the people to take them back.

We had the lokan, of course…

Fisherman Restaurant - lokan 1

…which is actually some clam shells stuffed with the flesh mixed with minced meat, veg and onions and deep-fried…

Fosherman Restaurant - lokan 2

It is quite nice…but I do not think it is really that great, a must-have. Well, since my daughter loves it so much, so be it! Other than the lokan, this restaurant is also noted for its umai, a Melanau delicacy of raw fish. We also had their paku (wild fern) cooked with shrimps in dried prawn sambal with santan (coconut milk). It was really very nice, I must say…

Fisherman restaurant - paku masak lemak

Together with two plates of fried rice, one for each of us, and drinks plus facial towels, that came up to RM25.00…which I thought was pretty reasonable for one delightful dinner…

So if anyone is looking for a place for a decently-priced yet delicious meal, this is one place that you may wish to check out…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “When the ship comes in…”

  1. Now where have I heard of this place hor…but I don’t think I’ve been there before. Heheh! I’m not a big fan of lokan as well. Prefer other type of seafood. 😛

    They have all sorts of seafood there…but my daughter wanted lokan – so, lokan it was! I’m not so much into those either – like minced meat in clam shells, to me. Prefer those cheesy stuffed crab shells (available on request at Heritage, I hear) anytime! LOL!!!

  2. What’s so special about the lokan? Haha 😀

    Not that I know of! Can hardly taste the clam…all meat and onions. They’re quite nice though but I don’t think I would go through the fuss of making it myself.

  3. Anyway I prefer other types of sea food. Then again…I don’t think I’m a big fan of sea food. :p

    I love seafood…fish, prawns, sotong, clams… Drool!!!

  4. First time i heard of lokan and i wanna try! RM25 is reasonable… the crackers looks good too.. 50sen per piece also never mind la.. anything also must try….

    The lokan is RM1.50 each which I think is quite reasonable as a lot of meat is used…and a lot of work is involved in the preparation. The keropok from Mukah and the areas around there are the best – if you know the right sources, with the rich taste of prawn or fish…unlike those from other places – all flour, salt, pepper and msg mostly!

    1. Next question will be, is Mukah in Sibu/Kuching? Worse, is this Mukah a type of fish? *faint*

      LOL!!!…as I would always tell my students, go and google!!!

      1. I will check out the Air Asia fares to Mukah as the cracker only sells for 20ct per piece there. I must try also.

        This one in restaurant mah! Got air con…served in nice basket, LOL!!! Go Mukah, you use twin otter lah! Dunno if the air service is still running!

  5. thnks for enlightening me on what lokan is. Never heard and seen!

    It’s their signature dish…and I think there’s a newspaper cutting at the front of the shop in which they claim to be the only restaurant in Sibu/Sarawak?Malaysia (one of these) making lokan…

  6. Ahh… not a fan of seafood so i guess i’m not a potential patron of this restaurant.. I’ve tried seafood dinner in a restaurant called The Fisherman too and i simply adore the ‘bamboo’ clams and the oysters but i had to pay a price for my indulgence – allergy!

    Where’s The Fisherman? At Brooke Drive…in the area opposite Orchid Hotel. That was where this restaurant was but they’ve moved. Well, too bad you’re allergic to seafood! Nice! Yum! Yum!

  7. Is the ‘lokan’ from the river? A bit apprehensive when eating things like these nowadays esp. when u hear a lot of horror stories. But having said that,I do buy ‘pippies’ (seasonal and from the sea) and cooked ‘char Hu Ngarng,souply style,really yummy!

    Dunno…from the sea, I guess. I never buy as it’s a hassle to prepare. A lot of sand and the cleaning is so very tedious… I eat anything and everything (that I like, of course) and I’m still alive! Man proposes, God disposes…

    1. stella..the lokan from the sea is called sea-harm…the one from the river is called kang-harm. Talk to pollie about the history of Miri’s Luak bay..of lokan and bubok.

      I dunno the history and I don’t think I wanna know. LOL!!!

  8. TOC used to cooked that lokan stuff…… topped with cheese. But haven’t been invited to eat that for a long time. Either i’m no longer in his good books or he’s just plain lazy…hehehe.

    I’ve never had the honour. Anybody coming to Sibu by any chance? Hahahahaha!!!

    1. hahahahahahahaha… its a case of I’m just tooo lazy.. its a pure hassle and I only do them once a year.. Christmas time.. hahahaha..

      So KNB…make sure you don’t miss it this coming Christmas… LOL!!!

  9. Oh my, I saw wild ferns! Never had enough of that. Lokans.. hmm too bad, I don’t have a taste for those clams, lokans etc. Butter Scotch Prawns I want haha!

    ps: New layout??? Very cool! Neatly done 😛 Who helped you changed the layout hehe?

    Ya…been a long time since you had Butter Scotch prawns. Anytime better than chicken rice! Hint! Hint! Hehehehehehe! I changed the theme myself – just clicked preview of those available and when I found the one I liked, I clicked activate. Wah! You think me old man – can’t even do that kah? Hehehehehe!!!

    1. Couldn’t help grinning at bongkersz comments of I don’t have a taste for those clams, lokans etc… (yes.. I “kinked” it ahahahaha)

      Ummm…feeling groggy today! I guess you’re thinking off tangent when he mentioned those things…

      1. Ahaks! We are not talking about other ‘clams, lokans etc..’ no? 😛

        Pay no attention to that fellow. He never thinks straight… Ah well! That figures! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Lokan, haven’t seen this for quite some time. Very reasonable price for the food. Sayur paku is nice!

    Yes…no plans to come over to Sibu! I can always take you there to sample the Melanau delicacies. No sure whether they serve sago worms or not though… Hehehehehe!

  11. what Miri history Kpengyu – cannot recall … anything juicy..lol
    Stella is born in Miri.

    Never mind! Coming from him, bet it’s nothing good! LOL!!!

    1. You are worse than Stella la..she can be excused as she was a toddler. Don’t you remember that your house was across Luak bay and Lokan and bubuk were plentiful and aunty cecelia had all the dry bubuk in the store room. ..catching bubuk and digging for Lokan even when carrying stella..Your dad even had a collection of sword fins collected from the beach. Maybe Steven can remember better.

      She stayed with grandma in Sibu bah…or did she? Just the older three, I think. Old liao…can’t remember many things. Ya…I heard something about there being a lot of bubuk…

  12. i have been 2 fisherman’s a few times this year for dinner and lunch. i like the place, the food is not bad. They also serve salmon shashimi which i think is not bad. they also have ikan terubuk (deep fried or steamed). recently they added deep fried lamb marinated in herbs on their menu…the owner’s son created the dish and i like it. maybe he learn to make it when he was in New Zealand. all in all the prices for the dishes are reasonable and the portions are ok. Btw, they also have kacangma (i hope i spell that correct hehehe). so STP, next time we go here for makan….

    Terubok, I prefer panggang. They have kacangma? Ooo….then I must go again one of these days. Haven’t had that since 3Q Takeaway closed down their business.

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